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SuperHitch Magnum 30K

Tow like a Pro with the new SuperHitch Magnum rated at 30,000 pounds towing and 3,000 pounds tongue weight.

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RV World, LLC

Torklift Certified Dealer RV World

RV World, LLC is your personal headquarters and place to go for all of your RV wants and needs.

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Product Reviews

  • True Frame Mounted Tie Downs

    We’re proud to use Torklift tie downs exclusively. When you tell customers all the benefits, they choose Torklift every time. Great warranty, great dealer support, great products, easy to install - that means happy customers!
    Rick, Apache Camping Center, Tacoma, WA
  • GlowStep Revolution

    I carried an adjustable-height step pad, which we used every trip. Sometimes it was at its lowest height, sometimes its highest. I no longer need it! I can't foresee any need for more adjustment than what the GlowStep Revolution offers. I would give the Glow Step Revolution two thumbs up!
    Dwayne Russell
  • PowerArmor Solar

    I love the Power Armor. It does everything that I’d expect from a company like Torklift. Quality construction and built to last! It is also a very convenient alternative to a roof top solar panel.
    Lauren Jensen
  • SuperHitch Towing Series

    When we ordered our newer, larger, heavier trailer (two-horse straight load with extended tack) I switched out the hitch for the Torklift, with a 36" extension. World of difference. Buy it once, and buy the right product. Sleep easier. Don't risk your horses, or your safety over a few hundred dollars.
    Don Clemons, Wisconsin
  • GlowStep - The Ultimate Scissor Step

    The GlowStep is simply awesome. My wife and 5-year old are safe and secure while entering our RV at night. I've tried various scissor steps. The Torklift is an entirely different product. It's stable and wide.
    Bill C., Tacoma, WA
  • Talon Camper Tie Downs

    I have the Talons on my camper, and I really love them. They are very lightweight and very heavy duty. They are made of aluminum which means they are not going to rust, they are not going to corrode, I don’t have to worry about the paint coming off. They are just a good overall Tie Down system.
    Jim Webber
  • Original FastGuns

    The Torklift products are extremely well made. We have towed our boat for hundreds of miles through rough terrain in Alaska. The FastGuns make life easier. It's a pleasure to tow with good equipment. Top of the line products worth every penny.
    Jo Bartoli
  • StableLoad - Suspension Upgrade

    The StableLoad has been a great fit for our dealership and our customers over the last year or two. Because it’s an economical option, it’s the first option I turn to when customers come to me with suspension problems when air bags just aren't enough...
    John Thomson, Parts & Service director, S&S Campers
  • SafeStep - Protective Step Riser Guard

    We went camping this past week which allowed us the opportunity to install and use the SafeStep. The results were fantastic. Our dogs used to be hesitant to walk up the steps, but with your Safe Step blocking off the opening between steps, both dogs went right up the steps without fear.
    Jon Scott
  • SuperTruss Receiver Extension

    Love to tow behind my camper and the SuperTruss! I feel no worries when I do, and that peace of mind is priceless.
    Kyle Roberts, Centerville, UT
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