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Leading the camper tie down industry in strength, quality, advanced design and installation. TorkLift TRUE frame mounted tie downs are far superior to all tie down systems available.

The TorkLift system is unique in its design and is patented. Four independent tie down points (with no belly or crossbar) working much like your receiver type trailer hitch as the inserts are removable allowing the system to be virtually undetectable when not in use.

They are designed for each make and model to fit tight to the frame so as not to compromise ground clearance. TorkLift tie downs are not universal 'one size fits all' therefore all the problems with correct fit for each particular application have been eliminated.


Click here to read about how Torklift Turnbuckles + Tiedowns do in a rollover!

Torklift also offers:

Tie Down Cover Finishing Kit
Includes: 4 Cap Covers/4 Expansion plugs     Click Here for Part Numbers


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Brand X Frame Mount
1. Manufacturer's warranty LIFETIME 1 Year Parts 1 Year Parts
2. Tie down warranty covers truck frame and camper anchors** YES NO NO
3. No drill on Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet applications YES NO NO
4. Improved truck/camper handling and road control while controlling camper movement, by tying the camper to the truck's "foundation", the main frame YES NO NO
5. Tie down system virtually undetectable when not in use YES NO NO
6. Utilizes hardened bolts that run though truck's main frame YES NO NO
7. Number of bolts attaching to the main frame UP TO 12 NONE NONE
8. Interference with stabilizer bar tears rubber bumpers damaging the camper NO YES NO
9. Installation of tie down equipment damages truck bed and bumper NO YES NO
10. Uses J-Bolts / U-Bolts which stretch and loosen (in most popular applications) NO - YES
11. Tie down insert is adjustable, providing optimal turnbuckle tie down angle YES - NO
12. Tie down system requires tools for normal use NO YES YES
13. Applications for trucks with full length bed running boards YES YES NO
**(Tie down must be spring loaded. Warrantied for term of Camper Manufacturer warranty.)
*Happijac is a Registered Trademark of Lippert Components

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Customers such as this, ended up with Thousands of Dollars in Damage, in the form of body work, and paint repair on their vehicles.

With Torklift that is NEVER the case.

Fast No Drill Installations

No loss of ground clearance

Hidden when not in use

Best ride quality in the industry

Small truck applications

Legendary Lifetime Warranty

Proudly made in the USA

*Call factory at 800-246-8132 for details

FAQ on Tiedowns - Answers and Questions

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Ford Motor Company Truck/Camper Tiedown Recommendations

View this page from the Ford Motor Company's Vehicle Towing Guide, stating that camper tiedowns need to be attached to the trucks frame and NOT the trucks bed.

Click here to download the page from Vehicle Towing Guide