Outfit your truck camper with the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick

Main Feature: The Palomino Landing Pad Bumper
It’s no surprise that when it comes to security, versatility and innovation, Torklift International has got you covered and the Palomino Landing Pad bumper is no exception.

palomino-bumper-mainPalomino Landing Pad bumper storage compartments with Glow-in-the-dark swing step and LED lightsBy working with Palomino engineers and designers, Torklift took the truck camper bumper bull by the proverbial horns in 2013 and never let go. The Landing Pad bumper not only flaunts its versatility—being compatible with any year of the following Palomino truck camper models: 2902, 2910 and 2911—but also the quality and dependability you’d expect from being manufactured out of an aircraft grade aluminum body with stainless steel latches and fasteners.

As Palomino implied in our story featured by Truck Camper Magazine, the Landing Pad bumper is the aftermarket truck camper bumper equivalent to the Sistine Chapel ceiling – a Michaelangelo masterpiece. Here is a rundown of its key features:

• Two-door inner cabinetry for nearly 3.5 cubic feet of lockable extra storage

o Despite the appearance of separate storage compartments, the Landing Pad bumper has a depth of 18.5 inches of “thru storage” so you can stow anything from lawn chairs to fishing poles securely

• LED lights

o Connect to the brake, reverse and tail lights for excellent rear visibility

• Glow-in-the-dark swing step

o Truck camper entry steps that can be attached to the front or side of the Palomino Landing Pad bumper and combined with a handrail for extra stability

• Allows for easy towing with Torklift SuperTruss Extension

o Sold separately

• Quick, fast and easy installation

o Contact your local Palomino dealer or Forest River Inc. for pricing

Accessories: Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick space-dock-adapterThe Torklift Space Dock: made specifically to be mounted on the Palomino Landing Pad bumper
For those of you looking to further trick out your Palomino Landing Pad bumper, Torklift’s Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick are the perfect accouterments. You can use them separately, but much like peanut butter and jelly, they complement each other so well that using them separately isn’t nearly as fulfilling.

The Space Dock easily mounts to the Palomino Landing Pad bumper and works with select Torklift International 2” x 2” receiver hitch accessories. Manufactured with high-grade steel and a powder coat finish, it incorporates an anti-rattle/movement feature to fully secure your chosen accessories. Most importantly however, is the fact that it works with the accessory: the Lock and Load SideKick maximum-security cargo tray.

sidekick-generator-traySpace Dock and Lock and Load SideKick with high security tamper proof puck lock shown swung out for generator useWith the Lock and Load SideKick, protect your generators from theft and avoid exhaust fumes and stains by permanently storing your generator while on the road or off the grid. It mounts to the Landing Pad bumper with the specially designed mounting arm adapter (sold separately) and fits nicely into the Space Dock’s 2” x 2” receiver port with a swivel receiver attachment—which swings out for generator use and swings in while in transport.


The Lock and Load SideKick further flaunts its versatility with the fact that its lockable generator tray measures 21.25” x 16.125” and is designed specifically to secure the following Palomino-approved truck camper generators: Honda Eu2000ia and the Yamaha EF2400iSHC and EF2000iS. Moreover, its ultra-lightweight design does not compromise its structural integrity, like the Landing Pad bumper it is manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminum and protected with a sleek hammertone powder coat finish.

Most importantly the Landing Pad bumper, Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick are all manufactured here in the U.S.A. and come with Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

So whether you need a spacious, durable, porch-like bumper for your Palomino truck camper, are trying to accessorize with a swivel receiver attachment or secure your power source with a lockable generator tray, Torklift International has got your camper’s rear end covered with the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, Space Dock, and Lock and Load SideKick. Take the first step and order your Palomino Landing Pad bumper by contacting Forest River Inc. at 269-432-9791 ext 4. For more information on the SpaceDock swivel receiver accessory, click here.

Jake Holley-headshotWritten by Jake Holley:
As a graduate from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Creative Writing, Jake Holley is an aspiring writer with a passion for language, philosophy and seeking out obscure films and literature. He is also an unabashed metal head and looks darn good in a suit.

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The Fox Landing Bumper for Arctic Fox truck campers: Making life smoother one step at a time

tc-with-boatTruck campers allow for towingWe all know truck campers are great. They combine the flexibility of a pick-up truck with the luxury of an RV, and you still have the option to tow almost anything. However, owners often struggle to find a truck camper entry step solution compatible with a hitch extension that allows a safe entry/exit of the truck camper while hooked up. Perhaps this is true for you as well. You find yourself either disconnecting the trailer entirely in order to use your rear truck camper entry steps or you use the hitch extension or trailer tongue as a step, which is an accident waiting to happen. If you have ever stayed up at night worrying that your mother-in-law is going to break an ankle trying to enter/exit the camper -- worry no more. Torklift International and Northwood Manufacturing have jointly developed a truck camper bumper that will finally let you rest at ease.

Last week, we gave a brief overview of some of our favorite aftermarket truck camper bumpers. Today, we want to highlight a product that is near and dear to our hearts—the Fox Landing bumper. This little beauty was engineered for safety and designed specifically for use with specific models of Arctic Fox truck campers.

The Fox Landing truck camper bumper for Arctic Fox

With its large entry platform and unique fold-away steps, the Fox Landing bumper is the perfect solution to a safe and convenient camper entry.

Not your average camper bumper
All truck camper bumpers were not created equal. Keeping in mind the safety concerns of our truck camper owners, engineers from Torklift International wanted the Fox Landing bumper to make entering and exiting the Arctic Fox truck camper quick and painless.

The Fox Landing camper bumper diverts your path around the trailer tongue and hitch extension with double steps off the side. The main platform has ample room, but it’s not so large as to alter the center of gravity for towing, which is best achieved when using a SuperTruss Extension. When the truck camper entry steps are not in use, they simply fold away and the platform secures in its stowed position. The whole process takes a matter of seconds.

Truck camper steps fold down easily

You can’t beat the quality either. The truck camper swing steps are made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel featuring GlowStep treads for additional safety. Each step is also the same height, which makes it less likely for a misstep. Never again will you need to worry about your mother-in-law borrowing your truck camper—unless you’re afraid she won’t bring it back.


Innovative design meeting practical needs
Doug Karr at the Northwood Manufacturing plant speaks about the inspiration behind the design:

“The biggest issue I had with people when I talked to them about my truck campers was [that] they were tired of stepping on the tongue of their trailers when they were hauling their boat or, you know, utility trailers, snowmobiles—that sort of thing.” – Doug Karr

northwood-logoThe Fox Landing bumper was truly made with the consumer in mind, and every factor has been taken into consideration:

• Swing steps store in seconds
• Simple design easily locks into place
• Even step height makes for entry easy
• GlowStep treads add traction
• Large platform aids in balance

The Fox Landing can also be purchased with some additional accessories, including a basement camper step, porch landing, hinge step and left and/or right side step entry.

Sealed with the Torklift promise
We know that you expect the best from Torklift International and this product is no different. The Fox Landing bumper is proudly made in the USA and comes backed with Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty.

talkWhat’s not to love?
We adore the Fox Landing bumper, but we’re interested in hearing what you think. Is the Fox Landing the bumper of your dreams?

What are the specifications you value most? If you could have a custom-made camper bumper, what additional features would you like to see?

If you can’t think of anything to improve, we don’t blame you. To order a Fox Landing truck camper bumper please contact the Northwood Manufacturing parts department at 1-800-766-6274 or click here.



Jenica headshotWritten by Jenica Donahue:
Jenica holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a freelance writer interested in blogging, copy writing and editing. She enjoys exploring new places and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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Truck camper bumpers and why you need one

lance-bumperImprove your camping experience with
an aftermarket truck camper bumper
When people get truck campers they don’t normally think of bumpers. Typically, campers come with factory bumpers, but with an added aftermarket truck camper bumper you have the ability to gain added storage compartments, bright LED bumper lights and a convenient built in step to help you get in and out of your camper easily.

Never stress over space or towing again
Spacious compartment storage comes standard on all Torklift International bumpers.
palomino-bumper2Your truck camper can look this great
with one of our bumpers
With tons of additional storage space, you will never have to leave anything behind while camping again and you can take longer camping trips. Also with the extra hidden storage, make your camper look more organized and know exactly where you keep everything rather than having to shift through piles to find an item. Created with a clean design and advanced engineering, our bumpers are high-impact powder coated for extreme durability.

Torklift International bumpers are also designed specifically to make towing and camper entry easier and safer. You can tow with ease because our bumpers sit above towing extensions, so there is no need to disconnect the trailer to get in and out of the truck camper while towing.

Bumpers that we have available
Currently, we have four truck camper bumpers available for four different truck camper manufacturers. Each bumper is made specifically to fit each camper. All of our bumpers are proudly made in the USA and come with our Lifetime Legendary Warranty. Below are some further details about each of the bumpers.

arctic-fox-bumperThe Fox Landing side entry bumperFox Landing Bumper for the Arctic Fox: Serving as an extension of your camping experience, this bumper allows you to have left or right side truck camper entry steps. It eliminates the need to disconnect your trailer tongue for safe camper entry and exit. Some further features of the Fox Landing Bumper include:

• Large entry platform
• Made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• Folds up in seconds
• Convenient fold-away steps
• GlowStep treads for added safety
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension

ultradeckGet a huge amount of extra storage
with the Ultra Deck Plus
Ultra Deck Plus Bumper for Lance campers: When it comes to bumper storage, there’s nothing better than the Ultra Deck Plus as a Lance camper bumper. Made with you in mind, this bumper allows for 7.8 cubic feet of additional truck camper storage space. With a deck slide that has the capacity to hold 600 pounds when extended, you won’t have to worry about safety when you’re hanging out on this bumper. Additional Ultra Deck Plus features include:

• Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• High-impact powder coated for extreme durability
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Swing step that incorporates Torklift International GlowStep technology
• DOT certified LED lights
• Exclusive Torklift hinge lock system for all storage compartments

palominoThe Palomino Landing Pad can also be used with our Lock and Load SideKickPalomino Landing Pad for the Palomino truck camper: Made specifically to fit all years of the 2902, 2910 and 2911 camper models, this bumper is made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Also, the Palomino Landing Pad is made to work with our Space Dock and Lock and Load Sidekick which makes it easy to swing out generators for extra power and swing in while in transport. Other features of this camper bumper include:

• 84 pounds
• 93” wide platform
• 18.5” depth platform
• Nearly 3.5 cubic feet of storage space
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Glow-in-the-dark camper swing step
• LED lights

Northstar-BumperSee the great side storage in the Northstar BumperNorthstar Bumper for Northstar truck campers: Made specifically to work with Northstar campers you don’t want to miss out on this great aftermarket bumper that works with any framing Northstar system. With a lockable storage box on each side of the bumper, you have added storage space. Below are other features of the Northstar Bumper:

• Custom step tread
• Custom steps
• Made of aircraft grade aluminum
• Allows the ability to tow when using a SuperTruss Extension
• Turnbuckle storage
• Reinforced gussets

Make sure you stay tuned for the newest addition to our bumper line with the Summit Bumper that we are making special for our 40th anniversary in 2016. It’s going to be marvelous and we think you are going to love it!

If you have any questions about our custom bumper options or are interested in purchasing one of our truck camper bumpers for Arctic Fox, Lance, Northstar or Palomino, click here or find a dealer near you by visiting the Where to Buy section on our website.




kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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The secret to loading a truck camper and avoiding truck and camper damage

tc-loading      compass

Loading and off-loading a truck camper onto a truck undoubtedly requires a bit of practice and general know-how of backing a vehicle in reverse. If you’re nervous about truck camper installation at the campground, you’re not alone. A lot of folks choose to keep their truck camper on the truck to avoid any challenges or hassle. By doing so, it may limit your explorative abilities as your vehicle is a useful tool for a quick trip to a grocery store or anywhere a truck camper might not be so convenient to lug around. We’ve even known some folks that decided against a truck camper and opted for a travel trailer instead, just to avoid this task. If you’re worried about a stolen camper, read how the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer keeps your truck camper locked and secure while you’re away.

Loading the truck camper doesn’t have to be a big production, especially when you have the experts at Torklift on your side. Take a look at the basic steps for loading a truck camper onto a truck:

phone-volume#1) Hold the phone
Before you whip out the iPhone like it’s a miracle remote device, know that we don’t endorse being on a phone when installing a truck camper. That would likely do more harm than good. What we mean is before you begin, there are some tips that help properly prepare yourself, the truck and your truck camper.

• Recruit a spotter – Guidance is key when it’s difficult to see areas of clearance while in reverse.
• Make the bed – Your truck bed should be cleared out and a protective rubber mat is often used to help give the camper unit traction once it’s in place. Be sure to remove the tailgate of the truck.
• Crank it up – We’re not talking about the radio…. Adjust the camper jacks so the truck camper is lifted up to the appropriate height.

rocket-science#2) Ready for take off

• Level ground – It makes it easier to line up the camper when the ground is level and flat. Be conscience of where you unload and know you’ll have to load the camper back on in the same spot.
• The stars align – Center the truck camper to the truck and back up in a straight line, adjusting as needed. 


• Red light, Green light – At several points while backing the truck underneath the truck camper, have your spotter check the following areas for clearance and withhold on proceeding until they give you the “green light.”

o Centered on both sides
o Clearance on both wheel wells
o Make sure the camper’s power cord is clear from being cinched underneath the camper

• Soft landing – To prevent damage to both the truck bed and front face of the camper box or bulkhead, install the Torklift International Camper Bumper Kit. Also known as camper bump stop pads, the rubber camper bumpers safely position the camper onto the truck without worrying for scratches and dents.

Camper bumper kit for protecting truck bed and truck camper

camper-bumperTruck camper bump stopWith a universal fit to any truck camper, the camper bumper kit is 8"x2.5"x2" and allows for truck camper installation. You’ll want the lower end of each camper bump stop to come into contact with the top edge of the truck bed, allowing it to act as a spacer between the truck camper itself and the truck. Once the truck camper is in place, slowly lower the camper by raising all four camper jacks. This will align the camper bump stops perfectly to the top of truck bed.

bullseye#3) Ready to roll
Bull’s-eye! Now that you’ve loaded the truck camper into the truck bed with the use of the Camper Bumper Kit you’ve successfully avoided:

• Potential scraping and damage to the truck bed
• Dings and dents to the front face of the truck camper

Use Torklift frame-mounted camper tie downs and any Torklift International turnbuckles like the quick-disconnect FastGuns and you’ll be ready to hit the road knowing the truck camper is stable and secured.

Choose to load the truck camper in a method most comfortable for you. Take a look at another example on how to load a truck camper as this Torklift customer documents his experience on YouTube.

How to load a truck camper onto a pickup truck

“I use the Torklift FastGuns. I just find them super easy, especially when I’m doing this as many times as I do,” says YouTuber Amped79. “I used to use the chains — no more.”

For added stability and improvement of handling, upgrade your truck’s suspension with StableLoad suspension stabilizer, just like user Amped79.

Click here for more information on the Torklift International Camper Bumper Kit, or find a dealer near you by visiting the Where to Buy section on our website.



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Don’t skip these five steps when learning how to store a truck camper

winterizeWinter storage - Photo CreditLabor day typically marks the end of camping season for most of us. We sadly prepare to pack up all of the fun things we’ve enjoyed over the spring and summer seasons; whether it’s the boat, trailer or beloved truck camper that has voyaged us among many adventures. When it comes to preparing your truck camper for the winter months, it’s important to protect the integrity and condition of your truck camper, so when the seasons shift again, you’re ready to get back on the road and make more memories.

Here are five steps you shouldn’t ignore when storing a truck camper over the winter months:

#1) Camper Packer: The ultimate stand for your camper

camper-storage-standsTruck camper storage standsThe first thing to consider when winterizing your truck camper is where you’re going to store the unit. Whether storing a truck camper indoors or outdoors, provide the truck camper with sufficient support when offloaded from the truck. That’s where the Torklift International Camper Packer becomes your storage solution.



camper-storageCamper Packer supports a truck camper

Why support the camper with special support stands made for a truck camper? Storing a camper on its jacks for either a long or short period of time causes significant wear to the frame of the camper, especially at the four points where the jacks connect. Redistributing the stress off the four corners of the camper frame and onto the Camper Packer will extend the life of your camper jacks. Allowing the unit to sit solely on its jacks is not a sturdy foundation for the truck camper.

This is not your typical hardware store sawhorse system. Double the length of your typical sawhorse, the Camper Packer uses specially treated lumber and is rated up to 12 times the weight capacity than your traditional sawhorse at 6,000 lb. capacity per pair.

camper-packer-kitCamper Packer Kit with treated lumberCamper Packer storage stands:

• The only engineered structural support base for truck campers made from specially rated and treated lumber
• Provides structural support during storage while protecting the camper frame and jacks
• Safe short and long-term storage
• Measures 50” from side-to-side when completely assembled
• Specific high capacity engineering for truck camper applications
• 100% tool free operation, easy assembly
• Stands designed for easy breakdown compact storage when not in use
• 5 year warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

The Camper Packer isn’t just a set of sawhorse stands with an unusually high weight rating capacity. Each component in the kit is of high quality and durability. The specially rated lumber comes pressure-treated and each bracket is finished with a high impact powder coat for long-lasting protection from the elements.

The lumber of the sawhorse camper stands can be trimmed to achieve your preferred height. With your truck camper set up on the Camper Packer storage stands, you’ve successfully achieved a solid foundation for storing your truck camper over the offseason.

Take advantage of a limited $10 factory rebate on the Torklift Camper Packer. Click here for details.

#2) Stop the Wobble

fg-wobble-stopper-diagram.jpgFastGun Wobble Stopper supports camper frame and jacklegs

To further support your camper jacks and stabilize your camper when it’s offloaded for the winter, install the Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper.


By connecting the front camper jacklegs to the camper body, achieve these benefits:


• Supported connection from jacks and camper frame
• Prevention of potential jack failure and camper frame damage
• Avoid possibility of theft by blocking truck access with locking braces

The FastGun Wobble Stopper connects in seconds with a lever-action quick disconnect FastGun handle and stows directly to the camper jacks when not in use. Click here for more information on how the FastGun Wobble Stopper is a necessity for your truck camper when it’s offloaded, both in and out of storage.

We’ll shake things up by offering a $20 factory rebate on the FastGun Wobble Stopper for purchases made before December 11, 2015. See offer details here.

#3) Abandon shipnoBugs

Don’t worry – with the FastGun Wobble Stopper and Camper Packer camper storage stands, your camper isn’t going anywhere. We’ve found that another great tip for storing a truck camper is complete evacuation. Clean out all food, linens, trash, etc. With varying temperatures, leftovers in campers attract critters and unwanted visitors. If storing the truck camper outside, look into getting a cover for the unit for additional protection.

#4) Flush it out

snowflakeWith the harsh cold of winter, it’s common practice to empty all fluid tanks and flush any containers with an anti-freeze solution. Refer to the instructions of your RV manufacturer for the best method to store your truck camper over seasons with cold temperatures, as it may vary from camper to camper.

#5) Battery armor – stay powered

If you tow a trailer while hauling your truck camper, some powerful advice that’ll save your expensive batteries during the offseason: the PowerArmor Solar battery box. It’s no surprise that when batteries sit in storage, they loose their juice.

Take a look at this infographic to see what happens to batteries that sit unused over the offseason….




Storing batteries in a lockable container with solar panel attached to its lid will help trickle charge your batteries and keep them in top notch condition for next camping season. The locking capability of the battery box eliminates any potential for battery theft. Keep it a one-time investment of your batteries and avoid costly replacement with PowerArmor Solar.


Click here to see how the PowerArmor Solar works. With the holidays approaching, box up a $30 off factory rebate for select PowerArmor products. Read details and purchase now, but you’ll have to provide your own big red bow.

Overall, as sad as it is to pack up for the winter season, if you take all of the proper measures to store your truck camper correctly, you’ll prevent any damage or added costs when camping season comes back around.

Gear up now before the weather turns. For more information on these camper storage and security products, browse www.torklift.com or visit our Where to Buy section to find a dealer near you.



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Go on an epic roadtrip with your Torklift StableLoads

Anutami-CamperGo on an epic roadtrip,
just like Anutami
There are many of us that have fond memories of going on long camping trips with our family and friends. Just getting to enjoy the open road, have s’mores by a campfire and fight over what music to play are all just a little part of getting to go on a roadtrip. But, forum user Anutami from Rv.net took his roadtrip to the next level. He went “old school” and took his family on an epic 6-week business trip and tour of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. But before he did so, he made sure that his truck and camper were prepped for the long journey.


Prepping for the trip
When it comes to a long excursion, you have to make sure that every aspect of your truck and camper are 100 percent ready to go. For Anutami, it was also a matter of figuring out how to reduce the excessive sway due to extra weight and improving his Ford suspension. He decided to install our Torklift StableLoads, both upper and lower applications. Although our most popular StableLoads are no-drill, we also offer kits that have drill bits if your leaf springs don’t come with a hole already in them such as on Anutami’s 2001 Ford F350.

Before-Lower-StableLoadPrior to lower StableLoads installation Four-Included-Drill-Bits Four drill bits are included

“Thank you Torklift for providing the drill bits. I used all four!”
                                                    -Anutami, Rv.net

Torklift-Upper-StableLoadBoth upper and lower StableLoads

With the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer Anutami felt an instant change to the rig when he started driving with both upper and lower StableLoads activated. With significantly reduced side-to-side sway, improved safety and handling and the elimination of sag, Anutami didn’t have to worry about his truck camper and instead could have fun with his family on their epic roadtrip. He could also enjoy the trip without white knuckle driving and the feeling of anxiety due to a lack of steering control. Once their trip concluded, he can quickly return to the truck's original ride in just seconds. Since the lower StableLoads adjust to its "off" position, he can enjoy a smooth factory ride when he’s not towing or hauling, but also has the ability to handle heavy payload for future road trips by switching the lower StableLoads back on.

Some other great features of the upper and lower StableLoad include:

•  Dramatically improves safety, handling and reduces sway, body roll and porpoising
•  The lower StableLoads have the ability to turn on and off in seconds
•  Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper and lower overloads
•  Works with small truck campers, small trailers, large truck campers, 5th wheels, SUVs and more
•  For the lower StableLoads, a quad contact design complements the vehicle manufacturer's four point suspension
•  Legendary Lifetime Warranty
•  Proudly made in the USA

 We’re glad that the StableLoads were able to make Anutami’s trip that much better and that they will continue to make future truck suspension and truck camper travels even better as well. Take a page from Anutami’s book and check out Torklift International upper and lower StableLoad Suspension stabilizers for your next epic roadtrip. Find a Torklift dealer near you or check out our Where to Buy page or contact us at 800-246-8132. Read Anutami's full trip report here

In Case You Have to Drill:

If you find yourself with a lower overload leaf spring that has to be drilled to install the lower StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer, we're here to help. The key to drilling a leaf spring effectively is to apply a significant amount of force using a cordless drill with slow rotation and well-lubricated drill bits. We offer a special StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool as well as drill bits to help you cradle the drill and allows you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort. The tool does the work for you and is the simplest and quickest method of drilling the leaf spring. The StableLoad Drill Tool is available to rent for FREE with a $150 refundable deposit.

Installation with StableLoad Drill Tool: 

Click here to see installation without the StableLoad Drill Tool. 

For more information, call us at 800-246-8132.


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Rising above: GlowStep Goodies of a Torklift Fan

“I'm sure there is a clinic for my addiction, but their products are irresistible.” - Bedlam, Rv.net

GlowStep-ProfileGlowSteps and All Terrain Landing Gear
on Bedlam’s rig
While there’s no clinic for loving Torklift products, we’re certainly happy that they’re irresistible! Forum user known as ‘Bedlam’ on Rv.net and other online communities is an amazing ambassador and wonderful friend of Torklift. When Bedlam bought a new flatbed truck to haul his truck camper, he wanted to keep his Torklift GlowStep application. Since the truck camper now sat much higher, even the maximum size available for a GlowStep camper step application fell shy of reaching these heights.

Customer satisfaction is held at a high standard here at Torklift International and we want our loyal customers to always rely on us for their RV accessories. With this in mind, we approached our engineers to come up with a GlowStep system that tackled the challenge of Bedlam’s unique application. Bedlam’s new camper step system has 7 steps that are 8” deep to provide safety and stability over a larger clearance, which works perfectly with his GlowGuide Handrail. Bedlam lovingly refers to these custom RV steps as the “GlowStep Magnum.”

ATLG-UnwrappedAll Terrain Landing Gear

That’s not all that Bedlam has! Recently Bedlam attached the All Terrain Landing Gear for leveling on the feet of the “GlowStepMagnum.” The adjustable RV step leveling feet can be added to most scissor step applications or any GlowStep system.

The All Terrain Landing Gear is included in the new GlowStep Revolution system for trailer and towables.

As you can see below, Bedlam has documented the step-by-step process of adding the All Terrain Landing Gear to his current GlowStep scissor steps. Now with the adjustable feet, Bedlam can use it on any type of uneven terrain to achieve a level and stable step system.

Scissor-Step-CollapsedTraditional aluminum GlowSteps
have a sturdy bar across the bottom
 Leveling-FeetThe added All Terrain
Landing Gear allow for
adjustment and leveling

 “I added the All Terrain Landing Gear to my GlowSteps. Not only will it even out uneven ground, it allows for fine height adjustment if your setup measures between steps.”

GlowStep-SafeStepSafeSteps on the
GlowStep Magnum
Not only is the All Terrain Landing Gear a significant feature anyone can apply to their GlowSteps, but there are also several additional accessories that create a customized RV step system that provides optimum stability for you.

All Terrain Landing Gear
Safe Step
GlowGuide Handrail
Dirt Destoyer

 As pictured on the left, Bedlam decided to add the SafeStep pet barrier to his step system while attending a recent rally in the Colorado Springs. Even only halfway completed, his steps are looking great! Upon seeing that he was short a set of SafeStep pet barrier panels, we decided to send him a set to close up the remaining gaps on his step system.

The SafeStep is a vertical barrier that closes the gap between steps to helps ease any level of intimidation for pets or small children and also help prevent any potential of falling or sliding through the gaps. The SafeStep is easy to remove and made with durable velcro attachments, but removal is not necessary to collapse and store the camper steps.

Here at Torklift International, we enjoy and value the stories and experiences of our customers that frequently use our products. Click here to read Bedlam’s full report.

Learn more about the GlowStep Series here or find where you can buy Torklift products by locating a dealer near you.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Torklift International and the Case of the Talon Tie Downs

Linda-with-fishLinda Pruitt, showing off her latest catchOne of our favorite things at Torklift International is hearing stories and questions from our customers. A few weeks ago, we got a message from our great friend Linda Pruitt. She was concerned about the fit of the rear tie-downs on her Torklift SuperHitch.

In her own words:

“Its a 2006 dodge RAM dually, long bed, all original equipment with a Torklift SuperHitch. The new tie-downs can't get enough clearance to bolt in to the pattern on hitch.”

Well, here at Torklift we love our customers and being able to do whatever we can for them to make sure that they can use our products and are happy with our customer service. So we began our detective case: The Case of the Talon Tie Downs.

Research Time
We had already challenged our engineers to develop an ultra-high performance tie down that meets and overcomes the toughest demands of adventurers. So, we decided to challenge them again. We took Linda’s questions to our engineering department. After a bit of time and lots of coffee, they were able to design and create new Talon Tie Down brackets to make sure that the Talons could fit her 2006 Dodge RAM Laramie 3500 without a problem.

Case Solved

pruitt-tc-and-trailerLinda's 2006 Dodge RAM Laramie 3500 and trailer

“We really like the Talons and can't wait to install them.”
                   -Linda Pruitt

Well, the wait is over! Once the new brackets were created, we sent them to Linda so she could get her camper attached to her truck and go on her way. Linda received her new brackets and here are the final results. Case solved! Check out how great they look. Linda is now ready for whatever her next adventure will throw her way.

pruitt-talon-tie-downsSpecially designed brackets                        Talon Tie Downs, looking great

“Yea buddy!!! The new re-designed mounts fit like a glove! It is so nice when a company stands behind their product and gets it right. Fishing and camping trip coming up REAL soon!”
                  -Linda Pruitt

We hope Linda has fun on her next big adventure! We are looking forward to hearing more truck camper stories and seeing how the Talon Tie Downs and SuperHitch work out for Linda.

pruitt-truck-with-talonsReady for an adventure

True to their name, Talon Camper Tie Downs are always ready to get you to where you’re going while keeping your family, truck and camper safe. Below are some great features of our Talon Camper Tie Downs:

• Rust free corrosion protection for life
• Finishing Kit included
• Available for best-selling applications
• Tie down receiver tube and tie down insert are each 100% military grade aluminum
• Ultra-light weight
• Fast, no-drill installations
• No loss of ground clearance
• Hidden when not in use
• Best ride quality in the industry
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Talon Tie Downs or other Torklift International products.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Convenience on the coast: Get locked and loaded for a glowing day at the beach

fromme-beach-setupAwesome beach setup!Not many people realize that truck campers are just as fun and handy to have when it comes to day trips instead of a long camping trip. Whether it’s to the beach or you’re planning on tailgating at a football game, use your truck camper to bring all the amenities that you would need for the day, including the convenience of a restroom and a refrigerator for food. A good friend of ours, Keith Fromme who is also known as Languiduck on Rv.net, did exactly that. He took his family and friends on a day trip to the Outer Banks beaches and brought along his truck camper, jeep, and trailer for an exciting day at the beach.

Unique Lock and Load usage
lock-and-load-with-grillBringing a grill is a great way to use the
Torklift Lock and Load

Although the most popular usage of the Lock and Load locking cargo tray is to safely store a generator, we are excited to see new and interesting ways in which customers use our products.

Instead of storing a generator for their day trip, Keith and his family brought along a grill -- What a smokin’ usage of the Lock and Load!


By securing it with the Lock and Load cargo tray, he knew that the Big Green Egg Minimax grill was going to be safe and in his own words, “carried the egg perfectly.” So along with an excellent one-day camping spot, he and his family were able to barbeque right on the beach.

Some key features of the Lock and Load that Keith is using include:

• Protects generators, camping gear (including grills!), welders, tool boxes, plasma cutters and more from theft
• High security tamper proof puck lock included
• The Lock and Load receiver hitch accessory mounts easily into the front and rear receiver hitches
• License plate relocation holes to attach your license plate
• No more heavy-lifting, your heavy gear and generators stay on the tray, even while running
• Avoid fumes and stains by permanently storing your generators or gear outside while on the road or camping

The Lock and Load cargo carrier also comes with a safety visual sight indicator to prevent risk of damage while driving. This prevents any accidents if you forget the amount of clearance you need on the front of your rig.

GlowStep on the beach
fromme-beach-setup2Perfect spot to touch down the GlowStepsAs you can see, the GlowStep make it easy to enter and exit the truck camper by making contact with the ground, even on the uneven and constantly moving sand. With its SureGrip step tread that doesn’t require any grip tape, you know that you can be safe walking up and down those truck camper steps, even with slippery sand on your feet.

There are plenty of other great features of the GlowStep:

• Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure
• Self-illuminating steps that don’t need batteries
• You can safely enter and exit your RV after dark
• Stores in position and is lockable
• Add components to create the safest step configuration for you and your family: SafeStep pet barrier, GlowGuide Handrail, DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning brush or the newly available All Terrain Landing Gear for level camper steps

tc-on-the-beachDriving off into the sunset


We’re glad to see that Keith and his family had such a great day trip! Our goal at Torklift is to improve the lives of others with quality products that provide safety and convenience. We look forward to seeing our Torklift brand accompany our customers on all of their memorable adventures. 

Click here to read Keith’s full trip report on RV.net. 


Learn more about the GlowStep Series camper steps or click here for more details on the Lock and Load cargo tray. If you would like to purchase one of these products, you can find a Torklift dealer near you on our Where to Buy page.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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A seal of approval: the FastGun truck camper turnbuckle “O-Ring”

Loading a truck camper for the first time may be tricky

You’ve outfitted your truck with Torklift TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs and purchased FastGun truck camper turnbuckles. The anticipation of loading your truck camper onto the truck for its maiden voyage is getting you pumped up with excitement. You’ve even prepped your truck’s suspension with Torklift International StableLoads to help your vehicle stabilize the weight of the camper and eliminate any potential of handling issues.

If you’re a truck camper newbie your first experience might be similar to the following:


Back it up, Like a Mack truck
Once you’ve engaged the StableLoad suspension stabilizer into the gap of your truck’s leaf springs with the quick turn of a 3/8-inch ratchet, carefully remove and store the tailgate of your truck. Raise the camper jacks to the proper height above the truck bed to make way for loading. It’s important to load the camper so it’s positioned straight in the center of the truck bed. Line up the truck and watch for clearance on the wheel wells. It might be easier if you have a spotter to help you navigate while in reverse. If this is your first attempt at loading a camper, you’re probably on the verge of beast mode. We suggest going very slow and having patience. Make sure any power cords are clear of the camper so they don’t get cinched underneath it. Lower the jacks and camper into the truck bed and Touch Dowwwwn! Just like Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch.

Connect Four

connect-fourPopular board game
by Milton Bradley
Once the camper is loaded on the truck, you’re ready to Connect Four. We aren’t playing games with you. It’s so easy even Milton Bradley could do it! Connect the truck camper to the vehicle using all four camper anchor points. The important connection from the truck camper to Torklift’s frame-mounted tie down system will achieve the most stable and secure truck camper set up available. Even though there are several styles of truck camper turnbuckles to choose from, the Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle is the fastest and most convenient turnbuckle.


How to install and adjust turnbuckles? Watch this video:

You may have noticed the “spring tension indicator” or O-ring on some of the camper turnbuckles. It’s popularly recognized on the number one selling truck camper turnbuckle worldwide, the Torklift International Original FastGun with quick-disconnect capability. Click here to see how to achieve the correct amount of tension needed and how the FastGun is literally the easiest “set and forget” turnbuckle installation. The FastGun turnbuckle allows you to connect four in less than four minutes…Voilà! The stars align. 

Great things come in small form
Let’s take a closer look at the little black rubber band on the FastGun turnbuckle’s threaded rod. At this point you may be thinking, “Hold the phone – what is this dealy-bob?”

b2ap3 thumbnail fg-indicatorO-ring on Torklift turnbuckleThis O-ring is what we like to call a “spring tension indicator” because that is exactly its function. It indicates the amount of tension in the spring within the turnbuckle, allowing you to gauge how many pounds of tension is securing your camper. Don’t underestimate the convenience of this feature as great things really do come in small form.

Truck camper manufacturers recommend 300 pounds of pressure be applied on all four points to properly hold a truck camper to a truck. The spring-loaded function is crucial because it allows some give while driving on rough and bumpy roads. The spring mechanism protects both your truck, tie down system and camper anchor points from any possibility of damage.

Seal of Approval
Since this O-ring is much like a seal for bolt configurations, many people overlook its true purpose. Since the coil spring is located inside the stainless steel body of the turnbuckle and not directly visible, we depend on the use the O-ring feature to tell us what’s going on in there.


tension-before-afterWith a FastGun turnbuckle, here’s how it works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Adjust turnbuckles into place
  2. Align the O-ring to the bottom of the turnbuckle body
  3. Snap down the quick-disconnect handle of the FastGun turnbuckle
  4. If the O-ring lowers by a quarter inch, you’ve achieved the correct amount of turnbuckle tension

If the O-ring or spring tension indicator is in the right position on your truck camper turnbuckle, consider it the “seal of approval” that you’ve successfully set up your truck and camper. Go forth and enjoy the adventures of the truck camping lifestyle.

Turnbuckle O-rings                                                        You’re good to go!

Click here to learn more about Torklift International Original FastGun turnbuckle.


sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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FastGun WobbleStopper: Tongue-twisting genius

FastGun WobbleStopper stabilizes the truck camper and provides camper jack support

Why didn’t I think of that?
Sometimes, it’s the simplest thing that make you wonder, “Why has no one thought of this before?” That’s the feeling you get when you see a product like the FastGun WobbleStopper from Torklift International.

FastGun technology with a kitschy name
You’ve likely heard the old saying, “When the van’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking?” Well, Torklift International just de-bunked that old message. Just the name alone is enough to stop and take a look. This thing works and it works well. The FastGun WobbleStopper acts as a support connection between the front camper jacks and body of the camper, preventing that annoying camper sway while inside the unit.

When customer Matt Rivard wrote to say how he had low expectations of its claims to reduce the back and forth wobble of his truck camper, he was pleasantly surprised at how once installed, it barely budged. The FastGun WobbleStopper features the unique FastGun technology for easy disconnect and adjustment in seconds. The camper stabilizer also stores easily to the camper jacks when in transit or not in use.


More bang for your buck
wobble-stopper-locksSecures and prevents camper theft
with locking mechanism
Like many of Torklift International’s products, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on a great idea. In addition to reducing camper wobble and camper frame stress, the FastGun WobbleStopper has built-in keyed-alike locks positioned to prevent other vehicles from loading up your camper and driving away.

Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum and high-impact powder coated stainless steel, this baby is solid and reliable. With easy DIY bolt-on installation for all round and square jack applications, you’ll find the investment worthwhile and ask yourself what took so long?

Click here to learn how to prevent camper theft and damage. 

To see the FastGun WobbleStopper in action, watch this video:

Torklift International did it again
There’s a reason why Torklift International is a leader in the RV industry. Our continued commitment to high quality and ability to fuse technology and creativity together, we’re able to develop the innovative products you’ve grown to expect from us. As always we stand behind our American-made products with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Click here to learn more about the FastGun WobbleStopper. 


Tamy finalWritten by Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.

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Swapping out belly bar tie downs for Torklift Tie Downs

Gorton muleypoint
RV.Net user Doy Gorton’s truck and camper in Utah

Necessities of camper life
Truck camper tie downs have always been one of the mainstay anchors of Torklift International’s growing product lines. Now with the newly released Talon Tie Downs made with military grade aluminum, the lighter more durable option is easier than ever to install.

Our Torklift Ambassador and good friend Doy Gorton contacted us recently at an important juncture in the work he is performing on his 1967 Avion truck camper setup. At the time, Doy was running a belly bar tie down system that he was not pleased with due to the trouble it was causing him. Belly bar tie downs are a thick metal bar that wrap underneath the full width of the truck and connect camper turnbuckles to each side.
belly-bar-tie-downsA belly bar tie down removed to make way for
Torklift Talon Tie Downs

“Last year my wife and I traveled about the West. In particular Utah… a spectacular place called Muley Point,” Doy writes. “And we have memories of an unnerving collision with our old school belly bar and a rock outcropping that nearly turned over the camper, and left our rear tie downs broken. How the front tie downs survived is beyond me.”

The collision got Doy thinking about replacing his truck camper tie down system.

Whoever said “Fit” is the new skinny might be onto something
When it comes to the fit of truck camper tie downs, that is.

Ditch the heavy hanging belly and your truck and camper will surely thank you. Talon Tie Downs versus just any other tie down system is like comparing filet mignon to ground beef. It’s about quality and performance. Talon Tie Downs are made specific to individual truck models to ensure the best fitment possible.

gorton-tie-down-installIt’s no surprise that after his past experience, Doy opted to upgrade to Torklift Talon Tie Downs. “I decided to replace the belly bar,” Doy writes. “It gave entirely too little clearance for these close encounters. It probably took away three critical inches.”

(Left image: Installing Torklift Talon Tie Downs)

“I talked to Curt Oetjen of Kamper’s Supply in nearby Carterville, Illinois,” continues Doy. “Curt told me that in his 35 years of experience Torklift is the number one best tie down. He hadn’t seen the new aluminum Talons but agreed to install them for me.”

gorton-rear-tie-downTalon Tie Down installedWith the installation of Talon Tie Downs and the removal of the old belly bar, not only was Doy’s truck weighing 100 pounds less, he also had greater ground clearance and stability than ever before; adding to his sense of safety and confidence while off-roading.

Now that his truck is nice and “skinny” without that belly, there’s more capacity for hauling his camper. The lightweight military grade aluminum Talon Tie Downs were a notable improvement from the belly bar.

Now that Doy’s truck is equipped with camper tie downs that securely mount to the frame of his truck, he is ready to travel to the remote locations he loves to visit with peace of mind that his tie down system is up to par.

Improving on the best in the industry
Torklift International challenged their engineers to develop an ultra high performance tie down that would meet and exceed even the toughest conditions. The creation of Talon Tie Downs was the result of that challenge. By improving upon the already world renowned steel version of frame-mounted tie downs, Talon Tie Downs provide a number of benefits that simply can’t be ignored. Click here to further explore these benefits. 

aluminum-tie-downTalon Tie DownTalon truck camper tie downs feature:

  1. Rust-free corrosion protection for life 
  2. Finishing Kit included
  3. Ultra lightweight – up to 50 percent lighter than steel tie downs
  4. Fast, no-drill installation 
  5. Best ride quality in the industry 
  6. No loss of ground clearance
  7. Hidden when not in use
  8. Lockable with Torklift Tie Down Locks
  9. Legendary Lifetime Warranty 
  10. Proudly Made in the USA

The name Torklift International carries that kind of reputation one associates with quality, craftsmanship and above all, reliability. We stand behind each and every product we craft. We love to hear from you about our products and how they affect your camping and RVing experiences.

To learn more about Talon Tie Downs, click here.

Read Doy’s full review of Torklift Talon truck camper tie downs on RV.Net. 



Tamy finalBy Tamara Williams:
Currently Tamara Williams studies English at Arizona State University. She is a writing professional specializing in technical writing and SEO blogging for small businesses. Tamara also works with Project Pen, an innovative program for inmates at New Mexico and Arizona prison systems editing and providing feedback for their essays, poems, short and non-fiction stories.


Written in collaboration with Brandon Seiler and Sheryl Bushaw

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Torklift customer reveals preferred camper tie down system

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Torklift International customer Jim Weber who stopped by Torklift’s manufacturing facility in Sumner, Washington. When it comes to a camper tie down system, there is only one tie down design available that provides safety, stability and prevents any possibility of bed and bumper damage to a truck: frame-mounted camper tie downs.

Weber tells us how Torklift’s frame-mounted Talon aluminum Tie Downs are his preferred system for hauling his heavy Eagle Cap 1160 2-slide truck camper with his 2001 Ford F350 truck.

Watch now:

As Weber discusses his experience with Talon Tie Downs, he uncovers three major features of the truck camper tie downs that contribute to a multitude of benefits.

#1 – DESIGN b2ap3_thumbnail_bed-damage.pngDamage caused by tie downs attached to truck bed

  1. Torklift camper tie downs bolt directly to the truck frame
    1. Creates one unit: strongest design in the industry
    2. Prevents any possibility of truck bed damage or bumper damage
    3. Tie downs are individually engineered to each truck model to ensure the best possible fitment on four independent tie down points
    4. No effect on ground clearance and completely hidden when not in use

    5. Jim Weber talks about Torklift Talon Tie Downs
  2. no-drillEasy installation
    1. No drilling required
    2. Installs in less than two hours or as little as 30 minutes
  3. Comes with tie down weather caps to protect tubing when not in use
    1. Prevent dirt and grime from getting stuck inside the system
    2. Helps maintain condition of tie downs
    3. A foam plug inserts into the back end of the tube while plastic covers conceal the outer opening
      b2ap3_thumbnail_finishing_kit_blog.pngTie Down Finishing Kit

ford-truck-camper-tie-downsAluminum camper tie downs#2 – COMPOSITION: ALUMINUM

  1. Military grade aluminum is up to 50 percent lighter than steel applications
    1. Ultra lightweight feature is beneficial when payload is a sensitive factor
  2. Aluminum designs are tested to meet or exceed the strength of traditional steel tie downs in all applications
  3. Rust-free, corrosion resistant


  1. Torklift frame-mounted tie downs are covered by Torklift’s LegendaryLegendaryLifetimeWarranty Lifetime Warranty
  2. Talon Tie Downs come with an exclusive corrosion protection for life
  3. Lifetime warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty if Torklift frame-mounted tie downs are used with spring-loaded turnbuckles

To find tie down fitments, navigate our automated application guide or locate the quick reference application guide by clicking the button below.


If you don’t see your truck year/model on the application guide, check back by calling 800-246-8132 as new tie down fitments are added regularly. If you’re local to us, we might even invite you to come in for a test fit.


For a limited time, receive $15 off StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer and free FastGun Locks for turnbuckles when you outfit your truck with Talons and FastGun turnbuckles. Two sets of Talon camper tie downs (front and rear) and two sets of FastGun turnbuckles are required to redeem the offer.
Click here to redeem this truck camping deal or learn more about these truck camping products by clicking here.

Big thanks to Jim Weber for stopping by and sharing his experiences with us!

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5 benefits of installing Torklift camper tie downs on a Dodge Ram truck

ram-camperLance Camper and frame-mounted tie downs on Dodge Ram

camper-tie-down-steelTie down fits for Dodge Ram (actual designs may vary)If you are planning to haul a truck camper on a Dodge Ram truck, choose frame-mounted camper tie downs.

Attaching your camper directly to the Dodge Ram truck frame is the absolute strongest tie down system to secure a camper. By doing so, expect a multitude of benefits.


Benefit #1
Torklift tie downs for Dodge Ram trucks are the strongest, safest and most secure way to haul a truck camper

aluminum-tie-downMilitary grade aluminum camper tie downs for Dodge RamTorklift International camper tie downs feature the best possible fitment due to the advanced design, created specifically to each model of Dodge Ram trucks.  The tie downs are tucked under the vehicle and bolted to the Dodge Ram truck frame. Torklift International Tie Downs for Dodge Ram trucks are high impact powder coated and available in steel as our original TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Down and also our newest line of military grade aluminum alloy, appropriately referred to as the Talons.

Newly available, the military grade aluminum Talon Tie Downs are the most advanced tie down system you can find. Featuring anti-corrosive and rust-free capabilities, Talon Tie Downs for Dodge Ram trucks are built to withstand destructive conditions and excessive exposure to typical wear and tear out on the road. Talon Tie Downs are engineered to be as strong as our steel line of tie downs and in some applications they are stronger than the steel designs. Since they are precision crafted from aluminum alloy with a durable powder coat finish, the aluminum tie downs are up to 50% lighter, alleviating any unnecessary payload when it comes to hauling a heavy truck camper.

Benefit #2b2ap3_thumbnail_bed-damage.pngBed damage from bed-mounted camper tie down
Frame-mounted camper tie downs prevent any possibility of bed or bumper damage

One hundred percent supported by the truck frame, Torklift Tie Downs are the best solution to avoiding damage to your Dodge Ram truck. Other tie downs that mount to the truck bed or bumper may require deliberate drilling, causing permanent and irreversible destruction. Take advantage of Torklift’s TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs to uphold the integrity of the Dodge Ram without compromising the condition of its bed or bumper.  

With frame-mounted tie downs, the set up is invisible when tie down inserts are removed and the camper is unloaded. There is zero loss of ground clearance and the aesthetics of the Dodge Ram truck are never compromised.

“I was amazed at how easy it was to install and how unobtrusive the installation is. When I am not using the truck camper, the tie downs won’t even show! The quality of the system seems to be terrific. Very well built and engineered.”
                                               – Lynn King

Benefit #3
Easy to install

no-drillCamper tie downs for Dodge Ram trucks bolt directly to the frame on four separate points. With two in front and two in the rear, this is the most stable application for holding down a truck camper. People who install Torklift camper tie downs on their 1994 – current Dodge Ram truck find that all installations do not require drilling.

“I purchased a pair of front tie downs for a 2003 Dodge Ram dually. When I read the instructions about fishing the bolts though the frame, all I pictured was loosing the bolts inside the boxed frame. Well, long story short, it worked out great. I could tell they [Torklift] really did their homework. It’s nice to do business with a company that puts out a product that installs exactly like it’s supposed to.”
                                       – Jeff Christensen

Benefit #4
LegendaryLifetimeWarrantyTorklift Tie Downs for Dodge Ram trucks come with the best warranty you can find

Every Torklift International Tie Down is scientifically engineered and crafted in the manufacturing facility in Sumner, Wash., and comes with the legendary lifetime warranty. Warranty extends to the frame of the Dodge Ram truck and anchor points of the camper if secured with Torklift Tie Downs and spring-loaded turnbuckles for the extent of the manufacturers warranty. The warranty for Talon military grade aluminum tie downs features an additional industry exclusive corrosion protection warranty on its finish for a lifetime to the original owner.  Give us a call at 800.246.8132 for warranty details.

Benefit #5
Torklift provides ways to ensure your Dodge Ram tie down system remains in great condition  

We like to think these extras are more necessity than accessory. By securing a camper onto your Dodge Ram with Torklift Tie Downs, the best way to protect both the tie downs and camper anchor points is by using spring-loaded turnbuckles.  The Original FastGun turnbuckles with quick-disconnect handles and spring tension indicators take the term ‘convenience’ to another level. With FastGuns, tie down a camper to a Dodge Ram pickup in less than 4 minutes. Don’t hassle with chains and tools, or worry whether you have your tension set correctly. FastGun turnbuckles are tool-free, lockable and made from 100 percent aircraft grade stainless steel and aluminum. Click here for more information on camper turnbuckles.

b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun.pngLong Range FastGun spring-loaded camper turnbuckle

For the best way to protect tie downs, apply the Torklift International Tie Down Finishing Kit. When tie down inserts are removed, simply cap off the outer end and push the special foam plug into the back end of the tubing. With the Tie Down Finishing Kit in place on Dodge Ram tie downs, road gunk, moisture and debris won’t negatively affect your set up (included with Talon Tie Downs and sold separately with our steel tie downs).

b2ap3_thumbnail_finishing_kit_blog.pngTie Down Finishing Kit

To see application fitments on tie downs for Dodge Ram trucks, use the automated application guide or click below to look for traditional steel Torklift Tie Downs or high performance Talon Tie Downs made from aluminum.

steel-tie-down-appguide   talon-appguide

dodge-truck-tie-downsTorklift Tie Downs for 2015 Dodge
Ram 3500 coming soon
If you don’t see the year/model for your Dodge Ram truck on the application guide, check back regularly as new fitments are added daily. For example, we are currently designing fits for the 2015 Dodge Ram 3500.

Click here for more information on Torklift International Tie Downs. Contact us at support@torklift.com or 800-246-8132 for questions regarding fitments or tie down installation instructions for Dodge Ram trucks.

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Aluminum camper tie downs for Ford trucks

ford-truckTalon aluminum Tie Downs for
all-aluminum Ford trucks
The number one selling truck in the world is a Ford F150. It’s no wonder Fords are a popular truck for hauling truck campers. When looking for Ford truck tie downs for campers, select the strongest tie down application available that features a frame-mounted design for ultimate stability.

Now Torklift Tie Downs for all-aluminum Ford trucks are available in aluminum applications as a nod to Ford’s effort at becoming more lightweight.

While hauling a truck camper, achieve the safest set up possible by preventing movement of the camper within the truck and potential damage to the camper or the truck bed. In order to prevent such movement, you’ll want the camper and Ford truck to become one unit. As opposed to bed-mounted tie downs that lack stability and potentially cause truck bed damage, install frame-mounted tie downs that attach directly to the frame of the Ford truck.  Torklift Tie Downs are individually engineered to each truck model to ensure the best possible fitment on four independent tie down points.

ford-raptor2017 all-aluminum Ford RaptorAluminum and Ford trucks
As we’ve seen a recent shift to the use of aluminum materials in the manufacturing of Ford trucks, Torklift also uses this material for a lightweight, corrosion resistant application of Ford truck camper tie downs. For optimum performance, Torklift International Talon military grade aluminum Tie Downs are engineered to withstand even the toughest conditions.

aluminum-tie-downTalon Tie Downs
(actual designs may vary)
For the most advanced tie down design on the market, Talon Tie Downs for Ford trucks are the best system available. With lifetime warranty that even covers corrosion, these Ford truck tie downs are completely rust resistant and even stronger than traditional steel tie downs in some applications.

Aluminum Talon Tie Downs are precision crafted from lightweight military grade aluminum alloy just like aluminum Ford trucks, making them up to 50% lighter than steel applications. This lighter tie down system helps relieve unnecessary weight when hauling a camper in order to stay within the payload and rate capacities set by the specific model of Ford truck. 

Jim Weber installed Talon Tie Downs on his 2001 Ford F-350 truck. 

talon-installation-weberTalon Tie Down installation  talon-weberTalon Tie Down on Ford F-350 truck

 “I have the Torklift tie down system called the Talons for my camper and I really love them,” said Weber. “They are very lightweight, very strong but also very easy to install.”

weberJim Weber’s Ford F-350 truck hauling camper and towing a trailer

“I have a very heavy camper and have had no issues whatsoever with flexing or stressing,” Weber explains. “I’ve had campers for years and these are by far the strongest camper tie down system I’ve used.”

To find aluminum tie down fits for Ford trucks, navigate our automated application guide.


If you don’t see your Ford truck year/model on the application guide, check back by calling 800-246-8132 as new fitments are added regularly. If you’re local to us, we might even invite you to come in for a test fit.

No-drill camper tie down applications for Fordno-drill
All aluminum tie downs for Ford trucks are no-drill applications. Torklift’s camper tie downs are engineered to fit closely to the truck frame, having no impact on ground clearance.

Warranty coverage
Unlike other industry manufacturers, Torklift International’s warranty covers the Ford truck tie downs for a lifetime. When Torklift Tie Downs are used with our spring-loaded turnbuckles, the lifetime warranty extends to the Ford truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty. Talon aluminum tie downs feature a never-before-offered coverage on corrosion. Be sure to call us at 800-246-8132 for warranty details.

Tie down weather caps 

When the tie down system is not being used on your Ford truck, prevent any moisture and road debris from clogging the tie down tubes under the vehicle. With clean tubes, tie down inserts are applied with ease. With the Torklift International Tie Down Finishing Kit, your Ford truck tie downs remain in excellent condition.

b2ap3_thumbnail_finishing_kit_blog.pngTie Down Finishing Kit

With the Tie Down Finishing Kit, simply cover the tube with the specialized foam plug and cap to protect from tough elements. The Tie Down Finishing Kit is included with Torklift’s rust-free Talon aluminum tie downs for Ford trucks.  

If you have any questions regarding Torklift tie down installation for Ford trucks, contact our Tech Support by calling 800-246-8132 or send an email to support@torklift.com.

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The best solution to prevent rust on camper tie downs

anti-icing-truckChemicals used to de-ice roadsThe combination of water, chemicals and oxygen is poisonous to metals. The deterioration of metal being eaten away from rust is often referred to by auto mechanics as cancer to the vehicle. Extensive rust damage thins out the material until the integrity of the part is completely compromised.

Issues with rusting tie downs are particularly common in parts of the country that use chemical treatments like rock salt to treat the roads in the winter season. This effort to de-ice roads is damaging to the underside of our vehicles. Rust develops due to oxidization from contact with salt and chemical remnants.

Whether traveling through areas of coastal beaches, or up to the mountain heights into the snow and ice where harsh chemical treatments are prevalent, the composition of Torklift’s Talon Tie Downs are built to withstand these environments.


As an industry first, Torklift recently unveiled the precision crafted military grade aluminum and stainless steel Talon Tie Downs:

aluminum-tie-downTalon Tie Downs for campersMilitary Grade Aluminum Alloy
The answer to prevent rusting tie downs is simple. By using frame-mounted tie downs from 100 percent military grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the problems from corrosion and rust are directly addressed. Aluminum is a durable material that is also known for its lightweight composition, while maintaining added strength and durability over the traditional steel camper tie down. Torklift is shifting to the use of aluminum alloy for several products.

Aluminum is gaining popularity due to its corrosion and rust resistant properties, lightweight structure and significant strength. Torklift uses 6000 series aluminum alloy to create the Talon camper tie downs. We also found that this type of aluminum is widely popular for its use in a variety of applications:

aluminum-bikeBike frames             fishing-reelFishing reels

scuba-tankScuba tanks      airstream-trailerAirstream trailers

yachtYachts and watercrafts     air-craftAircraft

ford-raptor2017 all-aluminum Ford Raptor truck

Talon Tie Downs are STRENGTH defined
Frame-mounted-camper-tiesSpecifically developed for maximum strength, Talon truck camper tie downs are high impact powder coated, rust and corrosion resistant. Developed to outperform any other tie down on the market, the Talons excel in even the roughest conditions.

Not only are they rust-free, Torklift Tie Downs are bolted to the truck frame through four individual points making the connection between truck and camper extremely sturdy. There is no loss of ground clearance because the design is snug to the truck frame, not visible when the inserts are removed. The patented frame-mounted tie down design is guaranteed to eliminate bed and bumper damage.
Frame-mounted camper tie downs


Keep it clean 

Keep camper tie downs in great condition by using the Tie Down Finishing Kit, which is included in each set of Talon Tie Downs. When your camper isn’t loaded and the inserts are disconnected, apply the Tie Down Finishing Kit to help keep dirt and muck out of the tie down tubes. Attach the plastic cap to the outer insert opening and push the special protective foam stopper into the backside of the tubing.

b2ap3_thumbnail_finishing_kit_blog.pngTie Down Finishing Kit


To minimize corrosion from these road factors products, Torklift recommends regularly cleaning and inspecting the powder coated surface and touching up an affected areas with enamel or urethan based aerosol paint products. For a quick clean, simply use WD-40 and a microfiber cloth to wipe down the tie downs.  

Rust-free corrosion protection for life
Never before known as offered by a manufacturer, Talon camper tie downs come with an additional warranty of corrosion protection for life. If for any reason the original owner experiences corrosion on their Talon Tie Downs, Torklift will re-powder coat the Talons for free with freight prepaid.

Tie downs by Torklift International have a guaranteed lifetime warranty. In addition, when frame-mounted tie downs are used with spring-loaded turnbuckles, the warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty. Give us a call at 800.246.8132 for warranty details.

Click here to learn more about Talon Tie Downs or find the correct application for your truck with our automated application guide.


Related: 3 reasons why Talon Tie Downs are the best way to tie down a truck camper

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5 things to consider when selecting truck camper tie downs for Chevy or GMC trucks

When looking for Chevy truck tie downs for truck campers, consider an application with an advanced design created specifically for a Chevy/GMC to ensure you have the absolute strongest tie down system for hauling a camper.  

chevy-tie-downsTie down fits for Chevy/GMC trucks
(actual designs vary)
camper-tie-down-steelSteel camper tie down

When selecting a tie down system for a Chevy/GMC truck, the best tie down design is frame-mounted, making it the pinnacle of strength and durability.  Be sure to consider the following before selecting and installing tie downs on a Chevy truck:

1) Frame-mounted tie downs for Chevy trucks
To prevent camper movement and achieve the safest set up, the Chevy truck must become one unit with the tie down system. The frame-mounted design incorporates four independent tie down points and fits specifically to each model. This allows the strongest possible attachment to the truck frame and dramatically improves stability.

Frame-mounted-camper-tiesTorklift Tie downs attach directly to Chevy truck frame

b2ap3_thumbnail_bed-damage.pngBed-Damage from bed-mounted tie downEngineered to fit tight and secure to the truck frame, Torklift International frame-mounted tie downs do not have any impact on ground clearance. By using a design that is 100% supported by the Chevy truck frame, any chance of bed and bumper damage is eliminated.

As opposed to a frame-mounted tie down design, bed-mounted tie downs can create damage to the Chevy truck bed. Designs that attach to the truck bed may also require intentional drilling of the truck bed or bumper, causing permanent damage. For details on how this damage can occur, read our editorial on how to prevent bed damage when hauling a truck camper.

2) Lifetime Warranty
Tie Downs by Torklift International have a lifetime warranty. When Torklift Tie Downs are used with our spring-loaded turnbuckles, the lifetime warranty extends to the Chevy/GMC truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturers warranty.  Call us at 800-246-8132 for warranty details.

no-drill3) Choose a no-drill Chevy tie down installation
Most applications of Torklift International Tie Downs do not require drilling. The design of each tie down is specifically engineered for each year/model of Chevy truck, making Torklift tie downs the strongest possible tie down system for Chevy/GMC.

After considering other GMC tie down applications, Doug Ames decided to install Torklift frame-mounted tie downs on his 2008 GMC truck to accommodate a truck camper.

"We had no experience and didn't even know how to attach the camper to the truck. The dealer we considered purchasing from showed us the "required" Happi Jac system and I was very concerned,” said Ames. “I am extremely careful about any modifications to my truck and I hate to drill holes if not needed.”

Doug was able to install the Torklift tie down system on his own. “It took longer to gather up the tools than it did to install the tie downs,” he said.  

To see application options on tie downs for Chevy/GMC, view our application guide or use our automated tie down application guide.


4) Opt for a lightweight, corrosion resistant applicationaluminum-tie-downTalon Tie Downs for Chevy/GMC

For the most advanced tie down design on the market, consider Talon Tie Downs for Chevy trucks. Our engineers developed the high performance Talon Tie Downs to handle even the toughest climates.  Regardless the terrain, the aluminum Talon’s high impact powder coat protects from corrosion and rust.

Talon Tie Downs are the only tie downs that come with warranty for corrosion protection. These camper tie downs are precision crafted from lightweight military grade aluminum alloy making them virtually rust-resistant.  

Due to the properties of aluminum, Talons are not only stronger that steel designs but also up to 50% lighter than steel applications. With the truck’s payload and weight capacities set by Chevrolet, a lighter tie down system helps to alleviate unnecessary weight when it comes to hauling a camper.

Daniel Timm hauls a Lance camper with his 2015 Chevy 3500 truck.

“The Talons are much lighter than the steel design,” explains Daniel Timm. “With all the weight of the truck camper carried by the truck, every pound not used for tie downs can be used for camping gear.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_timdan.jpgDaniel Timm’s Talon Tie Downs with a Lance Camper

“Having the tie downs corrosion free is very nice,” said Timm. “They are easier to use and look like they will last longer than the truck!”

Take a look at this quick video:

If you don’t see your Chevy truck year/model on the application guide, check back regularly as new fitments are added daily, or give us a call: 800-246-8132.


5) Protect the Chevy truck tie downs with a finishing kit
Once installed, further ensure your Chevy truck tie downs remain in good condition by using the Torklift Tie Down Finishing Kit. When your system is not in use, remove the tie down inserts. Once the inserts are removed, cap off the tube with the specialized foam plug and covering. This will prevent excess water and road grime from entering the tubes.

b2ap3_thumbnail_finishing_kit_blog.pngTie Down Finishing Kit

Applying the Tie Down Finishing Kit is the most cost effective measure to minimize the harsh effects of the environment. If you opt for rust-free Talon aluminum Tie Downs, the Finishing Kit is included with each set of Chevy truck tie downs.

If you have any questions regarding our lifetime warranty or Torklift tie down installation for Chevy/GMC trucks, contact our Tech Support by calling 800-246-8132 or send an email to support@torklift.com.

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DIY turnbuckle: How to make a FastGun

b2ap3_thumbnail_Derringerhandle.jpgDerringer handles for quick-disconnect capabilityThe FastGun turnbuckle is the most popular truck camper turnbuckle for several reasons. It’s tool-free, lockable, easy to adjust and snaps into place with the perfect amount of tension every time. With this simple trick, achieve the quick-disconnect capability and convenience of a FastGun turnbuckle with any basic hardware turnbuckle.

b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun.pngFastGun turnbuckle

Solution: Derringer Handle
Transform old-fashion turnbuckles by adding a Derringer Handle to a basic turnbuckle chain system, standard chainless turnbuckles and even shorter length turnbuckles for bed-mounted applications. This allows for the lever action and ease of use that Torklift International FastGun turnbuckles provide. The Derringer Handle is applicable to chain systems, threaded rods and other rigging configurations.

#1) Basic chain system
If you are currently using Torklift’s Basic SpringLoad Kit or a similar design, the Derringer Handle is attached with minimal effort.

b2ap3_thumbnail_basicturnbucklekit.pngBasic SpringLoad Kit chain system

derringer-eyeboltDerringer handle attached to a hook-to-hook turnbuckleAttach a Derringer Handle to chain turnbuckles using the following steps:

  1. Locate the drop forged steel and hot dipped galvanized eyebolts that come with each Derringer Handle
  2. Attach the eyebolts to each Derringer Handle by tightening it with a washer and lock nut combination (see instructions for eyebolt assembly)
  3. Use the hook-to-hook turnbuckle and attach through the bottom of Derringer Handle
  4. Secure hook bolt on Derringer Handle to the camper anchor point and tighten turnbuckles accordingly

#2) Threaded rod
If you are currently using a SpringLoad XL, AnchorGuard turnbuckle or a similar design with a 1/2 inch threaded rod, the Derringer Handle is attached in two ways. Either use the eyebolt configuration as described above by hanging each turnbuckle hook bolt through the eyebolts, or create one turnbuckle unit by fastening the Derringer Handle onto a 1/2 inch threaded rod.  To achieve a turnbuckle design similar to the Torklift FastGun, Torklift suggests this method of permanently bolting the Derringer Handle to the rod, creating one unit.

b2ap3_thumbnail_SpringloadXL.pngSpringLoad XL turnbuckles
for frame-mounted camper tie downs

AnchorGuard-turnbucklesAnchorGuard turnbuckles
for bed-mounted camper tie downs

springload-w-derringerSpringLoad XL with
Derringer Handle
Attach a Derringer Handle to a 1/2 inch threaded rod using the following steps:

  1. To hold the rod in place, use a wrench to tighten a jam nut to the body of the turnbuckle
  2. Where the threading starts, use a hacksaw and cut the rod. Bevel the top of the rod at 45 degrees using a sander, grinder or file -- Bonus Tip: Apply a small amount of paint to the newly cut end of the threaded rod to prevent corrosion
  3. Add a turnbuckle jam nut and adjust 5 inches from the top of the newly cut rod
  4. Open the Derringer Handle and insert the threaded rod through the hole in the bottom of the Derringer Handle, screw on dimple nut and tighten down
  5. Adjust threaded rod so 1/8 inch protrudes from the top of the dimple nut
  6. Pull the rod down until the nut is snug to the bottom of the handle
  7. Tighten the original jam nut (the one 5 inches down) to the bottom of the Derringer Handle

derringer-threaded-rodDerringer handles attached to threaded rod

Oh, Snap!
Now that you’ve created your own FastGun turnbuckle, enjoy securing your truck camper at all four turnbuckles in less than 4 minutes.

Turnbuckles by Torklift International

The Derringer Handles are produced from 100 percent aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel and have our high impact with black powder coat finish to protect from rust and corrosion. Sold in a set of four, Derringer Handles are made in the USA and are covered by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

derringers-fourFour Derringer Handles in one kit

Without wasting time on preparation, get on the road and find your adventure.

Click here for more information on Derringer Handles. For Torklift turnbuckle installation instructions, view the demonstration video here:

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Don’t miss this deal! Now’s the time to upgrade your rig

Attention truck camping enthusiasts! Looking to upgrade your rig? With a special offer to kick off camping season, now is a perfect time to invest in truck camping gear that will last a lifetime.  

With this offer, outfit your truck with Talon Tie Downs and FastGun turnbuckles and you’ll receive $15 off StableLoads and free FastGun Locks upon warranty registration.

Here’s how to gear up for camping season:


Frame-Mounted Talon Tie Downsaluminum-tie-downTalon military grade aluminum Tie Down
(actual design varies by application)

Engineered with precision and built to withstand even the toughest conditions, the Talons are 100 percent military grade aluminum alloy. Talon truck camper tie downs are up to 50 percent lighter than steel tie downs, are anti-corrosive and rust resistant. Stronger than steel, the Talons are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers rust-free, corrosion protection on its finish.

With the Talon’s ultra lightweight military grade aluminum composition, weight is no longer a sensitive factor when it comes to truck camping. A Tie Down Finishing Kit is included with each set of tie downs to protect from debris when the tie downs are not in use.

FastGun Turnbuckles 
b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-finishes-final.pngTorklift FastGun turnbuckles come in four finishes
Equipped with a set of front and rear Talon Tie Downs, the next step is upgrading your camper turnbuckles to the number one selling fastest and most convenient turnbuckle application available. The FastGun turnbuckles have a quick-disconnect lever action handle, are 100 percent tool free, 100 percent stainless steel and aluminum, spring-loaded with tension indicators and installs in less than 4 minutes.

With a frame-mounted tie down system, you need two sets of Long Range FastGun turnbuckles. The Long Range style reaches from 25 to 43 inches. To adjust the length, simply twist.

Choose from stainless steel polished or for less finish maintenance choose stainless steel high impact powder coated bright white, gray or black for your desired application. Click here to learn more about the FastGun turnbuckle.

Get free FastGun Locks to secure your new truck camper turnbuckles by registering your legendary lifetime warranty for all of your new truck camping gear.  

Truck suspension for campers
b2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoads engaged and disengaged
With Talons Tie Downs and FastGuns turnbuckles, your truck and camper are the pinnacle of strength and stability. With an outfitted vehicle, upgrade the truck suspension to improve handling when your camper is loaded.

Lower StableLoads are adjustable and can be quickly turned off and on by a simple engage/disengage. Your vehicle’s smooth factory ride is not affected when your camper isn’t loaded and the StableLoads are switched off. Activate the StableLoads before you load the camper and don’t worry about white knuckle driving during your road trip.

Register your legendary lifetime warranty here and enjoy the benefits of this limited time offer.  Remember when you use the FastGun turnbuckles with Torklift frame-mounted tie downs the lifetime warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty. For warranty details, give us a call at 800.246.8132.

Truck camping newbie? Be sure to read our article on six steps you shouldn’t skip when prepping for a truck camper. To learn more about redeeming this truck camping deal, visit www.torklift.com/freelocks.

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Prevent camper theft and damage – Top 5 reasons this happens

If you enjoy the truck camping lifestyle, it’s likely you’re familiar with the annoying movement of your camper when it’s offloaded from your truck. The camper wobble is not only discouraging to experience when inside the camper, but it can also put significant stress on your camper jacks and camper frame causing permanent damage to the RV over time.

There are two reasons you might unload your camper:
     -  Storage purposes, winterizing a camper
     -  Enjoying the campsite and using your truck for multiple activities

In both scenarios, the camper not only needs to be secured from the possibility of theft, but it also needs extra support to reduce wear on the areas where the jacks bolt to the camper. Excessive rocking motion, sway or wobble can greatly affect the camper frame and jacks to the point of failure.

Why can damage or theft happen to your camper?

#1 Lack of stability

#2 Stress on frame of camper

#3 Weak camper jacks

#4 Excessive chassis movement

#5 Non-existent security measures

Torklift International has designed a product to stabilize a truck camper and prevent the five causes of camper jack and frame damage. Avoid the need for costly repair or even replacement with Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper.

FastGun Wobble Stopper installed on a truck camper

By acting as a supportive connection between the front camper jacklegs and camper body, prevent camper sway while the camper is sitting on its jacks. The FastGun Wobble Stopper nearly eliminates all camper movement, is fully adjustable and has square or round jack applications.

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Made in America from high impact powder coated stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the FastGun Wobble Stopper features a quick-disconnect lever style handle. This makes the simple DIY bolt on installation even easier and requires only seconds to install or remove.

FastGun Wobble Stopper with quick-disconnect handle secures the camper

When it comes to camper theft, the position of the FastGun Wobble Stopper prevents another vehicle from backing up and loading your camper. Keyed alike locks are provided to prevent a camper from being stolen.

With complaint of camper movement and worry of camper theft, Robert and Amy Taft installed the FastGun Wobble Stoppers on their camper.

FastGun Wobble Stopper on the Taft’s camper

“Now the truck camper feels well grounded and stable,” Robert explained. “There is no more shake and shimmy when one of us rolls in bed or gets up in the middle of the night.”

Robert is also very confident that the use of the Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stoppers will ultimately extend the life of the electric camper jacks because the constant “back and forth” movement has virtually been eliminated.

“At first, we didn’t see how such a simple design was going to stop all of the movement,” said Robert. “Once we installed them, we were amazed at how the minimal opposing pressure prevents movement.  You can actually see and feel the camper stiffen up once you apply the lever.”

One of his favorite features is that when in stored position, the FastGun Wobble Stopper easily straps to the jack and does not require removal.

FastGun Wobble Stopper in stored position on the Taft’s camper

To see the FastGun Wobble Stopper in action, view this demonstration video:

Click here for additional details on Torklift International’s FastGun Wobble Stopper. 

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