And the Oscar goes Torklift Jen

The latest news in Torklift International productions includes a trailer.  Not the type you may associate with our expertise in manufacturing parts for towing and hauling, but the Hollywood kind- the “Coming to a theater near you”- kind of trailer.
The recent launch of the Ultra Deck Plus bumper for Lance Campers created a stir in the blogosphere and a huge response to this new product.

The complete story and video aired exclusively in Truck Camper Magazine. And, the epic video here:

We were thrilled with the response to the new bumper and it also lead to some very creative conversations on the video production introducing the product.  We were offered alternate endings, possible hidden symbolism and great feedback and support of the bumper.

It seemed that viewers were asking for more, so after reading some of the forum discussion posts, I am pleased to offer you an exclusive “director’s cut “ script and answer some of the questions I found on the new design and its features.

Q: What models of truck campers will it be available on?
A:  As of 2/21/14, Lance Campers has made the Ultra Deck Plus exclusive with the 1052 model.  Look for other models to be available in the future.

Q: What is the weight difference of the new optional Ultra Deck Plus and the standard equipment bumper?
A: It is 149 pounds.

Q: Will it require the use of a hitch extension?
A:  The Ultra Deck Plus will extend about 2 feet, so a 48 inch to 60 inch hitch extension will be required when towing specifically with the Lance 1052 model.

Q: How much is the new bumper going to cost?
A: See your dealer for more information, however, The Lance 1052 will be MSRP $34,437 for the base camper and $39,800 for the standard build optioned out camper.  This includes the Ultra Deck Plus bumper and many other special options.

Q: Where does the sewer hose go?
A: So stealth, but it’s there.  There is also a 2”x 2” receiver hitch (300lb. cargo capacity) for accessories built in for easy storage.

Q: What type of fish was that used in the filming?
fishA: Honestly, we weren't sure either so we contacted the local fish and wildlife department and had them view the mystery gold fish. Below is an excerpt from their response:  "After close observation of the body movement, dorsal fins, breach, and splash patterns we are of the opinion that the  "goldfish" in question is highly likely a native game fish related to the bass family commonly called a sun fish. We have attached an image for your viewing."

And, adding the disclaimer,  *No animals, (or fish) were harmed in production of this film.

Look for the upcoming sequel featuring our “Talons” Torklift’s new military grade aluminum tie downs.


…I am hearing the cue music to cut this speech, I cannot help with a tear in my eye, but to thank all the people who made this possible.  The engineers, Lance Campers, Torklift International, my managers, our families, truck campers, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere…

Stop the Torklift Jen
Launch Torklift Jen

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Guest - the tc life on Friday, 21 February 2014 15:50

this blog report got a laugh or three from me. thanks for the information and the laughter.

this blog report got a laugh or three from me. thanks for the information and the laughter.
Guest - torkliftjen on Friday, 21 February 2014 16:02

We all had a lot of fun with this one, Thanks!

We all had a lot of fun with this one, Thanks!
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