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Breaking the ice for Torklift Jen

IMG_1234Welcome to the first post of Torklift Jen for the New Year.

I am looking forward to another year full of adventures, learning opportunities and sharing more truck and camper news.

Winter is not a time to hibernate here at Torklift.  I don’t have the excuse of being stuck in the Antarctic waiting to be rescued by the USCGC Polar Star or even being sucked into a Midwest freeze by the Polar Vortex to not participate in this season of new lessons.   I just have to be prepared with a bit more planning, several more clothing layers and a few classes in cold weather camping, driving, and winterization to get me started.

Also, Breaking up the ice and chill in 2014 will be some hot news on solar accessory options, bumpers, and other new products from Torklift.

Another sign it’s the New Year are all the speculations and talk about the 2015 truck and RV model year designs.  Ford’s new aluminum trucks , meet our Talons!  But, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I still have a lot of new experiences to live for this year.  The best resolutions have to start somewhere, so let’s get out there!

IMG_1241 3.11.23 PM


A fresh take on a green idea: PowerArmor Solar
Breaking Bad... by Torklift Jen

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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