Good, Better, Best - What Turnbuckles are best for you?

When someone starts truck bed camping, a necessity is having gear that holds the camper to your truck: tie downs and turnbuckles. There are many options out there for camper tie down turnbuckles, but we will be highlighting the top 3 options for truck camper turnbuckles for your camper. Regardless of what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Best: FastGun Turnbuckles

Are you looking for the best of the best?
Then you need to check out the Torklift FastGun system! The FastGun turnbuckle is a stainless steel quick disconnect turnbuckle so that no matter where you go, you can quickly remove your FastGun turnbuckles to offload your truck camper or maybe you just need to get access your gas tank with ease. They are also designed with two sizes so that no matter the tie down system you have (Torklift TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Down system or alternative brand bed mounted systems) the FastGun turnbuckles will work. A benefit to the FastGun turnbuckle is once you set your tension with the tension indicators you are done adjusting.

Original FastGun

Original FastGun Features

FastGun turnbuckles

Guess what? That’s not all! Not only do you have all these amazing features for your FastGun turnbuckles, you also have the option to choose between four different finishes so you can match your truck and camper. The color options include Snowstorm White, Revolver Grey, Polished Stainless Steel, and Chasm Black.

Better: Springload XL Turnbuckles

The next turnbuckle is the Springload XL Turnbuckle. This truck camper turnbuckle is only designed to be used with TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs. This product, like the FastGun turnbuckle, is a truck camper spring loaded turnbuckles system and has internal springs and spring tension indicators. A difference between the Springload XL and FastGun turnbuckles is the quick disconnect feature that allows you to easily remove your truck camper tie down turnbuckles system.

SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles

SpringLoad XL Features

Good: Basic Springload Turnbuckles

Last but not least, is the Basic Springload turnbuckle. The kit includes two quicklinks, two spring-load canisters, two heavy duty steel turnbuckles, and chain.

Basic SpringLoad Turnbuckles

Basic SpringLoad Features

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