How to Load A Truck Camper

Your love of the outdoors and need for adventuring off-grid has led you to buy a truck camper. Once your truck is equipped with the proper equipment – including the Torklift TRUE Frame-mounted tie downs – it is important to know how to safely load your truck camper. It is common for folks to leave their truck camper loaded on their vehicle during their camping trips. Keep in mind, unloading your truck camper at the campsite gives you an added layer of flexibility by letting you take your truck places where it is not necessarily convenient to bring your camper along.

FastGun Wobble StopperIf you are worried about the safety of your camper when it is off-loaded, check out the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer. These will stabilize your camper when it is not loaded and secure it while you are away.

Since you need to reverse your truck into your camper, it will take some additional knowledge and attention to detail to be sure that your camper gets loaded with no damage to the truck camper or your vehicle. Follow these 3 simple steps to get your truck camper loaded up and on the road!

Step #1: Get prepped!

Before you get to loading your truck camper, you are going to want to make sure you have the appropriate preparation done so that loading goes as smoothly and as safely as possible! Follow these easy tips to make sure you are well-prepared to load your truck camper.

Make sure your bed is properly prepped and your parts are inspected.
We highly recommend adding a rubber bed mat to minimize the movement of the truck camper in the bed of the truck. Never install your truck camper on top of a plastic bed liner or hard surface spray-in bed liners. Installing your truck camper on top of a plastic liner can result in excessive vertical truck camper movement that can result in truck bed damage and/or camper damage.

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

Step #2: Get loaded up!


Now we’re ready for the fun part – loading your truck camper! Now that your truck and camper are all prepped, it’s time to back your truck in and get your camper loaded. Here are some quick tips to help with getting the camper loaded in one shot!

Camper Bumper Kit

Step #3: Get going!

Once you have successfully loaded your truck camper into the bed of your truck, be sure to attach your truck camper anchor points to your Torklift TRUE Frame-mounted tie downs using a spring-loaded turnbuckle. We recommend our best-selling Original FastGuns that are equipped with a quick disconnect handle for ease of use.

Now that your truck camper is loaded and tied down, you are ready to hit the road!

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