You are approaching a stop sign or traffic light with a heavy load in the back of your truck. Have you underestimated the distance and time needed to stop?


A heavy load in the back of your vehicle tends to put additional weight on the rear axle, causing the truck to sag and the nose of the vehicle to tilt upwards. This  out of level positioning can severely impact your ability to brake effectively, even causing the truck to rock forward and backward after stopping.


You can avoid this “Whoa, Nelly!” moment on the road by installing the Torklift International StabeLoad suspension stabilizer.

What is a StableLoad?

There are two types. Let’s talk about the quick disconnect version that attaches to your lower overload leaf spring.


Visually it is a series of precision laser crafted steel wedges specifically designed to custom fit between your lower overload leaf springs. It looks compact but it packs a big punch when it comes to what it actually does for you.

To prevent side-to-side sway, level your truck and improve overall handling, StableLoads easily install on any vehicle. This includes trucks, vans, SUV’s and light commercial vehicles that come equipped with vehicle manufacturer overload leaf springs. The StableLoads will pre-activate the overload’s stabilizing capabilities when under a heavy load.  

At a recent rally, we gave those experienced with towing and hauling the opportunity to take the StableLoad Challenge test-drive. One of our test-drivers, Eric Dye, drove with and without StableLoads on a Ford F-150 truck. We placed 2,800 pounds of gravel in the bed to simulate a significant load like a truck camper.

Eric first drove the Ford F-150 truck without the StableLoad suspension upgrade.

StableLoad Challenge - Eric - 2 on Make A Gif

“This thing already feels like it’s going to roll over,” Dye said. “A lot of movement back there!”

StableLoad Challenge - Eric on Make A Gif

With the StableLoads engaged, “I already feel a big difference,” said Eric Dye. “It’s not rocking back and forth as much and I didn’t get any porpoising effect at all when I stop. This is amazing!”

The distance needed to stop the truck was noticeably less and the porpoising effect that Eric mentions when trying to stop the vehicle was completely eliminated. If you tow or haul often, achieve a safer and more comfortable ride by installing the most effective suspension upgrade.  

To take a closer look at the StableLoad Challenge, view the full video here