Police reported that 22 deep-cycle marine batteries were stolen from campers being stored for the winter season at a campsite in Dover, Penn. Police are continuing to search for the thief or thieves responsible, according to a news article released from York Dispatch.


Stories similar to this are increasingly more common. Our dealers and customers have shared a number of heartbreaking stories about stolen batteries resulting in ruined family vacations. In fact, one of our towable dealers reported that his collection of towables were severely damaged after a thief cut out all of the batteries on his RV lot, most likely with intention to use them for resale.


This prompted Torklift International to develop a security product line to help prevent theft. We truly care about our customers and want to help them secure costly items in which they’ve invested their hard-earned money. Items like expensive batteries have high value and are expected to last for years throughout several camping seasons.

To effectively keep your batteries secured from theft, Torklift designed the PowerArmor battery box and HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount.


PowerArmor Battery Box
The PowerArmor line includes high quality locking battery boxes made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum. The box bolts to your RV, camper bumper, trailer tongue and more, serving as a compartment for lockable storage, perfect for housing a variety of battery types.

Not only does the PowerArmor Solar protect your batteries from thieves, they are maintained in healthy condition for maximum usage. The PowerArmor Solar is fitted with a solar panel attached to the lid, allowing sunlight to trickle charge batteries while stored safely under lock and key.

PowerArmor Solar Battery Box

The solar panel feature saves your batteries from another common and costly battery killer, lack of charging maintenance. The solar panel battery charger will maintain the charge and increase longevity of batteries, extending the life of your batteries up to 400 percent potentially saving you hundreds dollars each year.

When it comes to battery theft, labor costs for wiring repair range from $50-100, and replacing two RV batteries is nearly $260. With campground theft happening more often, a locking storage compartment has become a necessity on the campground.

As a battery mount hidden underneath the vehicle, the HiddenPower is unique and convenient way to add extra auxiliary power to your truck for your RV. The location of the extra battery is completely hidden from view, preventing any threat of theft from happening. Batteries will keep constantly charged and RV ready by the truck’s charging system.

HiddenPower Under Vehicle Battery Mount

Be sure to secure and protect your belongings when camping or storing your camper. Instances like the one in Dover, Penn. can happen anywhere. It’s up to you to be prepared and Torklift International can help you.

For more information, explore additional security products including the Fortress GasLock, Fortress PowerLock and Lock and Load maximum security cargo tray

Source: http://www.yorkdispatch.com/breaking/ci_27368111/police-22-big-batteries-stolen-from-dover-twp