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My ears recently perked-up at the following quote I heard regarding the Torklift StableLoad suspension upgrade product.


“This is so easy, you guys should have your wives install it!”  On a scale of one to ten the guys on the TV show Truck U rated it a one.   If you haven’t seen that feature, I will pass it on here:


polaroid2Well, I took that as a direct challenge from Bruno and Matt for Torklift Jen to prove their point, save them some hate mail, and also throw that challenge back to anyone interested in a fun and easy DIY suspension upgrade project that addresses sway, sag, and body roll while towing and hauling.


The first challenge was taking the product from the box without breaking a nail…, just kidding guys!


Really, I set out to follow the instructions as written and let you know what I found for the installation of this product and its feasibility as a project for non-mechanics like me.


It was helpful to lay out all of the pieces and determine the directions that the steel plates would face in respect to the truck and practice the order that the hardware will install on the lower leaf spring overloads. Those are the ones that stick out by themselves at the bottom of the spring packs.


The truck needed to jacked up about 4-5” by the frame.  This is to provide the required clearance to bolt them on a non-loaded vehicle.


polaroid1Vehicles with a ½” hole in the lower overload leaf spring use part # A7310, so I just had to simply put them through the pre-drilled hole that is standard on most trucks.  Some trucks require Part# A7311 and they get specific instructions on how to drill this hole with the special cobalt drill bits.

Then, it was time to put them together.  First of all, determine the number of adjustable stacking wedge plates I would use for filling the maximum space between the lower overload and the rest of the coupled leaf springs.  I also measured the thickness of the lower leaf spring, that would show the number of shim washers I needed to use in this set-up.

With that info ready, I followed the drawing in the instruction book for the order to assemble and secure the StableLoad with the provided hardware.


This was all done with a 9/16” wrench and finally tightening the components to 35ft lbs.  I did have to find out what this meant, as my innate sensibilities are not yet in tune with torque by feel.


I had done it, one StableLoad down and three more to go on the same way.  I’ll admit I have probably have seen the install videos for these products more than most, but I assure you that it was simple and easy.


I bet Bruno and Matt would approve and would be very impressed with my work.  More product info available at: - StableLoads

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Breaking Bad... by Torklift Jen

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[&] how dangerous that can be, this can be gauged on the amount of times they have had to call on a professional towing service for [&]

[&] how dangerous that can be, this can be gauged on the amount of times they have had to call on a professional towing service for [&]
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Friday, 25 September 2020

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