To engage or Torklift Jen

Sometimes you tow, sometimes you don’t.  That’s OK, I understand, a full time engagement can be quite a commitment!


So, what do you do when you want to have the best of both worlds?


polaroid22Most vehicle suspension systems aren’t designed to master the mechanics of everyday driving with ultimate comfort, safety, and performance and also be able to deliver the same ride with the added forces that occur while heavy towing and hauling.  You’ll find that a heavy load has you reaching for your sunglasses when driving in the dark. This is because the weight put on the rear and tongue forces your headlights right into the eyes of oncoming drivers, their brights flashing reminds you that you’ve got a problem.


Also, with your added weight, you will also experience swaying, bucking, reduced braking control with the associated longer stopping distances and a general feel of instability.  Airbags are a common go to aid for this issue, they are great for leveling, but they are not working with the physics of the problem.  They lift the weight off of the factory-engineered stock spring suspension.  This means you are taking the majority of the weight off the factory leaf spring suspension and are now carrying the weight on an area roughly the size of two footballs.   This is why the increased bounce and roll is felt.


A full time engagement to suspension add-on products like bump stops, airbags, and added leafs could mean a stiffer ride when unloaded, handling issues when loaded, or having to maintain air pressure and possible material breakdown and blowouts.polaroid23


Here enters in a suspension upgrade product that will work in conjunction with the stock factory suspension for the best ride while towing and hauling and disengage fully when not in use.


I recently participated in an install of the StableLoad product and I left out the easiest, but most unique part.  To engage the product when your are going to tow or haul simply use a 3/8” ratchet and extension to rotate the wedge pack between the overload and main spring pack.  You insert the included pin and clip to secure the wedge in the engaged or disengaged position.  This is literally done in seconds, with no commitment when you’re not towing and hauling.  I have now mastered the forces!


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