Stop the Torklift Jen

Stop the music!wscircle
Hold the show!
Step away from the camper…

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called the Wobble Stopper.

It has banned that rocking and rolling going on inside your backyard road house, the shimmying in that side yard sideshow and don’t even think of trying to shake town because this galvanized brass is gonna stop your getaway galavanting.  (actually, it’s made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum).


Torklift International has developed a camper stabilizer that’s a peace maker for all that wobbling going on inside when the camper is off the truck and balancing on the jacks.


Most pickup campers come equipped with electric jacks which makes them easy to unload and lower down close to the ground for easy access. The problem is that the camper sways back and forth on the jacks when you walk around in it or simply try to sleep. Every time you move the whole camper moves. It’s not practical to carry saw horses that don’t break down or large numbers of heavy blocks or additional jacks to stabilize your camper.


This instability can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the truck and the camper by wearing on the unit and creating jack mount and camper frame stress.


The Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizers simply attach to the front legs and camper body.  The braces are fully adjustable and fit square or round jack applications.  When ready to use they swing into place and attach to a small plate on the camper body.  They stow out of the way and up against the camper leg when not in use.  Wobble Stoppers have been specially designed for easy installation with a hinged two-piece clamp and bracket design.


With the Wobble Stopper added to your truck camper set-up you’ll be sleeping in a sea of tranquility not with the seasickness of the swaying camper movement.


Your days are numbered you crazy, footloose kids and your dancing campers.


See the Torklift website for product information on the Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizer:


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Truck U StableLoad Torklift Jen

My ears recently perked-up at the following quote I heard regarding the Torklift StableLoad suspension upgrade product.


“This is so easy, you guys should have your wives install it!”  On a scale of one to ten the guys on the TV show Truck U rated it a one.   If you haven’t seen that feature, I will pass it on here:


polaroid2Well, I took that as a direct challenge from Bruno and Matt for Torklift Jen to prove their point, save them some hate mail, and also throw that challenge back to anyone interested in a fun and easy DIY suspension upgrade project that addresses sway, sag, and body roll while towing and hauling.


The first challenge was taking the product from the box without breaking a nail…, just kidding guys!


Really, I set out to follow the instructions as written and let you know what I found for the installation of this product and its feasibility as a project for non-mechanics like me.


It was helpful to lay out all of the pieces and determine the directions that the steel plates would face in respect to the truck and practice the order that the hardware will install on the lower leaf spring overloads. Those are the ones that stick out by themselves at the bottom of the spring packs.


The truck needed to jacked up about 4-5” by the frame.  This is to provide the required clearance to bolt them on a non-loaded vehicle.


polaroid1Vehicles with a ½” hole in the lower overload leaf spring use part # A7310, so I just had to simply put them through the pre-drilled hole that is standard on most trucks.  Some trucks require Part# A7311 and they get specific instructions on how to drill this hole with the special cobalt drill bits.

Then, it was time to put them together.  First of all, determine the number of adjustable stacking wedge plates I would use for filling the maximum space between the lower overload and the rest of the coupled leaf springs.  I also measured the thickness of the lower leaf spring, that would show the number of shim washers I needed to use in this set-up.

With that info ready, I followed the drawing in the instruction book for the order to assemble and secure the StableLoad with the provided hardware.


This was all done with a 9/16” wrench and finally tightening the components to 35ft lbs.  I did have to find out what this meant, as my innate sensibilities are not yet in tune with torque by feel.


I had done it, one StableLoad down and three more to go on the same way.  I’ll admit I have probably have seen the install videos for these products more than most, but I assure you that it was simple and easy.


I bet Bruno and Matt would approve and would be very impressed with my work.  More product info available at: - StableLoads

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Fantastic Torklift Jen

I have been doing a lot of research online and immersing myself in the blogosphere regarding everything RV related.


Come to find out, I have found that these RV’ers I keep reading about are very popular people.


They all have these fabulous and fantastic fans.


I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong as a new blogger and a new truck camper.  I was proud to have gotten a few “Likes” to my humble little posts, but I wouldn’t fancy myself to have all these “fans”.


Then, I found out why everyone was so popular.


I did some more reading and then the lights went on!  Or, rather the fan blades started spinning.  I looked-up and realized that I really had made it in the world of RV’ing!  I too had a fantastic fan and right above my head.


I’ve heard that it is a sign that you’ve finally made it when all of your fans aren’t hanging from the ceiling.   I beg to differ.


I may not be a “fan” expert, but The Fan-Tastic brand is highly recommended as a vent and fan brand of choice.fanpolaroid


You’ll find these fans unlike our local Seattle Seahawks #12th Man, these fans are very quiet!


They have great reviews and they’ll stick with you through the fair weather and the foul weather all the same.  Fan-Tastic Fan info can be found here:

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Breaking the ice for Torklift Jen

IMG_1234Welcome to the first post of Torklift Jen for the New Year.

I am looking forward to another year full of adventures, learning opportunities and sharing more truck and camper news.

Winter is not a time to hibernate here at Torklift.  I don’t have the excuse of being stuck in the Antarctic waiting to be rescued by the USCGC Polar Star or even being sucked into a Midwest freeze by the Polar Vortex to not participate in this season of new lessons.   I just have to be prepared with a bit more planning, several more clothing layers and a few classes in cold weather camping, driving, and winterization to get me started.

Also, Breaking up the ice and chill in 2014 will be some hot news on solar accessory options, bumpers, and other new products from Torklift.

Another sign it’s the New Year are all the speculations and talk about the 2015 truck and RV model year designs.  Ford’s new aluminum trucks , meet our Talons!  But, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I still have a lot of new experiences to live for this year.  The best resolutions have to start somewhere, so let’s get out there!

IMG_1241 3.11.23 PM


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A Visit from Torklift Jen


‘Twas the night before the Torklift Toy Drive, when all through the house

     not a creature was stirring, not even an office Mac mouse.

 The toys were all loaded in Big Red with care,

     with hopes for Happy Holidays for all to share!

The Torklift International factory has produced more than serious grown-up toys for heavy-duty haulers and campers this holiday season.  We were pleased to take part in the annual Toy Box Drive for our local community.


Even Santa and the elves would have been impressed by this year at Torklift.  We have continued with tremendous growth of the company and our focus on delivering the best products we can to our valued customers.  We have been able to greatly expand our workforce and invest in advanced new equipment and capabilities in all departments.


We will be delivering the toy donations to the Sumner Washington Police Department and look forward to supporting our local community.  We are proud to be able to share in the many blessings of the year and to help provide special celebrations for less fortunate kids and families.


IMG_1214Torklift International is looking forward to sharing a great year ahead with new products and innovations and we thank you for your support.


But I heard it exclaimed, ‘ere she drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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Spoiler Alert!... by Torklift Jen

No, it’s not how the next episode of The Walking Dead ends but I can tell you I had the opportunity to watch behind the scenes of the latest Torklift International video.


I watched as Amanda Watt asked our head engineer Chad Winslow about the various suspension products on the market. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the products that were presented on the table before them.


It became clear to me that the StableLoad is the best cure for your suspension ailments. Once the video is ready I will post a link for your enjoyment.Image

In the meantime the footage is being spliced by our video department. I’m looking forward to the blooper reel!

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