A = Front bumper of camper

C = Center of rear anchor point


  1. Measure from A to C.
  2. If the distance between A and C is more than 90", most likely NO adapter is necessary. If it is less than 90", most likely you WILL need an adapter (part #A7004).

This adapter moves the rear tiedown anchor point farther back to clear your dually fender when attaching your turnbuckles and/or chain to the rear camper tiedown. This adapter will bolt onto your camper, and will come with one hole for the front anchor point predrilled. You will need to drill the second hole for your rear anchor point.

This fender clearance issue with the 2003-2009 Dodge Dually is a problem only when combined with a camper with rear anchorpoint less then 90". This issue is not a Torklift tiedown location issue, this issue will occur with every camper tiedown system, and is caused by the combination of Dodge's oversized fenders, and the camper manufactures rear anchor-point location.