FAQ - TieDowns


Can I drill my frame?


The following general industry standard procedures are recommended for proper Installation of special bodies and/or equipment on the Pickup frame, such as 5th wheel hitches, snow plows. etc. Failure to follow these recommendations could result In damage to the basic vehicle and possible injury to occupants.



Holes are not to be drilled in the top or bottom of the frame rails. Holes to mount outriggers, brackets, and supports must be drilled in the web (vertical sides) of the frame rail with the following restrictions:

  1. Hole diameter should not exceed 20mm (0.75 in.).
  2. Material between edge of hole and top or bottom of frame rail must not be less than 40mm (1 .60 in.).
  3. The minimum edge distance between any two (2) holes must be larger than twice the diameter of the larger hole.
  4. Any through frame fasteners that torque down on both external surfaces of the frame rail must use an Internal spacer/reinforcement to prevent crushing the rail tube.
  5. All holes should be drilled In the frame using appropriate safety precautions.
  6. Avoid drilling holes near the fuel tank, fuel and brake lines and other lines and wires to avoid damage to them.


The chain/turnbuckle that connects from my anchor point to my tie-down is passing right across my fuel door and now I can't open it. Is there anything that I can do to correct this?


There are two ways that you can try to help clear your fuel door. The first option is to use the FastGun Lever Action, Springloaded Turnbuckle. When using the FastGun, simply lift the lever to disconnect the fast gun that is blocking your fuel door, fuel up your truck and reconnect the fast gun to your tie down and camper anchor point. The second option is the welded on triangular bullet plate, you will notice that there are two holes on the triangular plate - one at the pointed end of the plate and one above the insert arm on the tiedown. Simply move your chain/turnbuckle from the hole at the pointed end of the triangular plate to the hole located above the insert arm.

Question: Can I install TorkLift products myself?

Answer: All of TorkLift's tie downs, SuperHitches, and extensions come with complete and detailed instruction booklets. Inside, along with step-by-step written instructions to guide you, you will find pictures from actual installations showing you exactly what needs to be done in order for you to enjoy your TorkLift product quickly, safely and efficiently.

Question: What does a Springload do?

Answer: Our Springload system will act as a shock absorber for your camper and help reduce stress to your camper's anchor points. By raising the eye bolt the recommended 1/4", enough tension will be put on the spring located inside the springload unit to provide adequate support for your camper, no matter what type of terrain that you encounter.

Question: Is Springloading my system really necessary? Can I use only two of them?

Answer: While our Springload units are not a necessity with our frame-mounted tie down system, we do recommend that you use our our Springloads on all four corners to assist in preserving the anchor points on your camper. If you don't springload all 4 tiedowns, it will void our exclusive camper anchor warranty for our products.

Question: I am buying a new truck and already have TorkLift tie-downs/SuperHitch on my old truck. Will the tie-downs/SuperHitch work on my new truck, as well?

Answer: All of TorkLift's tie-downs and SuperHitches are made make and model specific in order to try to utilize holes that are already in the frame from the factory and the specific frame style of your truck. While there is a possibility that your older tie-downs/SuperHitch may work, it is more likely that they will not. Check the application guide or have your local dealer contact TorkLift for the correct application information for your vehicle.

Problem: My camper tiedown anchor eyes on my camper are pulling out.

Solution: Spring loads- you need spring loaded tie downs in order to prevent camper damage at the attachment points. It relieves stress between the truck and camper and has just enough give to prevent damage.

Problem: Your Brand-X tie downs are damaging your bed/bumper.

Solution: Torklift True Frame mounted camper tiedowns-they provide camper stability, maintain truck bed integrity, and are available with or without spring loads. Receivers are mounted to the vehicle, inserts removable, and are practically hidden when inserts are removed.