True Frame-Mounted Tie Down Testimonials

1. Manufacturer's Warranty

At our Torklift International manufacturing facility, founded in 1976 and located just south of Seattle in Kent, Washington, we truly believe our products are made with the care that it takes to last a lifetime. That is why Torklift carries the industry’s only Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Other tie down manufacturers claim their products are built to last a lifetime. Yet every one of them offers only a miniscule "no service after the sale," one year “parts only” warranty.


Obviously one big reason is that their product quality and designs cannot support the high cost of warranty claims from failures that occur after the 12 short months when their warranty expires. With Torklift that is never the case.

When you’re riding with Torklift, you’re riding with confidence in our over 33 years of engineering experience, our superior quality, and our legendary, trend setting, first-to-market designs. Our tie downs are backed up with a whole lot more than just “built to last a lifetime" lip service and a fine print "one year- parts only” warranty. We believe that the best way to assure true, steadfast confidence is a warranty that keeps the manufacturer riding with you for an entire lifetime.

If you're riding with Torklift, you're riding with confidence.

Industry Exclusive Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

2. Tie down warranty covers truck frame and camper anchors. Another TLI industry exclusive is our truck frame/truck body/camper anchor warranty.

Our TRUE FRAME MOUNTED Tie Down system warranty is the only system in the world that covers the truck frame, the truck body, and the campers anchor points* from damage. *Camper anchor point warranty only applies when the tie downs incorporate a spring system between the tie down and the camper anchor. This warranty covers the anchor points for the duration of the camper manufacturers warranty or extended aftermarket camper warranty. This warranty excludes damage caused by collision or accident.

3. No drill on Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet applications.

Your Truck is a big investment. Did you know your truck carries a manufacturer corrosion warranty that is void IF you break the paint surface seal by drilling a hole? TLI engineers go to great strides to design each tie down system around factory fasteners and pre-existing holes maintaining your corrosion warranty and dramatically reducing installation time.*

*95% of Torklift International applications are no drill

4. Dramatically improved truck/camper handling and road control while controlling camper movement, by tying the camper to the truck's "foundation", the main frame.

We hear it from customers all the time,

"First year was Happijac tie down system. For year 2 I installed the Torklift rear hitch and tie downs. Didn't notice any difference in ride, but felt a lot better knowing my bumper wasn't getting flexed all the time.

Last weekend I finally got around to installing the front part of the Torklift system. I was not expecting much difference in ride, so I was floored when I hopped in to drive it around and the difference was absolutely amazing. Now the truck + camper feels like a single unit and overall sway has gone way down to almost nothing. Before it always felt like the camper and truck moved independently.”

Craig Compton
Cypress, TX

Other tie down manufacturers make claims about scientific designs, but we all know superior structural support comes from a superior foundation. There’s no mistaking that the only true foundation on your vehicle is its chassis frame- that’s why Torklift’s TRUE FRAME MOUNTED Tie Downs are the best choice. Automotive design engineers spend countless hours in design and testing to ensure your trucks chassis frame has the design integrity to handle hundreds of thousands of miles of extreme use. They understand that the safety, ride quality, and the trucks handling are paramount in the design of the trucks chassis frame. At TLI, our engineers design our tie down system to literally be a part of that chassis frame. This ties the camper into the truck in such a way that the camper and the truck handle as one. It doesn’t take a physics major to understand that any tie down system attaching primarily to the thin sheet metal body of the truck will always allow the camper to move independently of the truck. This results in inferior and even potentially unsafe handling characteristics. Any prolonged use of a sheet metal attachment for structural support over a period of time leads to metal fatigue, cracks, and deformation.

5. Tie down systems virtually undetectable when not in use.

Maintaining the look of your truck is nearly as important to some as vehicle ground clearance. We strive to keep the TLI tie down receiver and insert system tucked up out of the way so when the camper is off the truck and the tie down inserts are removed our system doesn’t detract from the trucks visual appeal by hanging down or sticking out as other bed mounted and brand X frame mounted systems do. The TLI hidden design (when in use) is unique from other brand X frame mount systems because no part of our system is ever lower than any part of the truck. This TLI ground clearance advantage has made our product the tie down of choice for backcountry enthusiasts.

6. Utilizes hardened bolts that run though truck's main frame.

For any tie down system to operate as an integral part of the truck frame the fastener design, quality, diameter and heat treat specifications all come into question. Our engineers understand that having your tie down parts attached to the chassis frame is only a part of the equation. No TLI system utilizes J bolts, fasteners that lack proper diameter, an insufficient grade rating, or any other substandard specification.

7. Number of bolts attaching to the main frame.

When it comes to bolt count, Torklift systems are not just about quality. We know that quantity counts too. Because TLI products carry a Legendary Lifetime Warranty, our engineering requirements go far beyond the minimal “1-year, parts only warranty” design used by others.

8. Interference with stabilizer bar tears rubber bumpers damaging the camper.

Most of us buy our trucks for a multitude of uses. Whether it’s hauling toys like your camper and boat, snowmobiles, horses, a load of topsoil or the family and groceries. The pickup truck remains an American icon. Having full use of your truck bed is just makes sense. Back in 1999, truck body sheet metal was significantly weakened due to efforts from truck manufacturers to cut material costs and improve fuel economy by adopting a much thinner gauge of sheet metal. One bed mounted tie down manufacturer was forced to add a cross member across the front inside of the truck bed in an effort to offset the dramatic loss of support the sheet metal truck bed had previously offered. This “cross bar” is a permanent addition to the truck and interferes with easily loading and unloading a majority of campers. Damage regularly occurs on the front of the camper when the camper’s bump stops are caught on this tie down crossbar. This is common while raising or lowering the camper during the loading and unloading process. The damage may or may not be obvious depending on how much force is applied to the bump stops. It can vary from completely tearing the bump stops off the camper to damaging the campers skin, attachment bolts, mounting holes, and frame. Additionally, the damage could include peeling the bump stops, which breaks the water seal leading to eventual water damage in your camper. While this remains the most significant liability with the addition of the bed mounted tie down reinforcement crossbar, others frequently complain of the significant inconvenience encountered when trying to remove soils, bark and other materials from the trucks bed due to the interference of the crossbar.

9. Installation of tie down equipment damages truck bed and bumper.

For a few, the care and protection of their truck as an investment may not be a significant consideration. For most of us who spend a lot of time dreaming about, investigating, planning, saving, buying, and finally paying for our trucks over several years, it is important to get maximum use while maintaining maximum resale-value. At Torklift International, we get that. When just the installation alone of a truck bed and bumper mounted tie down system is going to damage your truck, you should carefully consider what actual use of the system will do to the truck and the camper.

10. Uses J-Bolts/U-Bolts which stretch and loosen (in most popular applications).

You can certainly find an up front lower cost “frame mounted” tie down system, but that’s like shopping for a car on the presumption that all cars are equal so price is left as the only consideration. Well, they do all have four wheels and a steering wheel, but that is where the similarities usually end. Just because a tie down system claims to be “frame mounted” doesn’t mean that it will perform remotely as well as Torklift’s patented system. There are many significant differences that anyone can readily investigate and uncover with minimal effort. For example, tie down location and angle, and ground, truck body, and suspension clearance advantages. Most concerning are things like the use of inferior fasteners (such as J-or U- bolts) and problematic designs which leave system failure and the associated expenses only a matter of time. It is truly the old adage of “you get what you pay for”.

11. Tie down insert is adjustable, providing optimal turnbuckle tie down angle.

In 2009 we at Torklift International will celebrate our 33rd anniversary. Many years of testing and field experience are built into our patented designs. Our tie down system sets an angle of triangulation that is adjustable with two simple settings at each tie down point. With this design the camper enjoys balanced, superior support originating from the foundation of the trucks chassis frame through every twist, turn and buck of the terrain. This is another reason why the Torklift International system has a legendary reputation as the industry’s top-of-the-line camper tie down system.

12. Tie down system requires tools for normal use.

Time is our most precious resource. That’s why Torklift experts made it so easy to install, set up, use, and disassemble any Torklift system. We want to maximize your time for recreation and relaxation! From our no-drill applications and our receiver and insert design utilizing pins instead of set bolts, to our 100% tool free turnbuckles, we maintain the industry’s smoothest, quickest, most efficient and least strenuous system available on the market today.

13. Applications for trucks with full length bed running boards.

Torklift International is the only TRUE FRAME MOUNTED Tie Down system that offers a system for trucks outfitted with running board and nerf-bar steps that extend past the truck cab and onto the trucks bed.*

*Most popular applications are available for Torklift’s adjustable running board tie down system. This system works with most aftermarket step systems however some modification to step board brackets can be necessary. This adjustable system will not work in every running board step application. Please contact the TLI factory customer support @ 1.800.264.8132 for more information