To our valued dealers,

For nearly 40 years, Torklift has enjoyed the support of our dealers for both our products and company. Because of our partnership with our dealers, the Torklift brand is known worldwide. Together we have built a brand all us hold dear. Our goal is to protect our product integrity and our dealer business partners’ profit margins to ensure future stability and growth.

To do this it’s important to remember where we started. We began as a retail dealership in 1976 so we clearly understand the importance of providing excellent customer service and proper installation. We rely on our dealers to do this for our customers who buy our products. We understand and appreciate that this is a major investment made by all of our dealers.

Our objective is to protect the foundation of our business models, branding and to ensure our customers get proper service. We are happy to announce the implementation of a Resale Pricing Policy (RPP). This allows us to protect not only our product integrity but to ensure good margins to all of our valued Authorized Dealers.

The Torklift RPP is effective February 14, 2015. There is a 60-day grace period to allow for dealers to prepare for the implementation on several of our product lines and to review and sign the dealer agreement.

To become a Torklift Authorized Dealer first complete the registration application on this webpage. Upon registration you will be emailed a username and password to log into our Torklift Authorized Dealer web portal.

Follow the prompts in the email to login. Review the Resale Pricing Policy and Dealer Agreement. Once you login, sign the Dealer Agreement to become a Torklift Authorized Dealer.

On April 15, 2015, Torklift’s RPP becomes fully enforced. All Authorized Dealers in the United States and Canada will be subject to a Pricing Policy that unilaterally establishes a minimum resale price for various Torklift products. This policy is intended to help protect the integrity of the brand and provide you with good margins so that desirable services can be furnished to end-users. You may become an Authorized Dealer by submitting an online application

Thank you for helping us implement this policy.


Jack Kay, President
Torklift International

How to become a Torklift Authorized Dealer:

1.) Register on this webpage to become a Torklift Authorized Dealer
2.) Login and submit your Torklift Authorized Dealer agreement (Available Feb. 14, 2015)
3.) Read your Minimum Resale Price information
4.) Have questions? Email: