Lockable cargo tray

SUMNER, Wash. (March 11, 2014), — Torklift International released a solution to protect valuables, such as generators, from theft at the campsite or while in outdoor storage.

The Lock and Load is the only cargo tray available featuring a tool-free cargo security locking system. It fits into standard 2” x 2” front or rear trailer hitch receivers for both transport and use. It also works with motorhome hitch applications.

A key feature with the Lock and Load is the generator and other cargo, do not have to be removed from the tray. The cargo remains fully functional, all while secured in place on the tray. By allowing it to remain locked at all times, it is secure from theft.

“If you are someone who likes to go camping with a generator, all you have to do is place the generator in the tray and there is no need to remove because it remains fully functional while under lock and key,” said Torklift International President of Operations Jack Kay. “Generators are heavy, you don’t want to have to lug those in and out of a truck or RV.”

The Lock and Load features a 28” x 23” tray capable of holding most generators. It comes with a tamper proof puck lock and an adjustable steel security strap.

The Lock and Load is multifunctional.

“We’ve had guys at worksites use them to secure tool boxes, welders and air compressors to free up the space in their truck bed for lumber among other things,” explained Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor.

The Lock and Load was developed in light of increasing generator theft at the campsite, storage facilities, and due to tool equipment thefts at job sites.

“When a generator is stolen, it can costs thousands and ruin a vacation,” added Taylor. “When equipment is stolen from a job site, not only does it cost money to replace the tools, the time to complete that job is now prolonged. The Lock and Load prevents that.”

The Lock and Load is made from high impact powder coat steel and is made in the United States.

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