World Trade Center honor

TACOMA Wash. (September 24, 2013), — Torklift International was named Exporter of the Year by the World Trade Center – Tacoma division on Thursday.

“My dream is to build this company into an organization that can be proud of the fact that we can develop products throughout the camping industry that bring fun and joy to families not just here in America, but all throughout the world,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “We have accomplished that. We have passed on the message to others. We are fulfilling the dreams each and every day with product development and new opportunities for employees to grow.”

The World Trade Center Globe Award was presented to Taylor by Master of Ceremonies and Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Director Bob Drewel.

“Torklift International’s products are sold in the towing, RV and trucking industries and as the governor said, a good safe product is always going to leave those industries in a better shape,” said Drewel. “The company started exporting in 2005 and now their products are sold in Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Dubai, Spain, Britain and Belgium. Russia will be Torklift’s newest market this year. It’s a remarkable spirit that is exhibited there.”

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee added that when it comes to building safe products in the RV industry, Torklift International will do it.

“I promise you that we will continue to grow our company so we can continue to grow our community,” Taylor concluded.

The previous recipient of the award was Boeing.