New GlowStep available

SUMNER, Wash. (Sept. 17, 2013),- Torklift International expands upon their GlowStep series with the inclusion of the SafeStep, DirtDestroyer and a new GlowStep.

The SafeStep is a set of step riser safety panels that create a vertical barrier that closes the gap between scissor steps.

“It helps protect children and pets from injury caused by potentially falling through,” General Manager Jay Taylor stated. “It prevents intimidation some pets may have due to seeing through the gaps.”

The DirtDestroyer is a simple attachment designed to help keep unwanted dirt out of your camper or RV.

“How many times has your RV interior been muddy and it’s difficult to clean? The user simply scrapes their shoes on the bristles to clean the dirt and mud off,” said Torklift International VP of Operations Jack Kay.

The SafeStep comes in a set of three panels. The DirtDestroyer comes with one attachment and Torklift’s lifetime warranty.

“We had customers giving us feedback about dirty RVs and pets that were afraid to go up and down the stairs. We pulled those ideas together and created what they asked for. Even my dog will now use the stairs into the company truck camper,” said Taylor.

Both the SafeStep and the DirtDestroyer are available now and are proudly made in the USA.
In addition to the original GlowStep, Torklift International is now offering a GlowStep with an 8 inch step depth to increase weight capacities further. The new step is two inches deeper than the original and offers a weight capacity up to 350 pounds; 25 pounds more than the original. To gain an additional 25 pounds in weight capacity, customers can also couple the step with the GlowGuide handrail.

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