Built for truck campers

SUMNER, Wash. (Sept. 13, 2013), — With Labor Day marking the end of the camping season for many people, Torklift International introduces the Camper Packer storage stands.

“The Camper Packer was designed for both camp site and long term truck camper storage,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “At first glance, they appear to be regular saw horses, but they aren’t. These storage stands fold up for easy storage and they are rated at 6,000 pounds per pair.”

They measure 50 inches from side-to-side and include high-impact powder coated brackets and pressure treated lumber.

“When you store a truck camper on its jacks for a long or short period of time, the frame will begin to wear especially where the camper jacks are mounted,” explained Taylor. “Not only that, but the camper is not as sturdy standing alone on its jacks.”

The Camper Packer absorbs the weight of the truck camper and reduces the frame stress. They are built for long term storage and come in sets of two stands.

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