Reactions caught on camera

SUMNER, Wash. (Jan. 7, 2015) — Torklift International starts 2015 with the STABLELOAD® Challenge to feature actual customer’s reactions while they try the suspension stabilizer.

 At least once a week Torklift International features different people who tried the STABLELOAD® and their video reaction when they drive a loaded truck with and without STABLELOADs®.

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During the STABLELOAD® Challenge, participants who also truck camp or tow a trailer regularly were asked to drive a Ford F-150 loaded down with and without StableLoads so they could share their reactions on camera as they were driving.

“When driving the Ford F-150 without STABLELOADs®, the drivers were concerned about loss of control, side to side sway and an overall bumpy ride,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “Once they drove the truck that had the STABLELOADs® installed, they were blown away.”

Nearly every driver explained that with the STABLELOADs®, they had control of the truck, barely felt the load in the back of the truck and even reported a much shorter stopping distance.

The STABLELOAD® Challenge was conducted using Ford F-150s. The STABLELOAD® works with all Ford trucks, Chevrolet trucks, Dodge trucks, full size vans, SUV’s and more. It essentially works with any vehicle that has an upper or lower factory overload leaf spring.

The STABLELOAD® acts as a suspension stabilizer attaching to the factory leaf spring. When the vehicle is under load, whether towing or hauling, the vehicle’s rear springs become compressed but commonly do not activate the factory overloads. This causes the driver to have less control of the vehicle and makes them experience excessive side-to-side sway and body roll. The STABLELOAD® occupies the space between the leaf spring and the overload springs allowing full overload activation which stabilizes the vehicle and also allows the driver to experience their factory ride when the STABLELOADs® are deactivated.

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