Watch website for reveal


SUMNER, Wash., — On May 19, Torklift International unveils their premier product for 2015 on, but until then, customers are left guessing.

            “This product will revolutionize the towable industry,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “Leading up to its release we will leave hints on our website teasing what the product is as part of a game for our customers.”

            Effective now, the Torklift International homepage features a timer counting down to May 19, 2015. Guesses about what the product is can be submitted through the webpage.

            “Any retail customer who submits a guess about what the product could be, will receive a $10 rebate good toward the new product and will be entered to win the actual product,” explained Taylor.

            To kick off the guessing game a hint about the product is released in this announcement.

            “This mystery product was originally created for truck campers but will now work on most towables,” said Taylor.

            Let the games begin here

            The new product will go on pre-order the day it is unveiled, May 19.

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