Derringer Handle transforms your old-fashion turnbuckles into quick disconnect lever action turnbuckles. The galvanized eye allows you to connect to any other types of rigging, such as chain, for a quick disconnect turnbuckle. Threads onto ½” threaded rods or adapts to any eyebolt turnbuckle.

Now you can simply cut the hook off of any truck camper turnbuckle that uses a 1/2" threaded rod and thread on the FastGun Derringer.  Or for an alternative method of installation for conventional hardware turnbuckle users, the Derringer can simply be fitted with a threaded eye (included) to accept any rigging!  Derringers are a simple retro fit to the Torklift Springload XL.

Derringer Handles are sold in a set of four with a black powder coat finish.  They are covered by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and proudly made in the USA. 


Derringer Handles Features

  • Transforms your ordinary turnbuckles into quick disconnect lever action turnbuckles for simple adjustment
  • Connect and disconnect in seconds
  • Works with all turnbuckles
  • Quick release handle reduces adjustment time 
  • Lockable to secure your truck camper (locks sold separately) 
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Kit Includes:
Four Derringer handles with forged eye bolts



Derringer Handles Videos

Torklift International Turnbuckles

How to install Torklift Derringer Handle turnbuckles

What Does Lance Manufacturing Think Of Torklift?



“I had the Happijac turnbuckles, and bed tie downs. When I bought the Lance 1181, I converted to the Torklift frame-mounted tie downs, and Torklift Derringers. I love them. Much quicker and easier to use. To me it feels more secure.

-Kevin, Washington  

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