The Torklift story begins in 1958 when Jon Kay began working at a hitch and tow shop in Tacoma, Washington. Through his experience, he decided he wanted to open his own shop.


After several years of planning and gathering equipment, Jon opens his own shop in Kent, Washington: Torklift Central Welding. Upon opening up for business, he begins fabricating his own line of products.


Torklift Central Welding grows in success, doubling in size with the addition of two bays.


Torklift Central Welding in Kent expanded to become our Retail Product Development Center which keeps our company in tune with our markets. This allows us to receive customer feedback, insights and ideas before, during and after the creation of a product.


The expansion continues with the purchase of additional buildings and the original building is demolished to make way for a larger shop.


Torklift True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs are invented. They are the first product manufactured by Torklift and the first of their kind in the world.


Torklift Central Welding purchases their first large scale CNC equipment including a plasma cutter.


Torklift International is born. Torklift Central Welding is still around today and continues to conduct business. Torklift International begins manufacturing parts that are sold all over the world. It all began with Jon Kay’s dream to open a small hitch and tow shop.


Torklift International ships their first patented SuperHitch and SuperTruss.


The patented FastGun Turnbuckle is invented. It is the first turnbuckle of it’s kind with a quick-disconnect handle.


Torklift International purchases their first dual-head, high def. CNC plasma.


The SuperHitch line expands to include the SuperHitch Magnum.


Torklift International moves to a new 52,000 square foot facility in Sumner, Washington to meet expansion needs.


Torklift International expands their manufacturing process to include powder coating within an in-house 7,200 square foot powder coat facility.


Torklift International continues to develop products and programs to further the RV and automotive industries. Torklift is working with thousands of dealers and has warehouses in five different countries, but that number is growing daily.

With 40 years of business and 4 generations working for the company, they maintain their commitment to customer service by being available 24-hours a day and living up to their Legendary Lifetime Warranty promise.