Do I need Air Bags to use the StableLoad? 

No. Any Ford, Dodge, Chevy or GMC equipped with a truck suspension and a factory overload system can benefit from the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer. StableLoad suspension upgrade users often find they do not need air bags suspension kits after they install StableLoads.  

If you already have the StableLoad suspension enhancement installed on your truck, it will also work in conjunction with your existing towing suspension products.

My trailer is tongue heavy and is weighing down my truck suspension and exceeds the dead weight/weight carrying capacities on my trailer hitch.  

Weight Distribution System - This system distributes the tongue weight evenly throughout your truck and trailer axles to prevent the truck from squatting down in the back. It improves your handling/breaking and reduces stress on your trailer hitch.  

You’ll want to make sure to stay within the manufacturer’s weight ratings or you could potentially cause major damage to your vehicle, truck and other drivers on the road. All truck hitches that allow for towing will come with both dead weight/ weight carrying and weight distribution ratings.

On rare occasions my camper shifts during transit. 

Minor movement (or settling) can occur in some incidental harsh driving conditions (on or off road). A rubber bed mat is not a requirement for hauling a truck camper, but we recommend it as a safety precaution to protect the truck bed, the bottom of the camper and to give the camper additional support.  

How can I reduce trailer fishtailing? 

Sway control - a friction sway control helps eliminate sway when trailer towing. Sway control is designed to work with your weight distribution system and will work with trailers of all sizes. It is recommended and especially helpful when you hit crosswinds, while passing semi-trucks or on a rutted highway.   

How can I reduce excessive rear sag? 

For vehicles equipped with factory overload springs, the StableLoad is exactly what you are looking for. Vehicles without factory overload springs may benefit from airbags. Airbag suspension kits are designed to prevent the back end of your truck from squatting down. When added, they level your truck side-to-side and front-to-back. They improve steering control, level headlight beams, improve tire wear, and increase vehicle stability. Airbag suspension upgrades reduce bottoming out, eliminate suspension fatigue, and best of all, you can let the air out when you have the camper off the truck so that it will ride normal.

The StableLoad suspension enhancement can be used in conjunction with an Airbag system (if a vehicle is equipped with factory overloads) to reduce the air pressure in the Airbag system from 80+psi to around 30psi. Using the StableLoad also and brings the factory overloads back into play, removing sway.

How do I reduce side-to-side sway or body roll. 

For vehicles equipped with factory overload springs, the StableLoad is exactly what you are looking for. Vehicles without factory overload springs may benefit from Rancho shocks. These suspension kits are designed to stabilize your truck when it’s hauling a truck camper and helps with side-to-side floating feeling often experienced when you have a truck camper. They are a heavy duty 5-way adjustable shock.  

What is the difference between StableLoad part numbers A7310 and A7311? 

StableLoad part numbers A7310 and A7311 are both a lower overload quick-disconnect suspension product. The difference between these suspension kits is that the A7311 includes cobalt drill bits and is designed for applications that require drilling through the factory overload leaf springs. Verify the fitment by checking our application guide and inspect the lower overload leaf spring located underneath the spring pack of the rear suspension on your vehicle.

Most vehicle manufacturers already have a hole pre-drilled and would use A7310 application, however some vehicle leaf springs are not pre-drilled.

If your application requires part number A7311 with drill kit, follow the instructions carefully as drilling leaf springs successfully requires a specific method. Learn details of the options for drilling methods here. The average time to complete the drilling process is approximately 35 minutes. However, this time is drastically reduced with the use of the StableLoad Leaf Spring Drill Tool. The specifically designed StableLoad Drill Tool cradles the drill, allowing you to slowly guide the drill bit with little effort making it the simplest, quickest method to drill leaf springs. Click here to see how you can rent the StableLoad Drill Tool for free.*

For more information on the StableLoad Drill Tool, or to rent it, call us at 800.246.8132.
*Security deposit required 

Fishtailing while the camper is on your truck. 

HD Rear sway bar - for maximum stabilization. If you are towing behind your truck and have heavy loads that affect your cornering ability – rear sway bars may help. With a sway bar, the weight is more evenly distributed to all four wheels of your truck, helping it stay level while towing.