Picture1.pngSUMNER, Wash., — Field testing supports STABLELOAD® suspension stabilizer as the most effective suspension upgrade available for vehicles under heavy load.

"Quick disconnect STABLELOADs® have received great reviews, however we wanted to test its capabilities in comparison to many of the options someone would have when it comes to choosing a suspension modification," said Torklift General Manager Jay Taylor.

STABLELOADs® dramatically improve vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the stabilizing effect designed within rear springs, keeping them actively under load the way your vehicle factory engineers designed them to operate. STABLELOADs® attach to the factory lower or upper overload leaf springs.

"Since we're turning to science, we wanted to replicate common handling issues when towing or hauling like side-to-side way, porpoising and body roll," said Taylor.

We installed popular suspension products on a new half ton truck with 2,800 pounds loaded into the truck bed to simulate a heavy load like towing a heavy trailer or hauling a truck camper. Side-to-side sway was measured by hitting a pothole, porpoising measured by striking a speed bump and body roll measured by cornering.
Inclinometers mounted to the truck measured horizontal and vertical tilt through each variable.

"STABLELOADs® performed up to 60 percent better than the other aftermarket suspension options," said Torklift President Jack Kay.

A baseline was determined by measuring degrees of inclination with factory suspension performance with the 2,800-pound load. Suspension products recorded include swaybar, airbags, rubber springs, shocks, rubber bump stop and the STABLELOAD® Suspension Stabilizer.

The lower degree of inclination translates to less movement and improved handling. When measuring degrees of inclination tests revealed the following:

"With the results of this experiment, we are confident that the STABLELOADs® should be the first product folks should turn to when considering suspension modification," said Taylor.

In depth assessment of aftermarket suspension products reveal STABLELOAD® Suspension Stabilizer as the most effective upgrade for those who tow.

Watch the video on the STABLELOAD® Test at https://youtu.be/ydQMZ_fAUH0 or visit www.torklift.com for more information on STABLELOADs®. Call 800-246-8132 to learn about lifetime warranty.