147810093232579.jpgSUMNER, Wash. — The GlowGuide by Torklift International now works with many slideout towables, the company announced today.

“After testing with our engineering department and customers, the GlowGuide now works with slideout towables,” said Torklift General Manager Jay Taylor. “You now have a better option for your RV handrail that will make getting in and out of your RV much easier because this handrail goes all the way to the ground to provide the best stability. No modifications were made to the handrail. It was a matter of conducting enough testing.”

The GlowGuide handrail extends from the top of the RV step all the way to the ground. It’s designed to fold up and store “in place” on the side of the RV or can be stored anywhere in the RV.

This handrail system is ultra lightweight at only 44 ounces, can go from in-use to storage in seconds and telescopes in length from 32-inches to 53-inches, allowing plenty of distance to work with.

“We have officially had customers install the GlowGuide on the Heartland Big Horn 5th wheel and the Grand Design Solitude, just to name a few,” said Taylor. “On all these towable trailers, the GlowGuide can be installed on the actual slideout making it so you don’t have to lean forward or backward to use the built in handrail.”

The upper door mount of the GlowGuide arm runs up to the door entryway, the lower step mount arm runs down to attach to the current step system and the strut arm runs diagonally and attaches to the slideout portion of the RV. All three arms can telescope to the same or different lengths needed for perfect GlowGuide usage, the release noted.

“The OEM grab bar did not extend very far. You had to reach backward while going down the steps and when entering you had to lean forward and reach out,” said customer Marc Peloquin. “With the GlowGuide you don’t have to reach or lean, total support in and out. This is important for me and even more for my wife. She has a prosthetic leg.”

As an added feature, the GlowGuide also has the ability to glow for up to 10 hours in the dark, making it easy to enter and exit your RV, even at night with little to no lighting.

The GlowGuide handrail from Torklift International is available online or in store through any of their Certified Dealers. The GlowGuide is proudly made in the United States.