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The SMARTSTEP® GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION® Uprising RV step system is the first and only RV step designed for all RV towables because these are custom RV steps. Now - these are very similar to the original GlowStep Revolution but it does have a few added benefits.

This customizable RV step mounts directly to the metal doorway frame for folks who don’t have an underbody step well (or if you want to leave your step well space open), plus it has even more adjustability by offering a built-in booster step so you can activate or stow away the bottom step without ever actually removing the step – amazing!

The revolutionary design of these RV folding aluminum steps features an adjustable RV step design at the bottom of the step and an RV step support plus these RV folding steps work with a handrail.

Installation of this RV step makes better sense than other options on the market - it mounts directly to the metal door frame. Other doorway mounted steps attach to the bare floor requiring drilling into your RV floor- oh no! Another bonus - these RV steps do not block your screen door when not in use. Other alternative steps infringe on your ability to close your screen door all the way.




  • Custom RV steps allow infinite adjustability: Aluminum RV step with adjustable height at the bottom of the RV step
  • Features a built in booster step - with the switch of a lever, immediately activate or stow an extra step to meet any door entryway needs – ANYWHERE!
  • Transforms into an RV step ladder: Park right next to a tree and still use your RV step - design works in small spaces like next to structures, trees, service bays or inside of a storage facility
  • Designed specifically for RV towables and trailers that do not have a step well underneath the entryway - click here for the underbody step well mounted model
  • Avoid damaging the flooring in your RV and the exterior by installing the SMARTSTEP® GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION® Uprising RV step to the sturdiest part of your trailer entrance – the door frame
  • Custom RV steps designed for all RV towables
  • Similar to the staircase in your home: 7.5-inch riser height accommodates those with limited mobility
  • RV step stabilizer: eliminate unsafe diving board effect
  • Direct bolt-on installation easily replaces your factory RV step
  • No overhead lifting required to put this step away
  • Avoid dumping dirt, mud and grime on yourself caused by drawbridge style steps that require overhead storage
  • RV steps with handrail: combine with our GlowGuide handrail for the ultimate in safety
  • Best RV step for dogs: Pair with our pet Safe Step panels to ensure safety for dogs
  • SureGrip™ step tread eliminates jagged holes commonly found on factory steps making it safe for your dog’s delicate paws
  • Keep it clean with our shoe brush for RV
  • Aluminum RV steps: Made from 100% lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel (rust free)
  • Provides smooth operation when deploying or retracting RV steps to prevent binding and grinding common with factory steps due to bushing bearing bolted design
  • Locking mechanism secures steps for safe travel while improving ground clearance
  • Safe for use in the dark: glow in the dark RV step lasts up to ten hours with only five minutes of light exposure - no batteries
  • Sold in applications for 3-6 steps
  • Add a step detachable RV step: add and remove steps as needed to transfer between various RVs
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty

*Patent pending

How is this step different from the original GlowStep Revolution?

It mounts in the doorway in case your RV does not have an underbody step well to accommodate the original GlowStep Revolution or in case you prefer to mount your step in the doorway PLUS it features the industry’s only built-in booster step.

What is a built in booster step?

Words don’t explain how this works – but lets give it a shot. Depending on the ground level where you park, you may or may not need a taller step to reach the step from the doorway all the way to the ground. The bottom step on the GlowStep Revoltuion RV step is a built-in booster step – and this ain’t no flimsy plastic step you have to carry around. It looks exactly like all the other step treads on our RV step and with the flip of a lever – you can easily fold the step upward parallel to the step above it or deploy it out for an extra step up. Fancy!

What makes these RV steps so customizable?

These custom RV steps allow for the highest level of adjustability which is necessary when you take your RV to a campsite or when you store it. Most folks don’t have a lot of room for storing their RV. It is often wedged between their house and a fence or packed like a sardine at an RV storage lot. Not to mention when you park at a gas station and someone parks their vehicle next to your door and walks away. Suddenly a quick stop leaves you stranded while you wait for a stranger to move their rig. Either way – you face limited space to get in and out of your RV. Your RV step should not be the limiting factor during storage or temporary parking or camping. Common drawbridge style RV steps that require you to open and close them by lifting over your head require several feet of space you don’t have in order to deploy. As a result, the door to your RV can’t open because the steps are stuck overhead caught on the RV next door or the structure it is parked next to.

You never have to deal with this and can park wherever you want with the ability to morph your GlowStep Revolution® Uprising RV step into a vertical step ladder if you need to. In as little as mere inches of space, your GlowStep Revolution® Uprising can be pulled straight down. No other RV step has the adjustment capabilities this step has. Period.

Why is this RV step appropriate for those with limited mobility and how does it transform any RV into the best RV for the elderly?

Quality of life is important and is made better when we are experiencing the great outdoors. There are special bells and whistles on this RV step to make this happen at any age.

This step features an RV step stabilizer we call the All Terrain Landing Gear that is built into the step for a sturdy design.

The All Terrain Landing Gear features an RV step stabilizer on both sides of the step so no matter where this step is deployed, it can be level, regardless of the uneven ground it may be on top of. Each RV step stabilizer can be adjusted several inches up or down.

The RV step rise between each step is only 7.5 inches which is the closest you can get to the standard step rise in a home.

This equates to not having to step up as high to reach the individual RV steps which can be very hard for folks with limited mobility. It also means there is less impact when coming down the RV steps because the step rise is so much shorter than other RV steps.

Another advantage is you can pair our RV steps with our handrail for the safest RVing experience.

Our RV handrail is called the GlowGuide handrail. Our GlowGuide RV handrail mounts to the exterior of the RV and attaches to the RV step. The most important difference between our RV handrail and other RV handrails is that ours extends from the RV door all the way to the first step of the RV step which means there is something to hang onto the entire walk up and down – this is not an old-fashioned grab handle.

No RV step overhead lifting required 

This aluminum RV folding step secures snuggly into your RV doorway but it is far different from old fashion drawbridge steps. Old fashion steps are heavy and you have to lift them over your head in order to shut them plus they block your doorway all the way to the ceiling leading to whatever dirt or mud that was on your step to fally directly onto you. Never have a bad hair day again with this RV step. Simply fold it shut and rotate in at waist level.

Why is this the best RV step for dogs?

The Torklift step has several features making it very safe for your pet. Traditional factory RV steps have drainage holes punched into them, but to your poor pup – that is the equivalent of slicing their little paws across a cheese grater. Our RV step features Sure Grip™ step tread which provides for maximum grip to avoid slipping while avoiding injury to your pet’s paws.

When our RV step is paired with our SafeStep pet barrier panels, it makes it even easier for you to turn this RV step into the most dog friendly RV step around. The SafeStep RV step panels affix to the back of each RV step to accomplish two goals. The first goal of this barrier is to prevent pets from falling through and in between steps. Sometimes Sparky gets a run at your RV steps and if he is not careful – he might go through them instead of up them.

Goal number two - have you ever noticed that your dog has an easy time using the steps on your porch or stairs in your house but suddenly when it comes to your RV, they do not want to go up them so you are either lifting your dog into your RV or you are pulling their head off while you strangle them with their leash to get them up the stairs? This is because RV steps don’t have a backing like the stairs at your house do which can actually make it difficult for your dog to see the steps – which leads to the hesitation. Add the SafeStep pet safety panels and you have for a great RV step for dogs of any personality.

How does this RV step keep my RV cleaner than other RV steps?

We offer the best shoe brush for RV – the Dirt Destroyer. Well, it might not destroy the dirt with a laser beam, but it does make sure it stays out of your RV. The Dirt Destroyer shoe cleaning brush attaches to your RV step and gives you a chance to thoroughly clean your shoes on the bottom and the sides before entering your RV.

Ever dealt with RV steps stuck out or unable to get your RV steps deployed?

Our RV step is built with bushing bolts. Sounds technical and easy to overlook but this is critical. You have seen it at the campsite – someone with a step that is barely hanging on and does not look like it has been folded in years. Or you yourself have tried to deploy your RV step only to feel like you are in a wrestling match with a rusty chunk of metal making horrible grinding noises that just don’t sound right. The bushing bolt design allows this RV step to open and close smooth like butter. In fact – go ahead – use one hand instead of two – you got this. No need to put your back into it.

What kind of ground clearance am I getting with this RV step?

Simply put – more than you had with your factory step. Although this RV step has all the bells and whistles you didn’t even know you needed, it stores compactly into your doorway. Bonus? If you don’t want to store the step in the doorway – all you do is lift it out and store it for maximum convenience. No other doorway mounted step does that.

No need to add RV LED step lights to this RV step

Half of camping is done in the dark so being able to go up and down your RV steps safely in the dark is another must. Often times the only way to light up your RV step is by adding RV LED step lights but you can put away your pocket book because our RV step already glows in the dark. Each step features glow strips straight from the factory. The glow strips are the same material used by airlines to light their airplane walkways. With as little as five minutes of light exposure you get up to ten hours of glow time.

How can I customize my RV steps with more or less steps and use it on multiple RVs?

The GlowStep Revolution® Uprising RV step is what we call a Legacy Step. That means you can transfer this RV step to your new RV or you can share this RV step between multiple RVs. It is sold in applications from a 3 step to a 6 step. If you need to add a step in order to make the step longer, check out our RV add a step, but guess what? You probably won’t ever need it because it features your very own built-in booster step..

What can I expect from Torklift if I decide to purchase one of your RV steps?

We actually think this is the best part so we saved it for last. Our products are made in America and when you call us for help you get a person. You do not get lost in a phone tree with so many buttons to dial only to eventually be hung up on. We want to help you select your RV step, find a dealer to install your RV step or help you install your RV steps DIY style. Our RV steps also come with a lifetime warranty and this is not something we mess around on. Other products say they have a warranty but the fine print tells you that you are required to fill out a lot of paperwork, register your product and eventually it expires and at best you got replacement parts. Not with us. Our product is warrantied for life and we don’t require loads of paperwork in an attempt to excuse ourselves from helping you. This makes us different. Come hell or high water – we will help you get what you need, when you need it and you will not miss your camping trip.