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I have been doing a lot of research online and immersing myself in the blogosphere regarding everything RV related.


Come to find out, I have found that these RV’ers I keep reading about are very popular people.


They all have these fabulous and fantastic fans.


I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong as a new blogger and a new truck camper.  I was proud to have gotten a few “Likes” to my humble little posts, but I wouldn’t fancy myself to have all these “fans”.


Then, I found out why everyone was so popular.


I did some more reading and then the lights went on!  Or, rather the fan blades started spinning.  I looked-up and realized that I really had made it in the world of RV’ing!  I too had a fantastic fan and right above my head.


I’ve heard that it is a sign that you’ve finally made it when all of your fans aren’t hanging from the ceiling.   I beg to differ.


I may not be a “fan” expert, but The Fan-Tastic brand is highly recommended as a vent and fan brand of choice.fanpolaroid


You’ll find these fans unlike our local Seattle Seahawks #12th Man, these fans are very quiet!


They have great reviews and they’ll stick with you through the fair weather and the foul weather all the same.  Fan-Tastic Fan info can be found here:

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