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Enhance Your Winnebago Hike with the Torklift GlowStep Revolution: The Ultimate RV Step Solution for Overlanding Enthusiasts


For the adventurous overlanding community, offroad camping enthusiasts, and boondocking adventurers, the Winnebago Hike represents the epitome of travel freedom. Recognizing this adventurous spirit, Torklift is proud to introduce the GlowStep Revolution — an innovative, tailor-made RV step system specifically designed for your Winnebago Hike travel trailer.

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Conquering New Heights: A Customer's Upgrade to SmartStep® GlowStep for the Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Setting the Scene for a Trailblazing Upgrade

As we delve into the heart of off-road camping and overlanding, we encounter enthusiasts who are constantly upgrading their gear to match the rugged demands of the wilderness. Today, we feature a customer who has taken this ethos to heart, enhancing their Four Wheel Camper with the SmartStep® GlowStep series, an upgrade that's proving to be a game-changer for outdoor mobility.

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Choosing the Perfect Airstream Trailer Hitch for Your 30FB Bunk Flying Cloud

Airstream trailer with Surfboards (for scale)

Airstream Trailer Hitch

Selecting the appropriate Airstream trailer hitch is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your travel trailer experience. For those who own an Airstream 30FB Bunk Flying Cloud, determining the correct hitch is not just about matching the towing capacity but also about the precise fit based on the distance between the brackets on your Airstream frame. This article provides an insightful guide on how to choose the right hitch for your Airstream 30FB Bunk Flying Cloud, ensuring a smooth journey wherever the road may take you.

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Torklift FastGuns: The Universal Solution for Truck Camper Turnbuckles


For truck camper enthusiasts, securing your home-on-wheels to your truck is a task of utmost importance for safety and stability during transit. Torklift has emerged as a leading brand in providing reliable solutions for this purpose with the FastGun trunbuckles for your tie-downs. A frequently asked question is whether all Torklift FastGun tie-down turnbuckles share the same model number or if there are different models for each truck. The answer lies in understanding the unique design approach Torklift has taken, which is based on the style of truck camper tie-down used rather than the specific truck application. This article delves into the features of Torklift’s Long Range Fastguns and their adaptability to various truck campers, emphasizing their compatibility and convenience.

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Will the F3008 Torklift truck camper tie down interfere with my factory exhaust? Nope.

Truck camping enthusiasts often face the challenge of ensuring that their gear fits perfectly with their vehicle. One common concern is whether the F3008 rear truck camper tie-downs will clear the truck's factory exhaust system. This article aims to address this question and provide insights into the functionality and compatibility of F3008 truck camper tie-downs.

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An important tip for installing the F3008 truck camper tie down on the Ford F250

Truck camping has become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts who seek the comfort and mobility that a truck camper provides. Among the essential components for a safe and secure truck camping experience are the truck camper tie-downs. In this article, we will focus on the F3008 rear truck camper tie-downs, especially when they appear loose in the factory hitch of an F205 Ford truck.

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Will the F2021 truck camper tie down interfere with my truck bed step?

Truck enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers often face a critical question when equipping their vehicles for a camper: will their chosen tie downs integrate seamlessly with the existing features of their truck? This is particularly relevant for owners of the latest 2023 model trucks who are considering the Torklift F2021 front truck camper tie downs. The primary concern revolves around the compatibility of these tie downs with the factory side bed steps that are a common feature in these models.

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What is the smallest battery box with the solar panel that will hold a single Group 24 Lithium Battery (DL+ 12v 135Ah Dakota Lithium Battery) which is Group 24?

PowerArmor Solar Battery Box

When selecting a battery box with an integrated solar panel for your Group 24 Lithium Battery, like the DL+ 12v 135Ah Dakota Lithium Battery, size and compatibility are essential factors. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the optimal battery box that fits these criteria, ensuring that you make an informed decision for your energy storage needs.

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Elevate Your Boondocking Experience with These Essential Torklift Products

Are you an avid truck camping enthusiast who loves the thrill of off-grid adventures? If so, you know that boondocking brings a unique sense of freedom and adventure, but it also requires careful preparation. In this post, we'll explore some Torklift essentials, including the HiddenPower and PowerArmor Battery Box, that can significantly enhance your boondocking experience and why they are the best choice on the market.

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Haul Like a Boss with Ford's SuperHitch Magnum: The Ultimate Trailer Hitch for Heavy-Duty Tasks

Are you ready to transform your Ford truck into the ultimate hauling machine? Look no further than the Ford SuperHitch Magnum – the trailer hitch that laughs in the face of heavy loads.

The SuperHitch Magnum next to a smaller hitch for scale

[The SuperHitch Magnum, unattached and showcasing its robust build]

Right off the bat, this isn't your average hitch. It's a beast that comes with a towing capacity that's through the roof – or should we say, the bed of your truck? With the SuperHitch Magnum, your Ford becomes a towing titan, capable of handling up to 30,000 lbs. towing when used with weight distribution. It's like the Superman of trailer hitches – if Superman was engineered for maximum towing capacity and durability.

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer

[The SuperHitch Magnum next to a smaller hitch for scale]

Size matters, but so does scale. See that smaller hitch in the photo? Cute, isn't it? That's what the Magnum makes other hitches feel like – miniature toys. Because when it comes to serious towing, you need a hitch that stands tall (and wide, and deep).

Now, let's talk installation. You might think something this substantial would be a nightmare to install, but think again! The SuperHitch Magnum is designed for a no-fuss attachment that will have you hitching your trailer, boat, or camper faster than you can say 'road trip'.

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer

The SuperHitch Magnum in action, hooked to a Ford truck carrying a camper and towing a trailer. Always make sure to use our application guide to ensure you get the exact fit for your Ford truck year make and model.

And speaking of road trips, picture this: your Ford truck, the open road and a camper in tow, all thanks to the SuperHitch Magnum. Whether you're heading to the mountains, the lake, or cross-country, this hitch has got your back, ensuring that your cargo arrives just as pristine as when you set off.

In conclusion, if you're looking to step up your towing game, the Ford SuperHitch Magnum is the way to go. Professional, powerful, and a bit cheeky – because let's face it, owning a hitch this good is bound to make you a little bit smug.

So, why wait? Make your Ford the envy of every truck owner and the hero of every heavy-duty task. Because with the SuperHitch Magnum, you're not just driving; you're commanding the road with strength, style, and a touch of swagger.

Learn more about the SuperHitch Magnum.

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Step Up Your Game with the GlowStep Revolution: The Ultimate RV Step Solution

Are you ready to elevate your RV experience, quite literally? Bid farewell to the wobbly dance you've perfected entering your home-on-wheels. It's time to embrace the GlowStep Revolution, the stairway to heaven for RV enthusiasts!

GlowStep Revolution

Showcasing the GlowStep Revolution neatly tucked beside an RV.

Picture this: the sun dips below the horizon, and you're ready to call it a day after a thrilling adventure. With the GlowStep Revolution, you can step into your RV with confidence. These steps are a beacon of stability, crafted for those who demand excellence in every inch of their travel life.

GlowStep Revolution neatly tucked beside an RV

The GlowStep Revolution in action in a rugged, outdoor setting.

As the stars take the stage, your GlowStep Revolution shines. The built-in illuminators guide your path, ensuring a safe entry and exit at all hours. And when you're parked in the wild, unforgiving terrains? Fear not. The adjustable legs plant firmly on any ground, from the uneven soils of the backcountry to the soft sands of a beachside retreat.

GlowStep Revolution in action in a rugged outdoor setting

Capturing the GlowStep Revolution at dusk, offering a serene and inviting entrance to the RV.

Imagine the ease of bringing groceries, gear, and grandkids aboard. The GlowStep Revolution supports it all with a sturdy, non-slip surface. It's not just an RV step; it's an upgrade to your lifestyle.
In a world that's constantly moving, make a stand with the GlowStep Revolution. It's not just about getting from point A to point B. It's about the assurance of a safe, secure, and stylish ascent every time you step into your RV.

Learn more about the GlowStep Revolution.

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Truck Camper Hitch Towing

You want to tow your boat behind your truck camper that overhangs past your tailgate? We’ve got you covered!

Our SuperHitch with SuperTruss Extension is exactly what you’re looking for. It is designed vehicle specific and no drilling is needed for nearly every application. Ranging in various sizes from 21”- 48” bringing your receiver right up to the end of your truck camper.

The SuperHitch



The SuperHitch trailer hitch towing series is safest towing system available for your truck camper. These are designed vehicle specific with no drilling required for installation on nearly all applications.

SuperTruss Extension


Our SuperHitch with the SuperTruss system was designed specifically for truck camper towing. No matter your camper shape, size, or overhang, the SuperTruss extension for your truck camper brings you the receiver right up to the back of your camper without compromising capacity! Featuring a dual stacked truss design with a lateral support safety chain system that fits right into the dual head of the SuperHitch, this makes it the safest trailer hitch towing system available.

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JKWilson shares his experience with his Glowstep Revolution!

A really enjoyable upgrade to my 303RLS. New Steps!

Earlier this year I installed a set of Torklift Glowstep Revolution® steps in place of the three step factory steps. These are my thoughts about the installation and how big of an upgrade they really were after 5 trips using them.

First, why? The factory steps were free hanging, and had the diving board bounce when going up and down. My knees would hurt after maintenance, winterization, packing, unpacking or cleaning when I had to go in and out of the rig a lot. My wife has depth perception problems, and she had to go down the old steps very gingerly because she couldn't tell where the next step was.

I'm happy to say the Glowsteps took care of both problems for us. With legs on the ground, there is no diving board spring going on, and the steps are much more visible when descending, especially in the dark when they glow. They actually fixed another problem I hadn't even thought about. Going up or down the factory steps tends to shake the trailer pretty good. Since the Glowsteps are supported by the ground on the end, there is much less trailer shaking.

Here they are in use at the KOA in Oscoda, MI

GlowStep Revolution at the KOA in Oscoda MI

Level and easy site and they were smooth as silk.

Here's a little rougher setting. I had just pulled the trailer out of the barn. It was on a side hill in the drive, and the grass slopes off even more.

GlowStep Revolution handles a wide range of site conditions.

Still handles it easily.

What's good about them? They handle a wide range of site conditions. They are stable. They install easily in the factory step well. They don't fold inside the door dragging dirt in, they fold into the factory step well. They can be deployed or stored with something close to the camper.

What might you not like about them? Deploying them takes just a bit more thought than folding down the simple factory steps. You have three upper adjustment positions and the two legs to get things just right, but it doesn't have to be perfect for a quick stop for lunch or a bathroom break.

Torklift has a great diagram on their site describing how the adjustment works:

GlowStep Revolution adjustments

The three upper positions set the overall height of the steps, and then the legs adjust to handle the ground. It's very fast once you've done it a couple of times.

My trailer floor level is right at the threshold for 3 steps or 4 steps. I initially got the 3-step model, but after installation I could see that I needed another step. No problem to add a step to an existing set.

Speaking of installation. It's pretty easy. With two people it could probably done in 15 minutes. I did it by myself and it took just a little longer. Two carriage bolts in each end of the step well need to be removed to get the old steps out, and replaced to anchor the new ones. The only real challenge doing it solo was lifting the new steps into position while putting the bolts in. Being a part-time farmer, I'm used to dealing with stuff like that so I simply stacked wooden blocks and pieces of 2x10 until it was just below the correct height and used a pry bar for fine adjustment.

Here's the side of the step well with the old steps in place showing how easy it is to access the nuts to remove the bolts:

Side of the steps

And finally here are the steps raised into the step well with my cribbing. Note that it's the original three step configuration. Also note the hardware strewn around the floor after I kicked it and the antifreeze bottle I missed during my 10:30pm winterization last fall upon arrival home from our last trip with an overnight low forecast of 24F.


In short, these steps are a much appreciated upgrade and installation is well within the capabilities of most anyone.

I know I have a picture of the 4-step version folded, but I'm not finding it right now. I'll add it when I come across it or take another picture tomorrow. If anyone wants specific pictures or has any questions, I'll be glad to help if I can.

-JKWilson from Grand Design Owner’s forum


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Can you put a bike rack on an airstream?

 Tailored Hitch Airstream

Can you put a bike rack on an airstream?

Yes you can! Our Tailored Hitch Airstream bike rack is a one time install that is sleek and custom made to for your Airstream.

As long as your frame width is the proper size, the trailer hitch will allow you to have 450 pounds of carry weight, allowing more storage space inside your trailer. This capacity allows a wide variety of bike carriers to be applied to your receiver hitch.

How do I carry my bike with an Airstream?

Once the rear hitch is on your Airstream, all that comes next is finding your preferred bike rack with a 2 inch receiver and using it!

Since the Airstream hitch uses a simple receiver design, it pairs with a simple receiver rack. No need to get a second bike rack for your Airstream; the one you have for your current vehicle is now able to crossover to your trailer hitch.

How do I install an Airstream bike rack?

First, you will need to identify the height of your trailer frame in order to make sure the you have the proper installation measurements.

After measuring twice and drilling once, you then install the frame plates provided to your frame. Lastly, you bolt your receiver hitch to your frame plates with the correct torque and you are good to go!

Can you put a trailer hitch on the back of an Airstream?

 Tailored Hitch Airstream

Absolutely. One major benefit of having a frame-mounted hitch for your Airstream is that you are utilizing the strongest structure of the trailer as support. The frame is built to last and withstand the harshest of conditions, which is why we wanted to utilize it for an Airstream hitch. Who would’ve guessed there was a bike rack hack built right into the main components of your Airstream?


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Check out what Bob N. has to say about his GlowStep Revolution Uprising!

My wife and I were never very happy with the MORryde Step Above entry steps installed by the manufacturer on our fifth wheel. We felt that the MORryde product interfered with proper closure of the screen door and outer door when the steps were retracted. The steps are like a drawbridge when being deployed; requiring a lot of room. And because those steps are directly connected to the sill plate (of the steps), they require adjustment of the leg length virtually every time they are deployed. If the legs were too long, the door wouldn’t close. If the legs were too short, the steps were left dangling.

Enter the Torklift Glow Step Revolution® Uprising. This is the version of that step that fits inside the door when retracted. There is also a version of the steps that fits in the cutout under the door.

I removed the MORryde steps and installed with Torklift steps. We then embarked on a 5,000 mile, 5 week trip. The new steps got a good trial. We were very pleased with the results. The steps can be deployed where minimal space is available and where the vertical height of the ground is unusual. We make quite a few brief and temporary stops when towing. Rest stops, bathroom stops, grocery stores, Walmart; you name it. Because the Torklift steps are hinged at the sill plate of the steps, we found that we didn’t have a adjust the length of the legs every time we stopped. This turned out to be a very welcome benefit. Much more convenient. Here is a good example that occurred at a brief stop. Note the curb. I didn’t have to adjust a thing.


The steps are nice looking and sturdy. We also appreciated that there is a step at nearly floor level; unlike the previous steps. This made entry and exit a more comfortable and confident process; especially with the dog in tow or a bag of groceries in the arms.

The Torklift steps were quite easy to install. The whole process took me two hours. That included gathering the needed tools, removing the previous steps, installing the Torklift steps, cleaning up, and putting away the tools. Here are a few photos of the process.

The old steps.

Steps  Steps  Steps
Installing the mounting bracket. It’s as simple as drilling 3 holes on each side of the door frame. It is important to mount to bracket at sill height and to get it perfectly level so that the steps clear the door frame when folded inside. I added some shims under the bracket to get the height right and to make sure the bracket was even with the sill on the trailer.

Steps  s006

Steps  Steps

The end result.

Steps  Steps


I am impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. We feel this design has some real benefits.

-Bob N. from Ford Truck Enthusiasts 

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Why you should upgrade your RV steps to the GlowStep Revolution

The GlowStep Revolution® are the only RV step upgrade that are custom designed for RV towables. Let me tell you why!

Infinite Adjustability

The GlowStep Revolution® step system is the only aftermarket RV step that offer you infinite adjustability. 
Turn GlowStep Revolution into a ladder
This RV step upgrade is an accordion designed step that lets you extend the steps fully at 48”. But what happens when you are parked in a confined area like a storage unit or a tight camping site? You don’t have to worry with the GlowStep Revolution. An accordion design means you can extend them in as little as 6” with a ladder deployment – no more getting stuck outside of your trailer when you are in a tight spot!
upgrade gsr2
The Torklift GlowStep Revolution is also equipped with our All-Terrain Landing Gear. This easy-to-use, adjustable foot mechanism allows you to adjust each foot independently of one another, so that your steps remain solid and level on any surface. 
Unlike any other RV step on the market, the GlowStep Revolution step system has three points of adjustment at the top step. Utilize any of the three top step positions to ensure that your steps remain level despite angled or sloped terrain. 

Unparalleled Stability

This RV step system features SureGrip step tread that eliminates jagged holes that are commonly found on factory steps making the steps extremely stable for you but also ensuring safety and comfort for your dogs!
Similar to the steps in your home, these RV steps also have a 7.5” riser height – perfect for kiddos or those with limited mobility!

Only to be improved with accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to add to the usability of the GlowStep Revolution! 
  • The GlowGuide handrail is easily installed for an added layer of safety.
  • The SafeStep panels close of the vertical gaps between the steps to help kids and dogs walk up and down the steps safely.
  • The DirtDestroyer lets you dust off dirt and grime from your shoes before entering your RV to keep it nice and clean.
Thank you Matt K.!
Check out the GlowStep Revolution in action in these photos from our product evaluator! 
upgrade to GlowStep Revolution  Upgrade to GlowStep Revolution
Looking for more RV content? Check out Matt on Instagram at @familyadventurejourney!

Have questions?

If you have further questions about your perfect GlowStep Revolution fitment or how to install, please contact us by phone at 800-246-8132 or by email at Our customer service team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm PST.
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How to install camper tie downs

How to install camper tie downs

Camper Tie Downs are a critical component to your truck camper adventure. Without TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs, you are either compromising the truck bed or not using proper gear for your truck camper set-up. If you have made it to this blog, you are either learning about Torklift Tie Downs for the first time or are a lifetime customer with new camper tie downs for your truck. Either way, you have made it to the right spot.

TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs

Torklift Tie Downs are manufactured to mount to the frame of your truck compared to alternative brands that mount to the bed or bumper. By mounting to the frame, you are mounting to the strongest part of your truck and are making sure your truck camper will be sturdy for the long haul.

Torklift TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs are manufactured in Steel Tie Downs and Talon Stainless Steel Tie Downs. Depending on where you live, Talon Stainless Steel Tie Downs may be for you. Learn more about the Talon Tie Downs here.

How to install Torklift Truck Camper Tie Downs

Check your vehicle fitment

Before you can get started with installing your camper tie downs, you must determine what part number will fit your truck. Every Torklift Tie Down is manufactured to specifically fit to the frame of your truck without modification and due to this the fitment is very vehicle specific.

Make sure to use our Find Your Fit Guide located on our website to determine the part numbers that you need. If you need further assistance, our customer service and tech support team is available Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm PST at 800-246-8132.

When confirming your fit, you will also be shown additional products that are offered for your vehicle such as the Torklift Stableloads® which is a suspension upgrade. Make sure to take a look at all the fitment options for the optimal truck camper experience.

 Install your Torklift tie downs

install tiedowns2

Once you have determined the best fitment for your vehicle, ordered your tie downs, and received them in the mail or from a local dealer, it is now time to get them installed. Torklift manufactures their camper tie downs to be as DIY as possible to allow for little to no modifications and the ability to install at home if you choose. If you would prefer to have a certified installer install the products for you, you can locate a dealer near you at our where to buy section of our website.

If you have chosen to install the Torklift Tie Downs at the comfort of your home, the hardware, bolt kit and instructions are provided in your new tie down kit box. Once the receiver tubes are bolted on to the frame of your truck, the next step is to slide the tie down insert into the receiver tubes.

If you are needing more assistance, our team is happy to assist in talking you through the installation. We also have many installation videos that can be watched here

Pair the tie downs with Torklift Original FastGuns

Original FastGuns and truck camper tie downs

The Torklift FastGun is the ultimate turnbuckle system and allows for the ability to easily disconnect the tie downs with ease when ready to remove your truck camper from your truck. An additional plus to this system is the ability to set the tension once and often not needing to set them again for your next trip.

Torklift also offers additional turnbuckle systems such as the Springload XL and Basic Springload. Head here to learn which turnbuckles are right for you

Have further Questions?

If you have further questions on truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles maintenance, our team is ready to take your call or answer your email. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am PST to 5 pm PST, excluding holidays. You can contact our team by calling 800-246-8132 or emailing

Looking for Torklift camper tie downs for sale? Find a dealer in your area or online!

Where to Buy

install tiedowns4


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What products do you need to start truck camping

If you are new to truck camping and not sure where to start or what you need, keep reading to learn more about the products that you need to start your great truck camping experience.

To get started, you must think about the experience you are wanting. Are you looking to use your camper for multiple trips a year? Are you looking to tow behind your camper to bring your boat with you or horse trailer? There are many products available to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

TRUE Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs

Torklift Camper Tie Downs attach to the frame of the truck at four points that are bolted directly to the truck frame. By attaching to the frame, you are attaching the truck camper to the strongest part of the truck which also prevents bed damage where alternative brands attach.

What products do you need to start truck camping

As the camper tie downs are attached to the truck frame and bolt-on installation, they are also very vehicle specific. To determine your fitment, click here

Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles

Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles

The Torklift Original FastGun is a quick-disconnect truck camper turnbuckle which allows ease of use when installing and removing. Each set-up also has tension indicators to determine the perfect tension of the system.

Not sure if you are interested in the FastGun turnbuckles quite yet? Torklift offers a basic springload kit and Springload XL. Learn more about the Good, Better, Best systems here

StableLoad® Suspension Stabilizer

StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer

When someone starts truck camping for the first time, they may not be aware of what adding weight to the bed of a truck can do to the ride. It often makes the ride uneasy, unstable, and uncomfortable. By adding the StableLoad® suspension system to your truck, you are able to combat the many common truck camper suspension items like sway, body roll, porpoising, and more.

With the Quick-Disconnect lower StableLoad® suspension upgrades installed, you are able to disengage the product when you do not have a heavy load in the back of your truck. This is crucial in allowing your truck to ride comfortably when not carrying the truck camper. Alternative suspension upgrades do not have this feature and due to that, the alternative products give a stiff ride.

Super Hitch® and SuperTruss

If you are someone that will be towing behind your truck camper, you will need an extension in order to reach your hitch on the truck. We recommend the Torklift Super Hitch® and SuperTruss combo.

Super Hitch and SuperTruss

The Super Hitch® is offered in three different fitments:

  • Super Hitch® Hero 15K receiver – 15,000 lbs pull, 1,500 lbs tongue*
  • Super Hitch® Original 20K receiver – 20,000 lbs pull, 2,000 lbs tongue*
  • Super Hitch® Magnum 30K receiver – 30,000 lbs pull, 3,000 lbs tongue*

 *When used with weight distribution.

The Super Hitch® Magnum 30K receiver is the biggest and best when it comes to the Torklift Super Hitch® line.

SUPER HITCH® Magnum 30k Features

  • SUPER HITCH® 30K frame mounted receiver rated up to 30,000 lbs pull and 3,000 lbs tongue weight with weight distribution (20,000 lbs pull and 2,500 lbs tongue weight carrying) in either the upper or lower receivers (When used without SuperTruss extension). Extension towing capacity up to 12,000 lbs. with 48” SUPER HITCH® SuperTruss receiver extension†
  • SuperTruss Extensions available in 8 different lengths from 21” to 48” (Extensions available to 60") (Sold Separately)
  • Both the SUPER HITCH® Magnum 30K frame mount receiver and the SuperTruss receiver extensions use Industry standard 2” x 2” ballmounts
  • Eliminates the need for two ballmounts ††
  • Specific Torklift tie down fits are available for the SUPER HITCH® Outlaw Series
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

 The SuperTruss is to be used in conjunction with the Super Hitch®. This is a product that is unable to be used on a different hitch system due to the dual receiver design for added security and stability.

Have further Questions?

If you have further questions on truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles maintenance, our team is ready to take your call or answer your email. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am PST to 5 pm PST, excluding holidays. You can contact our team by calling 800-246-8132 or emailing

Looking for Torklift camper tie downs for sale? Find a dealer in your area or online!

Where to Buy

 Truck Camping

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Why upgrading to Talon Tie Downs is Right for you

Why upgrading to Talon Tie Downs is Right for you

Camper Tie Downs are a necessity when it comes to having a truck camper. When doing your research on what Tie Downs to use, you have inevitably fallen on to the Torklift website and learned about the TRUE Frame Mounted Tie Downs. One thing you may have not learned about as of yet is the Talon Tie Down option that Torklift Offers.

Talon Camper Tie Downs

Front and Rear Talon Camper Tie Downs

The Talon Tie Downs are designed just like the Steel Tie Downs so that they bolt-on directly to your truck frame, the strongest part of your truck. Since the frame is the strongest part of the truck, you can avoid damaging your truck bed or bumper.

As they are frame mounted, they are not one size fits all. The camper tie downs are very vehicle specific. Find your fit here

Talon Camper Tie Downs Features

  • Rust free corrosion protection for life†
  • Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling and stability and is the safest way to haul a truck camper (Prevents vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions)
  • Strength and safety for stress-free truck camper hauling and camping, and the best ride quality in the industry
  • Mounts using independent tie down points that bolt directly to the truck frame
  • Custom fit to specific truck makes and models to allow for the ultimate safety and confidence
  • Applications for Talon tie downs including applications of best-selling Ford, Chevy and Dodge truck models
  • Tie down receiver tube and tie down insert are each 100% military grade aluminum and stainless steel
  • Fast, 100% no-drill installations
  • No loss of ground clearance perfect for off-road truck camping
  • Hidden when not in use to return your truck to its original look
  • Finishing Kit included to protect tie downs from effects of road debris
  • Lockable with Tie Down Locks

 Why you need Talon Camper Tie Downs

Talon Aluminum Camper Tie Downs

The Torklift Talon Tie Downs are made from military grade aluminum that is also lightweight. The camper tie downs are also rust free and have a corrosion protection to handle the toughest of climates and terrain. If you are dealing with harsh chemicals and salts on the road for the winter or on the coast taking your boat out into the water, this is the product for you.

The Talon Camper Tie Downs are backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and made in the USA.

Have further Questions?

If you have further questions on truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles maintenance, our team is ready to take your call or answer your email. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am PST to 5 pm PST, excluding holidays. You can contact our team by calling 800-246-8132 or emailing

Looking for Torklift camper tie downs for sale? Find a dealer in your area or online!

Where to Buy


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How to choose the best truck for your truck camper

How to choose the best truck for your truck camper

You’ve made the big decision to take your camping adventures off-grid: Congratulations! Getting set up for a truck camper and making the decision on which camper with your truck can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! As long as you follow these few details, you’ll be set up and ready to get out and go in no time.

What came first: the truck or the camper?

How to choose the best truck for your truck camperOne saying we hear frequently is “Don’t buy the carriage before the horse”. It is very important to evaluate the truck that you have or the truck that you plan on hauling your camper to be sure that it will stand up to needs of your camper. Nothing is worse than forking out the cash for a beautiful, luxurious truck camper just to find out that your truck can’t haul it. There are multiple factors you will want to take into account when checking compatibility of your truck and truck camper.


Above all, you will want to make certain that your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is within limits and you have enough payload to support your camper. The GVWR is the maximum total safe weight on your vehicle. This weight is assigned by the Department of Transportation and can be found on the manufacturer sticker on the inside of your vehicle or in your owner’s manual.

To determine the amount of payload you available, go to a certified weight station to obtain vehicle weight, subtract this from your GVWR to identify how much payload capacity you have available for your truck camper. Tip: Don’t forget to take into account the weight of any cargo, for example, passengers, fuel, supplies, etc. If your rig is overloaded, you may have to take on the expense of changing campers or trucks.

Tie Down Compatibility

besttruck3If you want to haul a truck camper, having truck camper tie downs and spring-loaded turnbuckles is a necessity. To attach your camper to your truck, we recommend our TRUE Frame-Mounted Camper Tie Downs. These camper tie downs are designed to bolt onto the strongest point of your truck: the frame. Since our parts are bolt on, part numbers are custom fit based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. To verify fitment for the truck you have in mind, check your fitment here.

The Torklift TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs must be paired with a spring-loaded turnbuckle. Take a look at our best-selling Original FastGun turnbuckle here.

Original FastGun Turnbuckles

Truck Design

besttruck5Cab Size

Most truck campers are designed for extended or crew cab trucks. It is possible that a truck camper will fit on a regular cab, but there is a possibility that the cab over portion of the camper will limit visibility from a driver’s standpoint.

Four-Wheel Drive

Truck campers are designed to go anywhere at any time. With that being said, those who camp in truck campers typically will spend a lot of time off grid. If you plan on being off road, you need four-wheel drive to combat rough or rugged terrain that is common for truck campers.

To dually or not to dually

The choice of single rear wheel compared to dual rear wheel comes down to the fully-loaded wet weight of the truck camper. This would include the dry weight of the camper plus any additional cargo in the camper. Dual rear wheel trucks have a higher payload capacity due to the rear axle being wider so they can accommodate more weight than the single rear wheel trucks. 

If you have further questions about choosing the best truck for your truck camper set up, please give our support team a call at 800-246-8132 or email at Our tech support is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm PST.


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