How the PowerArmor Solar works

The PowerArmor Solar is interesting battery attire. It is dressed in heavy gauge diamond plate, framed in black high impact powder coat and wears a smart energy efficient solar cap.

PAS-on-trailer-tonguePowerArmor Solar installed on trailer tongue  PowerArmor-locking-battery-boxPowerArmor Solar battery box

Solar-panel10-watt solar panel maintains battery charge
What’s in 10 watts?
The solar panel on the PowerArmor Solar is 10 watts. That might not sound powerful to the average solar energy consumer but that’s because we haven’t explained all the benefits yet. For a PowerArmor Solar battery box that holds two batteries, a single 10-watt solar panel is successful in maintaining and increasing the longevity of your spare RV batteries.

Sticky fingers

We’re not talking about the maple syrup from hot cakes at your quintessential campsite breakfast that sticks your utensil to the inside of your index finger. The sticky fingers we’re talking about will cost you much more than the price of Mrs. Butterworth’s concoction of sugary delight. Would you rather wake up to the delectable smell of eggs and sausage on the griddle, or to the despair of no power due to stolen batteries?

Campsite theft and stolen batteries have been reported more frequently on local newscasts, warning users to either lock up their expensive batteries or literally pay the consequences.


Click here to see a King 5 newscast that shows just how common this problem is becoming. In addition to stolen batteries, thieves and their sticky fingers are causing significant damage by snipping wiring, an even bigger hassle to get repair work on.


We think it’s a better approach to “wash your hands” of these thieves (so to speak) and invest in a locking battery box you can depend on.

Live long and prosper
live-longThe 10-watt solar panel can increase battery life and longevity by up to 400 percent. Sometimes even the most avid traveler will find themselves with a slew of dead batteries. Camping season isn’t year round for most folks so when the RV goes into storage, the batteries sit for months. While they are sitting in storage, the batteries begin to die, or they die completely. Two dead batteries cost more than $350 off the shelf.

battery-chargeThe 10-watt solar panel maintains your spare batteries to the level of charge they are currently at. If you have batteries that are charged at 100 percent, when used properly, the solar panel will maintain them at 80 percent charge while they sit in storage. If your batteries are 80 percent charged, the solar panel will maintain them at 50 percent charge and so on.

powerarmor-locking-boxSecures and stores batteries under lock and key
Charged and well-maintained healthy RV batteries translate into freedom for you. No stress or worries struggling to get your batteries charged so you can get to your travel destination on time. The high quality battery box comes equipped with a lock and key. Not only are your batteries left in great shape, but also they are protected from theft and tampering.

Top quality solar energy

Torklift International is dedicated to producing quality equipment and supporting other manufacturers who do the same. That’s why we have partnered with Zamp Solar. As industry leaders in solar panel energy, we trust their product to recommend it to our customers with confidence.


In conclusion, the Torklift International Power Armor solar battery box is a great way to take care of expensive batteries. Solar energy maintains them by keeping the batteries charged and healthy for longer use, and the carefully designed lockable box prevents them from being stolen whether at the campsite or while stored at home.

Torklift PowerArmor Solar comes in a variety of sizes. Click here for additional details on PowerArmor Solar.

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No really, what is this hole for? Right here:


Too close? Let’s zoom out.


Still not sure?


Let’s try a few things.

If you have a Palomino Landing Pad bumper and find yourself wondering what in the world Torklift International was thinking when they punched a hole in it, we totally understand. Here are a few ideas for you to consider that we market-tested right here in our factory.

1.) Toilet paper on a stick
We hid the toilet paper at the factory and sat out a stick to see what would happen. The result was interesting and innovative. It came in quite handy and we are rather proud of our engineers seeing there was a need for a special product and then taking the time to create it.


2.) Crop protector
Ever since we offered the Scarecrow Protection Package
at Torklift International, crops have never been so bountiful.


3.) Bear protection

Enough said.


4.) Gun rack
This is legal right? How many times have you been at the campsite
and said to yourself, “I don’t have enough guns today.”

Bring ‘em all.


5.) Silent fisherman
Stick your fishing pole inside and park near a lake.
A robotic arm actually comes out of the truck camper to reel in any fish
that take a bite. It actually cooks it for you, too.


6.) Certified Corona holder
When your hand hurts from squeezing your lime, cram your beer in here.
It also protects your beer from those late night “I like to party” falls.


7.) Twinkie holder
Twinkies are sticky after you hold them too long and it’s incredibly inconvenient
to wash your hands when you are outside. Put your hands in your pockets
and simply kneel down to eat. For that matter it’s a cucumber, pickle and popsicle holder.


8.) Free cable
Remember these? We are bringing them back.
Consider it nostalgia. Don’t drive too close to power lines or low hanging branches.


9.) Clothes line
What is better than naturally dried towels and clothes?


10) Flower holder
Fragrant, pretty and the wives love it!


Okay, we’ve lied and it’s not even April Fool’s Day but I assure you there is a purpose to this seemingly insignificant hole in your Palomino Landing Pad truck camper bumper. It involves two critical things: Storage and Power.

Torklift International manufacturers the Landing Pad truck camper bumper specifically for the hard-side MAX camper models of Palomino truck campers. We also offer two very special products for this truck camper bumper. It all starts with the Space Dock.

Space Dock receiver port
swivel-hitch-accessorySpace Dock swivel receiver port for accessoriesThe Space Dock is a receiver attachment for accessories that conveniently swings out to allow clearance for accessing storage and rear entry to the camper. It inserts into the pre-drilled hole on the Palomino truck camper bumper. The Space Dock is essentially the portal to all things fun and provides endless joy that you’ve been missing out on.


This very covert swivel receiver attachment improves your camping lifestyle tremendously. The port for you to attach various accessories features a standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver that fits most anything from bike racks to ski racks. Outdoor barbecue? No problem, attach it to the Space Dock.

Lock and Load SideKick generator tray
sidekick-generator-trayLock and Load SideKick attached to Palomino Landing Pad Bumper with SpaceDockNow this contraption is your ticket to power. Literally.

The Lock and Load SideKick is a lockable generator tray that fits into the Space Dock receiver allowing you to store your generator outside. Storing your generator outside gives you extra storage in the truck cab or truck camper and eliminates the interior exhaust odor you can never really get rid of. Best of all, while it is locked in the tray, it’s fully functional and you don’t have to take it out or unlock it for use.

That was so important we have to repeat it: it’s fully functional and you don’t have to take it out or unlock it for use.

palomino-landing-pad-bumperPalomino truck camper with Landing Pad

           Translation: Convenience

In conclusion, the specifically designed hole in the Palomino truck camper bumper does come with a purpose. However, if you’ve scrolled this far you’ve seen that there are really no limitations. The skies the limit and you’re free to use your imagination -- in fact, comment below with any ideas you have for more creative accessories!

If extra storage and more power is something you find useful, don’t waste any time living without a Space Dock and Lock and Load SideKick from Torklift International.



Click here to learn more about the SideKick generator tray or find more information on the Space Dock here.

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The ultimate propane protection for Airstream trailers

airstream-tanksLP tank container on Airstream trailerDid you know the factory aluminum case that covers your propane tanks on your Airstream trailer costs upwards of $800 to replace without including labor costs? While it looks great and matches the shiny aluminum trailer perfectly, this cover does not lock to prevent your propane tanks from being stolen or tampered with.

Several years ago a Torklift customer contacted us about his propane tanks being stolen and wanted to see if we had a solution for him. At the time we didn’t, so our engineers put their heads together to see what they could come up with.

Several meetings and design sessions later, the Fortress GasLock was developed. It remains the only solution to lock up propane tanks.

For your LP tanks
airstream-lp-tank-lockFortress GasLock propane tank lock installed
on an Airstream trailer
The specially designed propane tank lock fits 3/8” and 1/2” threaded rods that come standard on a variety of trailers including Airstream.

The threaded rod runs down the center of a dual propane unit. The Fortress GasLock threads onto the threaded rod. It features a specially flanged wing design to fit perfectly between the propane tanks housed on an Airstream trailer that is unique to Airstream. A deadbolt style lock secures the entire mechanism into place.


The Fortress GasLock is colored ‘Caution Red’ to further deter potential thieves.

For Airstream owners, the Fortress GasLock is now securing both the expensive propane tanks and the special $800.00 Airstream tank cover.


Conveniencefortress-gaslock1Fortress GasLock for Airstream
The propane tanks are accessible while they are locked down so there is no need to remove the locks while camping. Simply unlock if ever you decide to remove your propane tanks.

The cost of victimization
Don’t’ become a victim of propane tank theft. It is so much more than just stolen propane tanks. Below is a break down of what it truly costs to replace stolen propane tanks:

                  Two propane tanks plus installation labor:  $360
           Replacement of cut propane hoses with labor:  $140
                                                                           Total:  $500

Don’t be fooled
That number above is misleading. There are other costs that you can’t put a dollar figure on. Did you have to cancel your camping trip after noticing the propane tanks were stolen the same day you were trying to leave? Did your propane tanks get stolen while you were actually at the campsite? Talk about inconvenience.



The cost of a Fortress GasLock begins at $83.99.



Breaking Bad
Have you asked yourself why propane is being stolen?

As depicted in the AMC hit show Breaking Bad, propane tanks are commonly stolen to use for ammonia in creating methamphetamine. It’s known to be a critical ingredient in the deadly drug. The Fortress GasLock protects you from this type of theft.

Overall, Torklift engineers created the lock for LP tanks to address a common problem and provide a suitable solution. Now RVers can gain peace of mind while your trailer is stored at home or at the campground.

“I feel a lot safer about my expensive camping equipment since using PowerArmor and Fortress GasLock. They give me peace of mind.”
                                                              -Lauren Jensen

Take a look at some of Torklift’s popular security products by watching this video:  

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International Fortress GasLock for propane tanks security.

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Two convenient ways to mount a generator when camping

sound-waveWhat’s that sound? Is your Yamaha or Honda generator humming? If you listen closely, you’ll hear that it’s asking for a SideKick. Not the buddy-buddy kind, but the Lock and Load SideKick from Torklift International. The locking generator tray is the perfect solution for storing your Honda or Yamaha generator while camping.

locking-cargo-tray-emptyLock and Load SideKick

What is the SideKick?
The Lock and Load SideKick provides a secure way to store and lock expensive accessories on your RV. Benefit by having access to more power if used to house a generator. By using a tamper-proof high security puck lock, prevent generator theft and enjoy the benefit of extra space within your camper.

The important question: Where to mount your locking generator tray?  Here are two convenient ways to mount your generator that provide both security and convenience:

#1) Front or rear hitch
The receiver hitch application of the Lock and Load SideKick is more universal for folks with either a truck camper or any type of trailer. The locking cargo tray fits into any industry standard 2-inch by 2-inch receiver and connects to either front or rear receiver hitches.

sidekick-yamahaYamaha generator on Lock and Load SideKickThe sturdy security strap secures the generator and easily adjusts to fit different sizes of generators. The notches in each of the side straps are designed for Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF2400iSHC and Honda Eu2000ia generators. However, the height of the security straps range from 16.5 inches to 18.5 inches tall, allowing other generators to fit as long as the dimensions are appropriate.

For larger sized generators, check out the original Lock and Load. Torklift’s generator carrier dimensions are:

  1. Lock and Load SideKick: 19.75" x 11.75"
  2. Lock and Load Original: 28" x 23"


Palomino-bumper-close-upPalomino Truck Camper with Landing Pad bumper#2) Space Dock
If you have a Palomino truck camper equipped with the Landing Pad bumper, this application will blow your mind. The Landing Pad truck camper bumper boasts extra lockable storage, fancy DOT certified LED lights and convenient glow-in-the-dark swing step.  The left side of the bumper has a specific spot for the Space Dock so a SideKick generator tray can be secured.

space-dock-adapterSpace Dock receiver accessory

sidekick-on-bumperLock and Load SideKick attached to Palomino Landing Pad Bumper with Space DockBy using the Space Dock receiver attachment on the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, the Lock and Load SideKick generator carrier easily swings out to allow clearance for accessing storage. The SpaceDock receiver accessory is also compatible with other attachments like cargo racks, BBQ, etc.

Choose the Lock and Load SideKick generator tray to keep your humming generator outside the camper allowing for more space inside the RV for your leisure. The generator makes noise when used to power lights and other things that require energy in the camper. Since the generator uses a hefty lock, leave it attached to the bumper without worry of someone stealing it.

A best friend for you and your generator
Your RV generator is safe in the hands of Torklift’s SideKick.  Security access to the generator is tool-free, quick and easy. Engineered and designed for durability, the generator tray is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and finished with high impact powder coat. The Lock and Load SideKick allows you to lock, store and run your generator simultaneously.

sidekick-generator-tray1Torklift customer installed SideKick generator tray on the front receiver
to secure a Honda generator

Whether you choose to mount a generator to your front or rear receiver hitch or the Palomino Landing Pad bumper, camping with your RV is made easier. With expensive equipment like your Yamaha or Honda generator safely stored and easily accessible, enjoy more access to power with the Lock and Load SideKick.

Read a recent review of this locking generator tray or click here to learn more about the Torklift International Lock and Load SideKick.

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See what this forum user has to say about Lock and Load SideKick

Recently a Torklift customer shared their experience using our Lock and Load SideKick generator tray.

See what Buzzcut1 had to say on here: LINK

sidekick-generator-tray1The Lock and Load SideKick generator tray
can be installed in a front or rear hitch

The Lock and Load SideKick is designed to keep generators secured under lock and key when in use and generating that coveted AC power we all know and love while at the campsite or while in long-term storage.  It’s the latest innovation in generator security at our factory.  It’s designed to secure the most common small-scale generators that people typically take to the campsite such as Yamaha EF2400iSHC, Yamaha EF2000iS and Honda Eu2000ia generators.

The tray dimensions are 21.25” x 16.125” and it adjusts to fit all front or rear 2” x 2” mounted trailer hitches.

On, forum user Buzzcutt1 decided to mount his generator tray to the front receiver. By doing so he was able to put the generator in a non-obtrusive area and freed up a great deal of space in his truck camper. Campers are often looking for alternatives to internal truck camper storage. Not to mention, potential leakage messes and fumes caused by generators will now stay outside.

sidekick-generator-tray2The Lock and Load SideKick generator security tray
is installed in a front receiver hitch shown above

The Lock and Load SideKick is durable, made from high strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum and sealed with high impact powder coat. With generator theft becoming a concern, it even comes with a heavy-duty tamper proof puck lock. No one wants to wake up to a stolen generator since these types of thefts often occur while away from our campsite or while we are sleeping.

Buzzcutt1 found that installation was a snap; he assembled it himself and installed it to the truck’s front hitch receiver.

locking-cargo-trayForum user Buzzcut1 assembled the
Lock and Load SideKick on his own

Based on our customer feedback, we even made a change to this product referenced in this forum thread. We decided to replace the standard hex bolts with two tamper resistant snake eyebolts.

tray-tech-drawingTechnical drawing showing the replaced bolts

Torklift is a company who listens to their customers and values their feedback tremendously. In fact, one of our first products we ever developed was the FastGun turnbuckle and that was based on a customer who had a need. Particularly this customer had arthritis in her hands and was devastated that she was no longer going to be able to truck camp. At the time the only turnbuckles available on the market was the standard hook turnbuckles requiring customers to turn them with their hands. Many years ago, Torklift International founder Jon Kay learned about this woman and decided he needed to do something about it. He developed the quick-disconnect handle FastGun turnbuckle specifically for this woman so she could continue to truck camp.

It is that devotion to customer service and input that leads to new and improved products at Torklift International.

Thank you to Buzzcut1 for sharing this experience about our Lock and Load SideKick generator tray.

Click here to learn more about the Lock and Load SideKick generator tray.

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Host of Gypsy Angler TV show reveals how to tow when hauling a truck camper

Torklift International is proud to sponsor Captain Ray Van Horn of the Sportsman Channel’s hit TV show Gypsy Angler. The popular TV Show features fishing tips and techniques as Van Horn travels all over the country exploring different salt and fresh water fishing destinations.

Living on the road during his filming expeditions, Van Horn tows his Ranger Boat with a GMC Sierra 3500 truck. His CampLite truck camper with 4-foot overhang requires a towing extension in order to tow safely.

angler lifestyle 
Van Horn on Gypsy Angler TV Show              Interior of Van Horn’s CampLite truck camper

Watch this video to see why Torklift International SuperHitch trailer hitch and SuperTruss towing extension provide an appropriate solution to towing with a truck camper.

b2ap3_thumbnail_SuperHitch_Magum.pngSuperHitch Magnum 30k trailer hitchThe SuperHitch Outlaw Towing Series is the safest and most versatile professional grade towing equipment available. When used with weight distribution, the Outlaw Towing Series has the ability to safely tow up to 30,000 pounds with 3,000-pound tongue weight capacity. The number one cause of trailer hitch failures and accidents is exceeding towing equipment tongue weight capacities. Ensure a safe towing experience by using equipment engineered for high capacity purposes.  

What gives the SuperHitch trailer hitch receiver its strength? There are several benefits from the engineering of its design:

  1. Patented dual receiver
  2. Bolts directly to the truck frame – most applications do not require drilling
    (Applications available for Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge RAM trucks)
  3. Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations to prevent common elongation known as “egging”

towing-extensionSuperTruss towing extension
for hauling campers
The SuperTruss towing extension is designed for towing with truck campers up to 12 feet long. Pulling capacity and tongue weight capacities vary dependent on the size of receiver extension used. Capacities are increased for shorter receiver extensions. Check our application guide for verified weight capacities.


The dual truss towing extensions are available in lengths from 21 inches to 60 inches (5 feet).  If you aren’t sure what size receiver extension you need, click here to use our towing extension measurement guide.

Not only does Van Horn depend on the SuperHitch and SuperTruss towing system, he also relies on Torklift TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Downs and FastGun truck camper turnbuckles to secure his CampLite truck camper to his GMC truck. To address handling and sway when hauling a camper while towing, Van Horn installed StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer on the GMC truck’s suspension.

Watch this video to learn how Van Horn uses suspension and truck camper accessories by Torklift:

camper-tie-down-steelFrame-mounted tie downBy attaching directly to the GMC truck frame, the truck camper tie downs provide strength and stability to Van Horn’s truck and camper configuration. Torklift International SuperHitch comes pre-drilled for frame-mounted tie down applications and bolt directly to the truck without having to drill. Click here to see the benefits of installing frame-mounted tie downs on Chevy or GMC trucks.

FastGun turnbuckles connect the truck camper to the tie down system. Due to the quick-disconnect and tool-free design, the locking turnbuckles quickly secure the truck camper with appropriate tension. Since the camper turnbuckles come with patented spring tension indicators, manufacturer recommended 300 pounds of tension is achieved with the snap of a handle. Click here to learn how to properly adjust truck camper turnbuckles in as little as four minutes.

b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun.pngFastGun camper turnbuckle

bodyrollEliminate poor handling with the StableLoad


Since Van Horn is towing and hauling, it’s important that the vehicle stays in control when on the road. Many people experience poor handling when their truck is loaded with a heavy amount of weight. This includes frightening characteristics like severe side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising.

b2ap3_thumbnail_stableload-display.pngStableLoad Suspension Stabilizer turned on (right) and turned off (left)


To help reduce these negative side effects, the StableLoad Suspension Stabilizer activates the power and support that lies within the factory suspension leaf springs. The lower StableLoad application uses a precision-crafted adjustable wedge plates to occupy the gap between the leaf spring pack and lower overload leaf spring, kicking the overload into action. By activating the overload leaf springs the truck’s suspension is used to its full potential. Sway and movement is greatly reduced and the truck is easier to control.

StableLoads install on any vehicle with overload leaf springs and is the only suspension upgrade that can be turned on and off to accommodate a truck when used in either regular or tow/haul mode. To learn more about how StableLoads work on leaf springs, click here.

tc-with-boatTowing a boat with
truck camper overhang
Torklift’s suspension, truck camper and towing equipment featured on the Gypsy Angler TV show are critical in the everyday life of host Van Horn. Traveling as often as he does, safety while towing the Ranger boat and hauling the CampLite truck camper is top priority.

All of the Torklift International equipment Van Horn uses is covered by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is made in the USA. To learn more about Van Horn and the Gypsy Angler TV show, visit


Video footage courtesy of Gypsy Angler

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SPRING CLEANING: 6 stages of cleaning the inside of an RV

cleaning-an-rvTips for cleaning an RV interiorBefore you find your adventure this camping season, take some time to clean the RV after the long winter months. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together our favorite tips for cleaning an RV.

We would suggest starting from the inside out and from the top-down, however you’re welcome to use any technique you find favorable. Also consider reviewing your camper or RV manufacturers guidelines for your particular RV.

To begin on the RV interior, start by opening all windows to allow proper air circulation. This lets the space ‘breathe’ and releases any stuffy or stale air. Use a trash bag to empty any existing garbage. Completely clearing out the RV prior to cleaning allows for proper deep cleaning.

Stage #1) Ceilings
fan-iconInspect the ceiling of your RV for any discoloration, which may be an indication of RV water damage. We suggest starting with a simple wipe down of the ceiling. Once this section of cleaning is complete, turn the fan on for increased air circulation.

  1. Vents and filters: This includes air conditioner and a fan vent
  2. Windows:
    1. Remove screens and spray them gently with a hose
    2. Wash windows using household window cleaner

Stage #2) Kitchens and Cabinets
cleanerEmpty cabinets and toss anything from last camping season that’s no longer useable.  Take this opportunity to reorganize and make an inventory list for restocking purposes. Once cabinets are empty, start wiping the interior clean and go from one side of the RV to the other.

  1. Cabinets:
    1. Veneer cabinets: wipe clean with soft cloth
    2. Wood cabinets: maintained best with a wood cleaner or polish
    3. Vinyl wrapped cabinets: finish can be wiped with a mild cleanser or furniture polish
  2. Kitchen:
    1. Stove:
      1. Range hood: Remove filter and cleanse with soap in warm water without scrubbing – be sure it’s completely dry before reinstalling
      2. Stove top: Clean with mild soap or specified RV cleaner
  3. Countertops: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down countertops – check for a protectant/cleaner product specified for RV countertops

Stage #3) Fabrics and Upholstery
vacuumBe careful before applying cleaning products to fabrics as some RV upholsteries contain fire and stain retardant that may cause fading or shrinking.  

  1. Bedding: Wash, dry and replace
  2. Cushions: Wash any removable cushion covers or use a vacuum attachment
  3. Drapery: Either remove and shake off dust or clean appropriately and replace

Stage #4) Bathrooms
rv-showerThere are RV products that are made specifically for RV’s that are mild enough for the surfaces of the bathroom. We don’t suggest using bleach or harsh cleaners in this area, as it may be harmful to the materials. Select a cleaning product that is compatible with your RV. If you want to be safe, stick with a non-abrasive cleaner.

  1. Bathroom and shower: Use a squeegee for shower area and wipe everything down with selected cleaner
  2. Toilet: Add cleaner and scrub with toilet brush

Stage #5) Floors
Useful equipment to keep RV floors clean includes a portable vacuum cleaner or small whiskbroom with dustpan. It’s also easy to prevent dirt from entering the RV with Torklift International DirtDestroyer.

  1. Floor storage: Start with storage areas on the floor and use vacuum attachment for hard to reach spots.
  2. Floors: Once vacuumed or swept, use a no-rinse floor cleaner for vinyl floors
  3. Entry/Exit:
    1. Small rug inside the door to help trap dirt – some people prefer adding grip or adhesive to keep it in place
    2. Torklift International DirtDestroyer attached to any RV scissor step system will help prevent dirt from entering the RVdirtdestroyerDirtDestroyer shoe brush


Torklift International DirtDestroyer
Take preventative measures and avoid a dirty RV throughout camping season. By connecting the bristle brush attachment to the bottom of RV scissor steps like the Torklift International GlowStep scissor step system, mud and debris are left outside where it belongs.

shoe-brush-for-campingDirtDestroyer attaches to any scissor step

The DirtDestroyer shoe brush adjusts to different heights on the GlowStep RV scissor step based on your preference. The tool free design makes it easy to attach and detach. When it comes to cleaning the brush, simply use a hose to spray the boot brush clean.

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International DirtDestroyer.

After you’ve completed the five stages of cleaning the interior of an RV, give the exterior a good scrub before hitting the road for camping season. How do you keep your RV clean and well maintained?

Share your RV cleaning tips below. Happy camping!

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Pet-friendly RV steps

As part of the Torklift International GlowStep Series, the SafeStep is a simple component that makes a world of difference if you often go RVing with pets.

Do your pets have trouble entering or exiting your RV? To create a pet friendly RV step that your furry friend will appreciate; see how the Torklift International SafeStep is the perfect solution.

Torklift International GlowStep Series with pet-friendly SafeStep

rv-step-panelsSafety panels close gap in camper stepsWhat is a SafeStep?
The SafeStep is a vertical barrier that closes the gap between RV scissor steps.

Closing this gap is helpful to increase safety of your camper steps. The SafeStep prevents the chances of slipping or sliding through open areas of the steps. The durable safety panels make a significant difference in eliminating fears of pets and small children.

"We went camping this past week which allowed us the opportunity to install and use the SafeStep. The results were fantastic. Our dogs used to be hesitant to walk up the steps, but with the SafeStep blocking off the opening between steps, both dogs went right up the steps without fear." - Jon Scott 

Before SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs do not feel comfortable entering the RV with steps that have gaps for fear of falling through or getting their paws

Many RV steps also have holes in the step surface. The holes create a serious hazard for paws because of the potential to fall through and get snagged. The surface of GlowSteps is solid.

After SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs enter the RV without hesitation. The pet-friendly RV steps with SafeStep installed appear secure enough for them to feel comfortable maneuvering.

safestep-pet-friendly-stepsDurable safety panels attach with VelcroThe SafeStep riser guard for camper scissor steps are UV protected to help withstand exposure to the elements and allow for easy cleaning. Appropriate for most scissor step configurations, the SafeStep installs easily and uses a high quality Velcro to stay in place. Best of all, there is no need to remove the SafeStep each time you store your steps. The safety panels collapse and stay attached to the steps in the stored position.

Create a safe RV step configuration by adding the Torklift International SafeStep. Pet friendly RV steps will surely make your pets happy campers, too!

Click here to learn more about Torklift International GlowStep Series.

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It’s time for a Revolution: Mystery Product Revealed!

Introducing the GlowStep Revolution

Watch now:

GSR-storedGlowStep Revolution
stores in place
To complete the Torklift International GlowStep Series, we’re proud to announce the newest innovation from our talented engineers, the GlowStep Revolution. In an effort to revolutionize RV step assemblies, the GlowStep Revolution is the first and only step system designed to be versatile and flexible to adapt to any type of terrain.

Designed for towables and fifth wheels, the GlowStep Revolution fits into the factory step compartment and features a quick release lever. In most cases it provides significant improvement in ground clearance.

gsr-earth-to-rvMany factory steps on towables simply swing out and float above ground. This step assembly feels unstable and shaky, sending you into a diving board motion. When someone enters or exits the trailer, the entire RV wobbles due to lack of stability. This style of step assembly often requires an additional booster step for the bottom, as the clearance from the first step to the ground is a doozy.

The GlowStep Revolution connects the ground to the RV creating perfect stabilization of both steps and RV. No more diving board motion and wobbling of the trailer. Available in ranges from two to six steps, the GlowStep Revolution provides a safe path all the way to the ground without any large gaps.

GSR-flexabilityGlowStep Revolution adjusts horizontallySometimes uneven terrain makes leveling your step system a challenge. The nature of the scissor step design not only allows for easy maneuvering vertically, but also for slight adjustment horizontally or side-to-side, much like an accordion. With the GlowStep Revolution, angle the steps appropriately to accommodate any type of terrain.  Simply compress one side and extend the other to curve your step assembly the way you want.

With GlowSteps, bushing bearings are used at each hinge point for smooth action while still providing sufficient level of rigidity and strength for the steps.

Step Features
gsr-doublehingeGlowSteps are double hinged
for added strength
The GlowStep Revolution step system uses the proven design of the original Torklift International GlowSteps. Unlike most camper scissor steps, Torklift International GlowSteps are double-hinged making them the strongest RV step available.



With the self-illuminating feature, the GlowSteps need just five minutes of sunlight exposure to deliver a lasting glow up to ten hours. Each step is manufactured with anti-slip SureGripTM step tread allowing more control when using the steps. These features create the safest entry/exit path to your RV.caution-uneven-steps


All Terrain Landing Gear
This feature is a game changer. All Terrain Landing Gear are the adjustable feet that make accommodating difficult terrain extremely easy. If the ground happens to be uneven, simply push a button to adjust in seconds and achieve a level and stable step system.  all-terrain-landing-gearAll Terrain Landing Gear

The All Terrain Landing Gear comes with the GlowStep Revolution system, however it’s available to purchase separately and installs on any GlowStep scissor step application.

The Revolution
The advantage of the GlowStep Revolution scissor step system is its ability to be modified based on your personal preference. It’s compatible with the entire GlowStep Series so you can select and build your own step assembly. Outfit your GlowStep Revolution with the following accessories:  

  1. GlowGuide Handrail: Lightweight camper step handrail that glows in the dark for increased stability. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and when paired with GlowSteps, increases step capacities by 25 pounds. The GlowGuide Handrail also converts into a wash brush RV cleaning accessory.
  2. DirtDestroyer: Keep your RV clean with a bristle brush shoe cleaning attachment.
  3. SafeStep: Panels that create a vertical barrier between steps, closing the gaps and providing safe entry for pets and small children.


GlowStep Revolution:
     -  Made from 100 percent stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum
     -  Universal RV factory step replacement: GlowStep Revolution fits most towable
        and fifth wheel step assemblies
     -  Ability to add and remove steps with Add-A-Step (2-6 steps)
     -  Up to 375 pounds weight capacity (when used with GlowGuide Handrail)
     -  Up to 50 percent lighter than factory steps
     -  All Terrain Landing Gear included

Click here to learn more about the GlowStep Revolution. Now available for pre-sale!

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Extreme Makeover – Scissor step edition: the only way to fix slanting RV steps

Steve Rankin of Sequim, Washington encountered an issue with the step system on his Bigfoot truck camper. To fix the severely slanting steps, he turned to the only solution: Torklift International GlowStep scissor step system.

step-comparisonBefore: Poor fitting RV scissor step       |   After: Torklift International GlowSteps

-- BEFORE --

What could be worse than trying to maneuver uneven scissor steps? The positioning of these steps are a serious headache and most likely lead to injury. It’s ideal to aim for a step configuration that is parallel to the ground. In the real world, depending on the terrain it’s often a close approximation. In this case, the middle of the steps is level, the upper step is slanting considerably downward and the bottom is angled upward.

There are several concerns with the ‘Before’ scissor step system shown on the left side of the image.

1) Too few steps. The RV steps are not sufficient to meet the height of the camper, which is 49 inches from ground level.
2) Lack of strength. The steps sag because they are single hinged and unable to provide proper stability.
3) Something’s not right. According to public forum discussion, there is speculation that the bolts need adjustment or possibly are misaligned.

How is it possible to fix scissor steps that refuse to lay parallel to the ground? Instead of attempting to adjust weak scissor steps, consider Torklift International GlowSteps.

-- AFTER --

From looking at the photo comparison above, it’s no surprise that the two sets of camper steps differ in quality and function.

“The GlowSteps are perfect - rock solid steady and level,” Rankin wrote on RV.Net.

Torklift International GlowSteps provide a significant upgrade in more ways than one. How do Torklift scissor steps outperform the previous set of RV steps?

1) Strength in numbers. The camper above is better suited with a six-step system rather than five steps. Torklift RV scissor steps range from two to six steps. By comparing the measurement of the ideal mounting area on the camper to the ground, our application chart shows exactly how many steps the application requires and there is no need to play a guessing game.

The GlowSteps can easily adjust to add or subtract steps. It takes minutes to install the Add-a-Step to an existing GlowStep scissor step system for a camper or RV. As an ideal option that fits to just about any application, the GlowStep applies to truck campers, towables and other RV configurations.

2) Smart design. The Torklift International scissor steps are manufactured with strength and quality in mind. The design allows for high capacity as it uses double hinges, reinforcing the steps allowing for maximum sturdiness. The double bars also prevent any twisting or warping of the steps when under load.

double-hingeTorklift GlowSteps double hinge design versus 
single hinge design of other step systems

glowguide-camper-handrailGlowGuide Handrail

With capability of capacities up to 375 pounds, add the GlowGuide Handrail component for even more stability. The GlowGuide Handrail paired with GlowSteps increase capacities up to 25 pounds.


3) Quality materials. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the GlowSteps are capable of enduring tough weather conditions and last a lifetime. Using professional grade materials also prevent the RV steps from binding. The lightweight feature of aluminum makes storing and deploying simple.

glowstep-bushingsGlowSteps are made from aluminum and stainless steel

Torklift International uses a hinge design unlike any other in the industry. Bushings are used on each side of every hinge point on the steps. Assembled carefully by hand and adjusted to precise torque maximizes smooth action and ease of use. The bushings act as a bearing surface that can handle significant tension without over-stiffening the step configuration. The unique bushing design also prevents step hinges from coming loose over time. As the only step on the market with this feature, GlowStep scissor steps guarantee longevity, durability and quality.

moon4) Walk toward the light. Can you imagine trying to climb up the previous scissor steps in the darkness? Not only would the experience be quite scary, you would surely risk injury.

The GlowSteps are equipped with glow tape to light the steps in darkness. With only five minutes of light exposure, the RV scissor steps have a long-lasting glow for up to ten hours. The glowing feature makes this scissor step system extremely safe to use.

light-bulbIn conclusion, the solution to correcting Rankin’s original uneven scissor steps was switching to the Torklift GlowStep application. By adding an additional step and using a double-hinged design, the steps align perfectly to the RV application and demonstrate increased strength.

Torklift International GlowSteps are the ultimate RV scissor step system that features a variety of components to meet your needs of building the safest and most effective entry/exit path to your RV. Click here for more information on Torklift International GlowStep Series.

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Four questions to ask when selecting a scissor step system for truck campers or towables

The Torklift International GlowStep Series is the most versatile scissor step system available. As universal RV scissor steps, the aircraft grade aluminum camper steps range from two to six steps and easily adjust to fit the needs or your truck camper or towable. With accessories to increase safety and stability, select components and build a system to accommodate your needs.

When selecting the scissor step system for your RV, ask yourself these four standard questions:

Question 1) Where should RV scissor steps be mounted?
One of the common questions about Torklift International’s scissor steps is where and how to mount them to your camper or towable. This is a great question, however relative and dependent on each individual application due to a number of variables. The GlowSteps are a locking scissor step with a lifetime warranty, perfect for both side and rear entry configurations.

a) One step, two step, three step… four
The GlowSteps adapt to just about any application. In order to determine how many steps are needed for your RV entry/exit, measure the distance from the ideal mounting area on your camper to the ground. The GlowSteps are available in depths of both six inches and eight inches. Select your step depth preference and compare your measurement to our application guide.  Select the steps that list the mounting bracket height closest to your measurement.

how-many-stepsTorklift scissor steps range from 2-6 steps

b) Above or beyond
In rear entry applications like truck campers for example, there might be a bumper underneath your camper door. With this application, if you mount camper steps directly underneath the door, there is a possibility the steps will contact the bumper. To avoid this, mount the steps directly to the camper bumper. The bracket is mountable to the face or underside of bumper.

mountingScissor steps can attach underneath entry door
or directly to bumper

basement-camper-stepBasement Camper StepSome truck campers have a large basement, which is the storage space between the living floor and chassis. The floor is raised higher to make extra room for water tanks and other storage. If your camper has a large basement and lifted living floor, add a Basement Camper Step to your configuration to make entry/exit more convenient.

Extending or shortening the height of the GlowSteps is easy. Since the step is bushing bolted, adding a step can be done in minutes with a normal socket and open-end wrench. Simply remove a few bolts, add the extra step and re-bolt back into place. This same process can be followed to remove a step to shorten the height of your GlowStep.

add a stepExtend the height of Torklift
camper scissor steps with Add-A-Step

Question 2) Do you need increased stability?
There are a few features of Torklift’s scissor steps that help with stability and safety.

a) Brighten up the nightairplane aisleGlow tape on aircrafts
An important part of making your step system safe is having visibility in the darkness. With self-illuminating steps and handrail component, you won’t have to worry about a fumble or fall. No need to mess with batteries as it only takes five minutes of exposure to light for the glowing element of the steps to last up to ten hours.

You might even recognize these glowing strips if you’ve ever taken a flight. It’s the exact same tape you see lining the aisles to indicate emergency exits on aircrafts.

no-slipb) Slip resistant
The GlowSteps are designed with SureGripTM step tread that is incorporated into the aluminum of each step during its manufacturing. Adhesive grip tape on steps can easily scrape off from basic wear and tear. With the SureGripTM extrusions on each step, have more control while entering or exiting your RV.  Since it’s built into the aluminum, the anti-slip surface on the camper scissor steps lasts a lifetime.

handrailGlowGuide Handrailc) Handrail for camper steps

If you’re looking for a dramatic and noticeable increase in stability, add the Torklift International GlowGuide Handrail to your GlowStep scissor steps. This multi-use safety handrail is a mere 44 ounces and with adjustable arms that easily collapse for storage and transit. By connecting the camper with the GlowStep at three individual points, the GlowGuide Handrail provides additional support that increases the capacity ratings of the steps by an additional 25 pounds. With glowing capability to make visibility easy at night, the entry and exit to your camper is easy and safe.

washbrushHandrail doubles as wash brushThe GlowGuide Handrail also transforms into a wash brush for hard-to-reach RV cleaning. The safety handrail works with motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels and more. For a list of truck camper manufacturers that the GlowGuide Handrail works with, click here.


"I just installed my new GlowGuide system. The installation was fairly straight forward, and the GlowStep mounting bracket is very easy to install on the steps. Once the GlowGuide system is installed, it is very easy to deploy and just as easy to fold away and store against the truck camper. I am very impressed with how solid the system is once deployed. The angle brace makes all the difference to give you that secure solid feeling when using the GlowGuide. I would highly recommend the GlowGuide system to anyone who wants that extra feeling of security while going in and out of their truck camper."
– Kerry Stark

dirtdestroyerDirtDestroyer shoe brushQuestion 3) Is a clean RV important to you?
The easiest way to prevent mud and dirt on the interior of your RV is by clipping on the Torklift International DirtDestroyer accessory to your GlowSteps system.  The bristle attachment works with any RV scissor steps and makes a huge difference when keeping the RV clean.  

Question 4) Do you often go RVing with pets? 
pet-friendly-camper-stepsSafeStep step barrierAs an additional way to increase the safety of your step system, the SafeStep is used to create a vertical barrier between steps. Sometimes pets or children are intimidated when using steps with gaps. By using this protective riser guard, close the gaps and ease fears knowing any possibility for injury is preventable.  

The SafeStep riser guard for camper scissor steps easily attached with Velcro and is UV protected.




Durability defined
To ensure our scissor steps for travel trailers, campers and other RV’s are the strongest available, Torklift uses T6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The steps durability also comes from the structure of its design. Most camper scissor steps on the market are single hinged on the sides. Notice that Torklift International GlowSteps are double hinged. This double hinge step design makes GlowSteps the strongest RV step you can find.

Torklift GlowSteps double hinge design versus 
single hinge design of other step systems

Click here for more information on the GlowStep scissor step system.

For additional questions on installing scissor steps on a camper, trailer or RV, reach our Tech Support team by emailing or call us direct at 800.246.8132.

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Trailer Life Magazine gets hands on with Torklift’s new Fortress PowerLock

The April issue of Trailer Life Magazine takes a closer look at Torklift International’s newest addition to its line of security products: the Fortress PowerLock.

We’ve heard countless reports of serious damage thieves are leaving behind at home, at your offsite storage and even at campsites. As a result, Torklift designed the Fortress PowerLock to protect RV shore power cords from being cut and stolen.

fortress-power-lockFortress PowerLock

stolen-shore-power-cordReplacement of RV WiringAmong battery theft, generators and propane, see what Trailer Life Magazine has referenced as a popular target for thieves. At first thought you wouldn’t consider power cords as a primary focus, but as Trailer Life Magazine points out in their article, nowadays you might be inclined to secure items that you never would have thought to secure in the past.  

Trailer Life Magazine indicates that including labor, replacing the RV power cord is extremely costly. Eliminate any chances of damage by protecting the shore power cord with the Fortress PowerLock.

Once in place, access to the power cord hatch is prevented without the use of lock and key.  The RV theft deterrent lock makes it extremely difficult for thieves to access the cord.

See how it works by watching the shore power lock demonstration video:

As the only lock for shore power cords in the industry, the Fortress PowerLock is designed with aircraft grade aluminum and featured in high impact powder coated black or white. Engineered for easy no drill installation, clean design and simple open and closing mechanism, the Fortress PowerLock comes with two keys and is covered by Torklift’s lifetime warranty.

Be sure to pick up the April issue of Trailer Life Magazine for more information on why you need this lock for your RV. Trailer Life Magazine also shares details on how easy it is to install the Fortress PowerLock.

Click here to learn more about the Fortress PowerLock.

Torklift International security products:
Lock and Load cargo tray
Fortress GasLock propane tank lock
FastGun turnbuckle locks
FastGun Wobble Stopper to avoid camper theft

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Three reasons why Torklift turnbuckles outperform hold down straps

Whether securing a truck camper, recreational equipment or motorized vehicles, using hold down straps made from polyester webbing is a risky route. Depending on what you are towing or hauling in your truck bed or trailer, it’s critical to follow all safety precautions. Road safety is important, not only for yourself but for other drivers.

Torklift turnbuckles outperform hold-downs or ratchet straps due to the following:

b2ap3_thumbnail_lost-straps.png1) Tie me down or lose me

Hold-down straps are prone to tangle easily and are quite a hassle to adjust. Once you’ve managed to get them on the vehicle, hold-down straps or ratchet straps easily fall off and are lost during transit. Have you encountered a truck on the highway with long ropes or hold-down straps flapping along in the wind? Did you switch lanes? The more movement, the looser and less secure the straps become. Loose straps are a good indication that the load is not safely secured.

When using a Torklift turnbuckle like the Original FastGun, securing a load becomes hassle-free.

The FastGun turnbuckle is the easiest turnbuckle to use because:
     -  Once assembled, installs in just minutes
     -  Quick-disconnect handle for ease of use
     -  100% tool free
     -  Length can be adjusted with a simple twist
     -  Lockable, so you know your load is secure (whether stationary or in transit)

FastGun turnbuckle won’t tangle

There are many styles of turnbuckles available, although other applications may require tools and adjustment. If convenience is important to you, consider FastGun turnbuckles in any application that requires securing your valuable items.  

2) Hold on tight

b2ap3_thumbnail_tension.pngWith strap tie downs or ratchet straps, there is no way to determine appropriate tension. Regardless the application (truck camper, trailer loads, etc.), the correct amount of tension is crucial to transport items safely. The likelihood of failing straps or lost loads is greatly increased by guessing tension. Safety should never be a guessing game and is much too hazardous.

b2ap3_thumbnail_spring-tension.pngTo prevent failed hold-downs and unbearable pressure to tie down anchors, it’s essential to use a spring-loaded method. Transporting over uneven roads causes the tension on tie down straps to spike to levels several times the static tension.  Ratchet straps or hold-downs also stretch when stressed due to sudden movement. Unfortunately they don’t stretch or compress back like a spring would. The spring design acts as a shock absorber, protecting any anchor points you are using.

Torklift International FastGun turnbuckles are:
     -  Spring-loaded
     -  Equipped with the patented O-ring tension indicator to guarantee tension

The spring in FastGun turnbuckles allow some give when your vehicle encounters unfavorable road conditions. Depending on the application and desired tension, the FastGuns have the ability to apply up to 450 pounds of spring-loaded pressure.

3) You’re Busted

Hold-downs made from rope and polyester nylon often fray and rot. Avoid the possibility of busted straps by using a Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle. Its unwavering strength and durability come with Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.


FastGun turnbuckles are composed of:
     -  100 percent stainless steel
     -  Lever action handle made from aircraft grade aluminum
     -  Available in high impact powder coated finishesb2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-finishes-final.png

Due to the durability of these materials, each Torklift FastGun turnbuckle boasts a pull down rating of 2,500 pounds.

The stainless steel composition helps protect from the effects of rust and corrosion. The FastGun is also available in finishes of stainless steel high impact powder coated bright white, grey and black. High impact powder coat helps to further protect the turnbuckles from the elements. The turnbuckles require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.b2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun-reviews.png

Scott from Colorado uses FastGun turnbuckles.

“I finally broke down and bought some FastGuns,” said Scott.  “I have to tell you they are terrific. Well-made and engineered.”

When towing or hauling items in a trailer or truck bed, road safety is not an area we can afford to be careless. In most cases, hold-down straps or ratchet straps are insufficient in supporting loads while traveling.

Discover additional applications for turnbuckles and click here to learn more about the Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle. 

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8 easy steps to determine correct tension on truck camper turnbuckles

After you’ve selected turnbuckles for your truck camper, it’s crucial that the turnbuckles are installed and adjusted properly. A very important aspect of installing turnbuckles on a camper is applying the correct amount of tension. Proper tension on a turnbuckle is designed to correctly connect the truck camper tie downs to the camper anchor points.


FastGun truck camper turnbuckle

How do you know how to find the proper tension on a truck camper turnbuckle?

Camper manufacturers suggest that 300 pounds of tension be applied to secure the camper properly. The easiest way to achieve this is with a turnbuckle that uses our patented spring tension indicator such as FastGun turnbuckles, SpringLoad XL turnbuckles and AnchorGuard Derringer turnbuckles.

FastGun turnbuckle

If there is not enough tension you could potentially lose your camper or the camper could shift within the truck bed. If there is too much tension you may damage the anchor points on your camper. Torklift turnbuckles are spring-loaded to avoid any potential damage to tie downs or camper anchor points.

Example of damage to a camper anchor point

Avoid damage to your camper and truck by using spring-loaded turnbuckles with the proper amount of tension applied. Torklift’s patented spring tension indicator is a round O-ring used as a gauge to set your spring tension.

Spring tension indicator on FastGun turnbuckle

As an example, follow these 8 easy steps to determine the correct turnbuckle tension with a Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle:

1)   Hang the FastGun truck camper turnbuckle upper hook from the camper anchor point

2)   Adjust the threaded hook bolt so the bottom of it is approximately 1/2 inch above the tie down insert (The handle on the FastGun turnbuckle should be in closed position)

3)   Open the handle on the FastGun turnbuckle

4)   Hook the bottom hook bolt into the tie down anchor point

5)   Pull the lever handle down until you begin to feel spring tension
      Hint: The hole for the snapper pin should be nearly blocked half way

FastGun Handle

6)   Adjust the round O-ring up against the bottom of the FastGun turnbuckle

7)   Snap down the FastGun handle
How to install and adjust turnbuckles - Torklift International

8)   Snapping the handle down should result in the round O-ring being spaced approximately 1/4 inch below the body of the FastGun turnbuckle

b2ap3_thumbnail_tension-before-after.pngSpring tension indicator on FastGun turnbuckle

The quarter inch space visible between the O-ring and body of the turnbuckle indicates the internal spring within the turnbuckle is activated and compressed.  You have now achieved the proper 300 pounds of tension.

Now that you’ve successfully secured the camper turnbuckles, avoid stolen turnbuckles by securing them with locks. Torklift International FastGuns have locking capability with FastGun Locks. With keyed-alike snap lock design, they come in a set of four and have weather caps to protect from debris.  

To learn more about how to install truck camper turnbuckles, watch a full demonstration here:

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3 ways to protect turnbuckle finish and prevent corrosion

Torklift International turnbuckles are made from stainless steel. As a complex metal that has the strength of steel and the ability to reduce the rusting effects of iron, this is the strongest and best material for truck camper turnbuckles.

Basic turnbuckles and polished FastGun turnbuckles

Stainless steel is used where both the properties of steel and resistance to corrosion are required. It’s well known for its ability to prevent corrosion and rust. Dirt, dust and grime, however, put stainless steel at risk. Luckily, stainless steel responds well to cleaning and never wears from excessive cleaning, as long as certain rules are followed.

Here are three simple cleansing techniques that we suggest for standard turnbuckle maintenance:

1. Water and a cloth
Routine cleaning can be accomplished with warm water and a cloth. This is the least risky option for cleansing stainless steel. Dry with a towel or cloth to prevent water spots and be sure to wipe in the direction of the polish lines.

2. Mild detergent, (dish washing liquid) and clothb2ap3_thumbnail_detergent.png
For cleaning that needs a bit more power, mild detergent and warm water is an effective solution to use without damaging the stainless steel. It’s important to thoroughly rinse the surface to prevent staining and spotting. Drying with a towel can prevent water spots caused by minerals in water.

3. Stainless steel cleanerb2ap3_thumbnail_cleaner.png
If you’ve experienced stains or scratches, or need to polish your stainless steel, a stainless steel cleaner is a good option. Some of these cleaners and polishes can help minimize scratching and remove stains. They also can polish stainless steel surfaces nicely. Read the directions on the stainless steel cleaner and test in an inconspicuous spot. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as carbon steel, but it is not stain proof and requires regular up keep. All "stainless" steels can corrode under the wrong conditions. It’s best to avoid exposure to chlorides, as this has harsh effects on turnbuckles.

High quality finish makes a differenceb2ap3_thumbnail_fastgun_finishes.png
To further protect your turnbuckles, Torklift International offers stainless steel styles that are also finished with a high impact powder coat. The high impact powder coated turnbuckles require less maintenance as protection from rust and corrosion is greatly increased.

The FastGun turnbuckle is available in stainless steel polished, stainless steel high impact powder coated bright white, grey and black.

b2ap3_thumbnail_power-coating.pngTorklift International completes its automated 5-stage powder coating process in our manufacturing facility from start to finish. From our sandblasting, cleanse and hand-sprayed powder coating that adheres through electro static, this extensive process ensures the greatest quality and protection a finish can provide.

Click here to see why the most popular and best-selling turnbuckle is the Torklift International FastGun with quick-disconnect lever action handle.

To learn more about different styles of turnbuckles, read our detailed editorial on what type of turnbuckle you need to secure your camper.

Regular care and proper turnbuckle maintenance ensures your turnbuckles withstand any effects of corrosion or rust. If you have any additional questions in regards to Torklift International turnbuckles, feel free to contact our Tech Support at or by calling 800-246-8132.

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