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Good things come in small Torklift Jen



By: Torklift Jen


I came across this recent post on the RV.Net community forum.


Timothy W. Holman "Exlporer", writes:        "Anyone else use the Torklift tie down finishing kit…or should I say forget to!!!! :)


It works great when you remember to put it on...I got caught with mine off… that we are finally thawing, the tie downs will be cleaned and the caps installed again. Never know what the rest of the midwest season will hold."








I do a lot of online research on RV and automotive forums for current events, learning opportunities, and of course, on everything Torklift. The above post I thought was very timely for the extreme conditions many of us are facing with snow and ice this winter and to help with the questions I am seeing on corrosion and protecting your tie downs.


Torklift International’s Finishing Kit is a vinyl cap kit for tie downs.  It keeps dirt and road debris out of the receiver tube of the tie down when the inserts are not being used.  Installation is effortless, just remove the tie down insert, replace it with the special protective foam and cap it off with the exclusive vinyl caps.


With the simplicity of the product, I noticed that a few of life’s truisms that apply to truck camping seem to fit for the Tie Down Finishing Kit.


Good things come in small packages…
The Finishing Kit is one of the simplest Torklift products and also comes in one of our smallest packages, but it is an incredibly smart and great investment in protecting your tie downs against the harsh effects of the environments that your truck faces seasonally.


Rust happens…
You may ask what to do if my tie downs are rusting.  Just like any factory or aftermarket components that are made of steel and attached to the underside of a vehicle, Torklift’s original True Frame Mounted Tie Downs are made from a thick steel plate and there is a potential for surface rust to develop if they are not cared for properly. This can be due to regional road conditions and treatments, as well as normal factors inherent of any steel underbody part. For this reason, manufacturers do no warranty product finishes. Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty covers not only the truck camper tie down but also the camper anchor points when used in conjunction with spring loaded turnbuckles.  As with any product finish, normal care and maintenance should be employed to maximize protection against the negative impact from environmental conditions.


Hindsight is 20/20…
This is why the Finishing Kit is better not left as an after thought, or the spring thaw.product_header_finishkit

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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