Uppers or lowers...by Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jenstableloads


Sounds to me like a painful choice to make at the dentist?


But, in reference to adding Torklift StableLoads as a suspension upgrade to your vehicle, it is as easy as looking at the set-up of your overloads.


I get asked often the difference between the StableLoad part number A7200/A7202 and A7310/A7311.  There are a few differences but both significantly reduce side-to-side sway, bounce and sag while towing and hauling.


Like choosing the right tires for your vehicle, finding the fit and compatibility for your vehicle is the place to start.  The right fit for your application will make going down the road a whole lot smoother.


But with the A7310 and A7311 you can engage and disengage them while they are still on your overloads.


Now what is the difference between the A7310 and A7311? Just a drill kit.


For the small percentage of lower overloads that don’t already have a pre-drilled hole you need our cobalt drill kit.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of you who have upper and lower overloads, we recommend starting with the A7310 StableLoad as long as you have a pre-drilled hole.


To find a Torklift International dealer in your area, click here: http://www.torklift.com/dealerLocator.php



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Hooray for vacations!..by Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jen

Check out Sue Jurf's reaction after we contacted her about winning her weeklong truck camping vacation through the Torklift Treasure Hunt!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.30.24 PM




Brought to you by Truck Camper Warehouse, Northstar Campers and Torklift International.








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And the Treasure Hunt winner is...

By: Torklift Jen

treasure header…Being announced on Tuesday!

The truck camping adventure is taking place the second week of June. Rex Willet of Northstar Campers in Iowa is building a brand new camper for the vacation as you read this. From there, it will be sent to Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse in New Hampshire.

We’ve got an exciting east coast trip planned for the winner. Keep reading to find out who the winner is!







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Thank you Amanda!..by Torklift Jen


“Thank YOU!”

This is what I was thinking when I saw the picture above.

France (she’s on the left) leads a truck camping jamboree in Quebec.

They are holding up their latest Torklift International gear: limited edition hats, tie down storage bags and pocket knives.

They recently helped us translate some of our materials from English to French Canadian for our friends up north.

In case you are wondering who Amanda is, that is Amanda Watt, our Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Together, we get to give out a lot of free goodies and we are happy to do it.

Now I’m ready to make an offer to you so you can get your hands on the latest and greatest Torklift International gear. The first five people to sign up to follow my blog will get their choice of a limited edition hat or knife. If you are already following, just share my post and you can be one of the lucky five.

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Good things come in small packages...by Torklift Jen



By: Torklift Jen


I came across this recent post on the RV.Net community forum.


Timothy W. Holman "Exlporer", writes:        "Anyone else use the Torklift tie down finishing kit…or should I say forget to!!!! :)


It works great when you remember to put it on...I got caught with mine off…..now that we are finally thawing, the tie downs will be cleaned and the caps installed again. Never know what the rest of the midwest season will hold."








I do a lot of online research on RV and automotive forums for current events, learning opportunities, and of course, on everything Torklift. The above post I thought was very timely for the extreme conditions many of us are facing with snow and ice this winter and to help with the questions I am seeing on corrosion and protecting your tie downs.


Torklift International’s Finishing Kit is a vinyl cap kit for tie downs.  It keeps dirt and road debris out of the receiver tube of the tie down when the inserts are not being used.  Installation is effortless, just remove the tie down insert, replace it with the special protective foam and cap it off with the exclusive vinyl caps.


With the simplicity of the product, I noticed that a few of life’s truisms that apply to truck camping seem to fit for the Tie Down Finishing Kit.


Good things come in small packages…
The Finishing Kit is one of the simplest Torklift products and also comes in one of our smallest packages, but it is an incredibly smart and great investment in protecting your tie downs against the harsh effects of the environments that your truck faces seasonally.


Rust happens…
You may ask what to do if my tie downs are rusting.  Just like any factory or aftermarket components that are made of steel and attached to the underside of a vehicle, Torklift’s original True Frame Mounted Tie Downs are made from a thick steel plate and there is a potential for surface rust to develop if they are not cared for properly. This can be due to regional road conditions and treatments, as well as normal factors inherent of any steel underbody part. For this reason, manufacturers do no warranty product finishes. Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty covers not only the truck camper tie down but also the camper anchor points when used in conjunction with spring loaded turnbuckles.  As with any product finish, normal care and maintenance should be employed to maximize protection against the negative impact from environmental conditions.


Hindsight is 20/20…
This is why the Finishing Kit is better not left as an after thought, or the spring thaw.product_header_finishkit

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Stop the show...by Torklift Jen

Stop the music!wscircle
Hold the show!
Step away from the camper…

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called the Wobble Stopper.

It has banned that rocking and rolling going on inside your backyard road house, the shimmying in that side yard sideshow and don’t even think of trying to shake town because this galvanized brass is gonna stop your getaway galavanting.  (actually, it’s made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum).


Torklift International has developed a camper stabilizer that’s a peace maker for all that wobbling going on inside when the camper is off the truck and balancing on the jacks.


Most pickup campers come equipped with electric jacks which makes them easy to unload and lower down close to the ground for easy access. The problem is that the camper sways back and forth on the jacks when you walk around in it or simply try to sleep. Every time you move the whole camper moves. It’s not practical to carry saw horses that don’t break down or large numbers of heavy blocks or additional jacks to stabilize your camper.


This instability can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the truck and the camper by wearing on the unit and creating jack mount and camper frame stress.


The Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizers simply attach to the front legs and camper body.  The braces are fully adjustable and fit square or round jack applications.  When ready to use they swing into place and attach to a small plate on the camper body.  They stow out of the way and up against the camper leg when not in use.  Wobble Stoppers have been specially designed for easy installation with a hinged two-piece clamp and bracket design.


With the Wobble Stopper added to your truck camper set-up you’ll be sleeping in a sea of tranquility not with the seasickness of the swaying camper movement.


Your days are numbered you crazy, footloose kids and your dancing campers.


See the Torklift website for product information on the Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizer: http://www.torklift.com/products/wobblestopper.php


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And the Oscar goes to...by Torklift Jen

The latest news in Torklift International productions includes a trailer.  Not the type you may associate with our expertise in manufacturing parts for towing and hauling, but the Hollywood kind- the “Coming to a theater near you”- kind of trailer.
The recent launch of the Ultra Deck Plus bumper for Lance Campers created a stir in the blogosphere and a huge response to this new product.

The complete story and video aired exclusively in Truck Camper Magazine. And, the epic video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5m1M-EPio2w

We were thrilled with the response to the new bumper and it also lead to some very creative conversations on the video production introducing the product.  We were offered alternate endings, possible hidden symbolism and great feedback and support of the bumper.

It seemed that viewers were asking for more, so after reading some of the forum discussion posts, I am pleased to offer you an exclusive “director’s cut “ script and answer some of the questions I found on the new design and its features.

Q: What models of truck campers will it be available on?
A:  As of 2/21/14, Lance Campers has made the Ultra Deck Plus exclusive with the 1052 model.  Look for other models to be available in the future.

Q: What is the weight difference of the new optional Ultra Deck Plus and the standard equipment bumper?
A: It is 149 pounds.

Q: Will it require the use of a hitch extension?
A:  The Ultra Deck Plus will extend about 2 feet, so a 48 inch to 60 inch hitch extension will be required when towing specifically with the Lance 1052 model.

Q: How much is the new bumper going to cost?
A: See your dealer for more information, however, The Lance 1052 will be MSRP $34,437 for the base camper and $39,800 for the standard build optioned out camper.  This includes the Ultra Deck Plus bumper and many other special options.

Q: Where does the sewer hose go?
A: So stealth, but it’s there.  There is also a 2”x 2” receiver hitch (300lb. cargo capacity) for accessories built in for easy storage.

Q: What type of fish was that used in the filming?
fishA: Honestly, we weren't sure either so we contacted the local fish and wildlife department and had them view the mystery gold fish. Below is an excerpt from their response:  "After close observation of the body movement, dorsal fins, breach, and splash patterns we are of the opinion that the  "goldfish" in question is highly likely a native game fish related to the bass family commonly called a sun fish. We have attached an image for your viewing."

And, adding the disclaimer,  *No animals, (or fish) were harmed in production of this film.

Look for the upcoming sequel featuring our “Talons” Torklift’s new military grade aluminum tie downs.


…I am hearing the cue music to cut this speech, I cannot help with a tear in my eye, but to thank all the people who made this possible.  The engineers, Lance Campers, Torklift International, my managers, our families, truck campers, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere…

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Countdown to your adventures...by Torklift Jen

1601383_755358251156189_290398458_n“T-minus… and counting. “

Epic events and historical milestones are often marked with a ticking clock symbolizing mounting anticipation and a launch into new frontiers.  The mystery of the unknown and the possibilities that are commencing add to the excitement along with reflections of all the orchestration and hard work that has gone into preparation for a moment.

With celebration of all the right stuff that has gone into making this moment and the adventures that will go along with this new product, Torklift International is pleased to be sharing the advent and the anticipation that we are all feeling in making this upcoming announcement.

Here are some notable thoughts from others who have gone before us.  Some are practical and point out the anxiety of challenging the status quo and some elegantly summarize that a mission does not simply end here or there but continues with exploration and development beyond the horizons.

“Let’s light this fire one more time, Mike, and witness this great nation at its best.” - Christopher Ferguson, Atlantis STS-135 commander, to launch director Mike Leinback right before the lift-off of the final Space Shuttle mission, 8 July 2011.

“…the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them.  This country was conquered by those who moved forward, and so will space.”- President John F. Kennedy, 1962.

“Oh, quick question, I missed it in the briefing.  How much urine do these suits hold?”… - Howard, “ The Big Bang Theory,” episode “The Countdown Reflection.”

“It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”- Alan Shepherd

“The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.” - H.G. Wells, "The Discovery of the Future, “ 1901

“The dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the reality of tomorrow.”- Robert Goddard, successfully launched the world’s first liquid-filled rocket 1926

“If you build it, we will come”- From the movie Field of Dreams

“The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow”- Robert Goddard

“Anyone who sits on top of the largest hydrogen-oxygen fueled system in the world; knowing they’re going to light the bottom- and doesn’t get a little worried- does not fully understand the situation.”- John Young, after being asked if he was worried about making the first Space Shuttle flight.

“Godspeed, John Glenn”- Fellow Astronaut Sam Carpenter radioing to John Glenn upon blastoff.  This was the first mission of man orbiting the earth.


What would you be thinking the moment before lift-off and where do you think we are going?  Visit the Countdown- http://www.torklift.com/

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Bumper Crop...by Torklift Jen

Torklift has had what could be called a bumper crop of new products developed over the last year.


We are excited to be producing yet another new addition for truck camper fleets.


Stayed tuned for the big announcement next week!


We do not call this fruition of great new products and opportunities luck, it is due to our preparedness, forward thinking and hard work.  The time has been right and this is our opportunity to build new relationships and continue to offer the best in the industry.


These new fabrications will be big changes for your current adventures and the possible additions and supplemental product ideas that are being explored will transform the form and function of truck campers to meet customer needs and wants.  We are proud to be along on your truck camper experiences and will continue to do so by staying true to our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.


See some of Torklift International's current offerings with our manufacturer partners.


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To engage or disengage...by Torklift Jen

Sometimes you tow, sometimes you don’t.  That’s OK, I understand, a full time engagement can be quite a commitment!


So, what do you do when you want to have the best of both worlds?


polaroid22Most vehicle suspension systems aren’t designed to master the mechanics of everyday driving with ultimate comfort, safety, and performance and also be able to deliver the same ride with the added forces that occur while heavy towing and hauling.  You’ll find that a heavy load has you reaching for your sunglasses when driving in the dark. This is because the weight put on the rear and tongue forces your headlights right into the eyes of oncoming drivers, their brights flashing reminds you that you’ve got a problem.


Also, with your added weight, you will also experience swaying, bucking, reduced braking control with the associated longer stopping distances and a general feel of instability.  Airbags are a common go to aid for this issue, they are great for leveling, but they are not working with the physics of the problem.  They lift the weight off of the factory-engineered stock spring suspension.  This means you are taking the majority of the weight off the factory leaf spring suspension and are now carrying the weight on an area roughly the size of two footballs.   This is why the increased bounce and roll is felt.


A full time engagement to suspension add-on products like bump stops, airbags, and added leafs could mean a stiffer ride when unloaded, handling issues when loaded, or having to maintain air pressure and possible material breakdown and blowouts.polaroid23


Here enters in a suspension upgrade product that will work in conjunction with the stock factory suspension for the best ride while towing and hauling and disengage fully when not in use.


I recently participated in an install of the StableLoad product and I left out the easiest, but most unique part.  To engage the product when your are going to tow or haul simply use a 3/8” ratchet and extension to rotate the wedge pack between the overload and main spring pack.  You insert the included pin and clip to secure the wedge in the engaged or disengaged position.  This is literally done in seconds, with no commitment when you’re not towing and hauling.  I have now mastered the forces!


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Fantastic Fans...by Torklift Jen

I have been doing a lot of research online and immersing myself in the blogosphere regarding everything RV related.


Come to find out, I have found that these RV’ers I keep reading about are very popular people.


They all have these fabulous and fantastic fans.


I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong as a new blogger and a new truck camper.  I was proud to have gotten a few “Likes” to my humble little posts, but I wouldn’t fancy myself to have all these “fans”.


Then, I found out why everyone was so popular.


I did some more reading and then the lights went on!  Or, rather the fan blades started spinning.  I looked-up and realized that I really had made it in the world of RV’ing!  I too had a fantastic fan and right above my head.


I’ve heard that it is a sign that you’ve finally made it when all of your fans aren’t hanging from the ceiling.   I beg to differ.


I may not be a “fan” expert, but The Fan-Tastic brand is highly recommended as a vent and fan brand of choice.fanpolaroid


You’ll find these fans unlike our local Seattle Seahawks #12th Man, these fans are very quiet!


They have great reviews and they’ll stick with you through the fair weather and the foul weather all the same.  Fan-Tastic Fan info can be found here: http://www.fantasticvent.com/

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Breaking the ice for 2014...by Torklift Jen

IMG_1234Welcome to the first post of Torklift Jen for the New Year.

I am looking forward to another year full of adventures, learning opportunities and sharing more truck and camper news.

Winter is not a time to hibernate here at Torklift.  I don’t have the excuse of being stuck in the Antarctic waiting to be rescued by the USCGC Polar Star or even being sucked into a Midwest freeze by the Polar Vortex to not participate in this season of new lessons.   I just have to be prepared with a bit more planning, several more clothing layers and a few classes in cold weather camping, driving, and winterization to get me started.

Also, Breaking up the ice and chill in 2014 will be some hot news on solar accessory options, bumpers, and other new products from Torklift.

Another sign it’s the New Year are all the speculations and talk about the 2015 truck and RV model year designs.  Ford’s new aluminum trucks , meet our Talons!  But, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I still have a lot of new experiences to live for this year.  The best resolutions have to start somewhere, so let’s get out there!

IMG_1241 3.11.23 PM


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Toy Drive 2013 Wrap-up...by Torklift Jen

IMG_1216The toys have all been delivered for the annual Torklift Toy Drive 2013!  Within our office, we've gathered enough to help 45 children to have a brighter holiday.


Torklift International contributed our donations to the the Sumner Washington Police Department's Toy Box Drive and collectively we are providing over 600 kids and families that special something to celebrate the season.


As we are wrapping-up, literally, the completion of the year and all of the toys, the Torklift factory is again in full swing to continue making great products and providing growth for jobs and helping the local community where we live and work.

Best wishes to all for a safe and prosperous 2014!

IMG_1218 Looking forward to all of your camping, hauling, and outdoor adventures to come.IMG_1221

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These boots were made for walking... by Torklift Jen



“Alright!  Who tracked in this mud?”


I get caught every time.  Wearing these boots with their distinctive waffle tread, it’s like my fingerprint that’s left at the scene of that dirty crime of tracking grime into the truck camper.


As you can see, My Left Foot, is now famous, not because it has an acclaimed movie of the same name, but because it is now the face, well, foot of the Dirt Destroyer.


I was thrilled to model my boots and be in on a new innovation from Torklift International.


The Dirt Destroyer is a boot/shoe brush that will solve the “who dunnits” inside the truck camper.


It’s simple, sturdy, and fits perfectly as an attachment with the Torklift GlowStep series.  It can be mounted tool free at any level of your steps for convenience and to keep your feet high and dry out of the elements.




For more info on step accessories and the Torklift Dirt Destroyer : http://www.torklift.com/products/dirtdestroyer.php



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The eagle has landed... by Torklift Jen

This time the eagle has landed at Torklift International and has inspired a brand new tie down system.

Yes, our original True Frame Mounted Tie Downs are the best in the business and that design and exceptional manufacturing will remain the same.  The Talon Camper Tie Down is a specialized alternative for high performance in the toughest climates and terrains.

Talons are yet another new and exciting product from the innovators here.  I love the visual image of the majestic eagle as it swoops down to securely attach to the truck frame and secure the camper with awesome power and incredible strength.  And like all of our products, they are a true symbol of being made in the USA.

These new Tie Downs are built especially for those who take their campers and trucks to the extreme and face inclement weather and harsh environments.  Talons can meet and exceed all of your traveling demands while keeping your family, truck, and camper safe.

If your equipment is encountering salt water and treated roads on your adventures, you will find these elements to speed up the natural corrosion process of metals.  The Talon’s aluminum structure will enhance the lasting durability and ease of maintenance, also making it more lightweight at the same time.  It’s the same stuff we trust when we’re cruising at 35,000 ft. in your favorite airliner.

Talon in the prototype stage, I installed this one myself!

Talon in the prototype stage, I installed this one myself!

Check out these beauties on our website: Talon Camper Tie Downs

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Breaking Bad... by Torklift Jen

Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler!DSCN3851

I was surprised to find out that my innocent looking propane tank and auxiliary battery can live out a sordid existence in the wrong hands.

I guess I thought that theft of these items would be due to someone who needed to BBQ more than me or maybe he/she had unfortunately left their headlights on somewhere.

But no, these items are being targeted for use in the manufacture of methamphetamine and other drugs.

They are an easy target on RVs, because of the vacancy and remote storage of some units and convenience of the items exposed.

These thefts and associated tampering can cause hundreds of dollars in damage and costly repairs due to cut wiring and the not so careful removal of your possessions.  You can keep a step ahead of the bad guys and break the chain of these crimes, without anymore broken and cut chains.  Torklift has made specific products for thwarting these kinds of thefts and keeping your possessions safe under lock and key.

The Fortress GasLock is the first of its kind propane tank lock that allows your tanks to be securely locked when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs.

The PowerArmor locking battery box series is a great looking addition to your RV-set-up and can be used to secure other valuable items as well.

HiddenPower is an under-bed battery mount.  Hidden from theft; your extra battery is mounted in a stealth location under the bed and conveniently accessible for extra power when needed.

These and other security minded products are available to keep your investments safe.   See our website for the full line of lockable products.

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Heavy Medals... by Torklift Jen

Globe Awards 2013 - Displays 004-(ZF-1608-87742-1-002)


Torklift International has won some major awards this year as a leader in  manufacturing and business achievement, and we have another announcement to add to these list of honors.


We were recently named exporter of the year by the World Trade Center- Tacoma Division.




We have had tremendous growth and that includes trade in the world arena.


Torklift began exporting internationally in 2005 and through the economic downturn of 2009 remained increasingly profitable.  Our products are sold in Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Dubai, Spain, Britain and Belgium.  Russia is the newest market this year.Globe Awards 2013 - Torklift 006-(ZF-1608-87742-1-022)


The spirit of these achievements is born in the commitment to build the safest, best quality, and innovative designs and to overachieve our expectations daily.


Our General Manager, Jay Taylor, promises, “We will continue to grow our company so we can continue to grow our community.”



See the feature in RV Pro - http://rv-pro.com/news/torklift-international-named-exporter-of-year

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Life before FastGuns... by Torklift Jen

Although it’s impossible for me to imagine, and difficult for those who have come to love the FastGun, that there was life before this revolutionary turnbuckle.

IMG_0107 copyI went to the oldest person I know, my 105-year-old grandmother, and asked her what it was like before the FastGun.  She said, “ We used bows and arrows.”

So, okay, not that far back.

She’s not a truck camper, but she did tell me a camping story that falls somewhere in the timeline between covered wagon and the Winnebago, but I’ll save that for a later date.

I resolved to find out what it was like.  So, I went to the computer and typed in a query.

A generic turnbuckle is really just a simple piece of tension building hardware used in marine applications, sports, shipping and construction.

It is a simple piece of hardware that can make a simple task difficult.

“Big Red,” the Ford F-350, doubles as a work truck and a weekend camper.  I can’t imagine taking the camper off and back on this often without the FastGun turnbuckle.

OutofUseThey are spring loaded for superb functioning, easy adjustment and have spring tension indicators, that take the guess work out of tightening and securing.

They have a quick disconnect feature that makes the leveling process fast.  They allow use of the electric jacks to level when the camper is left on the truck.  This avoids the hassle of leveling blocks under your tires.

100% no tools, 100% lockable, quick-lever handle and a lifetime warranty that means with my genetics for longevity may be a very, very long time.

There is no turning back for the turnbuckle.  http://www.torklift.com/x.php?w_page=original_fastguns



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Hindsight is 20/20...by Torklift Jen

IMG_1573 I have a valid fear the unknown when it has to do with backing up the truck and camper.

When I’m out there solo and I don’t have a crew of marshallers guiding me in like a 747, I need to rely on technology.

So, I am trying to build a case for a new investment in a back up camera system for “Big Red” the F-350 and camper set-up.

Who knows what goes on back there?

But, it must be pretty exciting because they made a full feature movie about it called the “Blind Side.”

I’ve done my research and I know that comparable systems and solutions may be less expensive.IMG_1576

But I’m skeptical with names and features like the “Backseat Driver Camera,” “The I Told You So Alert,” or the camera app. that links right to your insurance company.

I’m a careful driver, so I’m sure my footage will not be a “hit”.  Sorry…

I’ll keep gathering my data for the best system and keep you posted.  So, if you’re hearing the “Beep, Beep, Beep” of a truck backing up be cautious, as that truck may be doing research for the movie sequel “The Blind Side2.”


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Black water is not a song by the Doobie Brothers... by Torklift Jen

What’s black, grey and sometimes potable?IMG_0777

No, not a lead in to a bad joke, these are all very important distinctions to make when moving up to camping with plumbing.

Thanks to this new knowledge, I will never be able to hear that lovely, little Southern rock ditty by the Doobie Brothers the same way again.

Black water is the worst kind of water.  It is the direct contents of the RV toilet.

Grey water, although nasty, is just the waste of the bathroom sink, shower and kitchenette.

Common sense would have me believe that potable water would relate to the “potty” as well.

So, not so, as I am learning the color-coded designations of the RV tank system.

Potable water is your fresh water tank.

I am used to tent camping and somehow over years of boating and camping have never had the duty to, well, deal with the “duty”.  I have just always known that finding a Honey Bucket was a convenient luxury and I could deal with nature calling out in nature just fine.

I am not looking forward to my first time “dumping.” Yikes!  A gauge will show the levels on the control panel in the camper and a distinct stink may tell you when it is time.  However, this is a highly researched area of RV life and many products have been developed to make this a quick, easy and sanitary process.

The advice from my co-workers is to not overthink things and just do it.

IMG_1125I wonder how long I can get away with never using the truck camper bathroom.  I think the space could make a great walk in closet.

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