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Extend your camping trip with HiddenPower and ExtendedPower battery mounts

hiddenpower1Hidden on the frame of your truck

Going on long camping trips in your truck camper are incredibly exciting. But, even though you’re going on a long trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t have access to power the entire time. Imagine how much longer you can stay on your camping trip if you only had installed an extra battery. Don’t be forced into cutting your trip short. Instead of running out of battery power in the middle of your camping trip, consider bringing along extra batteries with Torklift’s HiddenPower and ExtendedPower battery mounts.

HP-boxWhen you go on a long camping trip, every inch of space matters. All of the items and gear that you are bringing with you are crucial for a successful trip. Instead of wasting space on extra batteries to power your camper, floodlights and electronic accessories, use the HiddenPower battery storage instead.

Left Image: What’s in the box? HiddenPower!


Here’s what forum user Blanco1 had to say about the HiddenPower battery mount:

“What’s awesome about it is that it bolts inside the frame rails under the truck, saving me what limited space I have above.”

HiddenPower-partsThe HiddenPower unwrapped

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Instead of taking up precious space in the truck or camper, Blanco1 can now install and mount an extra battery in the HiddenPower storage box underneath his truck. Securely attached directly on his truck’s frame, the HiddenPower battery mount is a no drill installation.


As an added bonus, hook up the HiddenPower Wire Harness allowing the HiddenPower battery to become an extension of your truck or RV battery. The extra battery is now tied to your electrical system, always charging the battery within the HiddenPower battery box and vice versa. This helps to prevent your vehicle from being drained and keeps your rig always ready to go RVing and camping.

HP-wire harnessHiddenPower Wire Harness accessoryAs you can see to the right, Blanco1 has the HiddenPower Wire Harness. He’ll “always know what battery is the bad one” but won’t have to worry by running his batteries together as backup should one fail. The HiddenPower Wire Harness allows connection to the hidden battery beneath your truck frame to the truck’s main battery. This keeps the battery within the HiddenPower mount charging while the vehicle is running, giving you extra power at all times. Simply turn your ignition to auxiliary and your HiddenPower spare battery kicks in, without having to run your engine.


How the HiddenPower Wire Harness works

To further help increase your battery power while camping, another great product to consider is the ExtendedPower battery mount, especially if you are towing with an extension. The ExtendedPower battery tray is a universal mount for extra RV batteries that’s specially designed to attach easily to any receiver extension. The ExtendedPower can also be plugged into the back of your truck so extra batteries can charge automatically by your truck’s alternator. Instead of wasting fuel by leaving your truck engine running, plug in the ExtendPower batteries and enjoy the use of electrical accessories such as computers, lights, chargers and stereos.extendedpower1Bring multiple batteries
with you on your trip

Some other great features of the ExtendedPower include:

• Height adjustable and lockable
• Power your accessories without turning your truck engine on by having them directly wired into the extra battery
• Works with group 24 batteries
• Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
• Becomes an extension of your RV batteries and recharges via your RV solar panels, generator, converter, etc.
• Kept constantly charged and RVing-ready by your truck’s charging system
• No-drill / easy install
• Attaches and detaches quickly for battery service
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

Equipped with spare batteries within the HiddenPower and ExtendedPower, you have the ability to go to camping spots in the desert or mountains without worrying about running out of power. If you’re camping at a campground that limits the times you’re allowed to run your generator, use these products to be sure you’re always powered up when not connected to electricity or shore power station.

If you have any questions about the HiddenPower or ExtendedPower, contact us at 800-246-8132 or message us here.

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