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What RV battery do I need for my towable RV?

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With so many types of batteries available, it can be difficult to know which type you need for your towable. Do you need a large battery that will provide more power, or a battery just for small things? Depending how much power you need, there are various battery sizes – the most common is a group 24 battery and a group 27 battery, also known as “house batteries.” The group 24 battery is a good choice if you are limited on space or only have smaller accessories you need to power.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a battery for your towable is the amount of power you need. Deep cycle batteries come in all different sizes. Some are designated by group size, like group 24, 27 and 31. The larger the battery the more amp hours you get. The same can be said for the types of batteries you get. Although all group 24 batteries are the same size, the brand of the battery will also make a difference. Some recommended battery brands with the best power span for a towable are Trojan, Interstate and Exide. You can read about the best batteries for your RV here.

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With a larger battery also comes more amp hour reserve capacity. If you have more space available to you, a 6-volt battery, also known as a group 29 and 31 battery, will meet your needs. With battery theft a major concern, including a recent growth of battery theft in Canada, how can you protect your investment?

The PowerArmor Solar
Torklift has designed a high-quality locking aluminum battery box with solar panel that features a uniquely designed sliding lid that can be easily accessed no matter the mounting location. This box comes with an aluminum tread diamond plate featuring a black high-impact powder coated frame for durability. The battery box bolts directly to your RV, trailer tongue, boat, camper bumper and more. With an access port that allows electrical wires to pass through the side wall, you can easily connect the box and batteries to your circuit system. The PowerArmor Solar extends battery life up to 400% and prevents premature battery replacement with the 10-watt solar panel attached to the lid. 


thmb a7720rs• 17-inch box (A7720RS) can hold up to one group 24 or 27 battery – perfect for marine applications or if you only have room for one battery*
• 24-inch box (A7708RS) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries
• 26-inch box (A7712RS) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries, or two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max Solar

• A7710R Box holds up to two group 24, 27 and 31 batteries, up to four 31 or 27 batteries, or five group 24 batteries
• PowerArmor Max comes with adjustable dividers to customize storage compartment size

PowerArmor DH
PA Blog 4This PowerArmor battery box design has many of the same features as the PowerArmor Solar, but without the 10-watt solar panel. With a safe, lockable storage box available in multiple sizes, the battery or extra camping gear you store in the PowerArmor is safe from theft and tampering. 

• 17-inch box (A7720R) can hold up to one group 24 or 27 battery 
• 24-inch box (A7708R) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries
• 26-inch box (A7712R) can hold up to two group 24 and 27 batteries, and two group 31 batteries

PowerArmor Max

• A7710RS holds up to two group 24-27 batteries and two group 31, or four 31 or 27, or five group 24 batteries
• Comes with adjustable dividers to customize storage compartment size

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Each battery box has a ventilated design to prevent batteries from overheating, as well as an acid neutralizing mat to avoid corrosion. All Torklift International PowerArmor battery boxes come with locks, a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and are made in the USA.

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With a locking battery box, you can prevent common battery theft and also use them to safely store other gear once you choose which battery is the perfect fit for what you need. Using a proper storage method, like the PowerArmor, you can keep your batteries in optimum condition year round, saving cost on premature battery replacement. For more information on any of our battery products contact us at 800.246.8132. 

*A7720RS requires use of a 6-amp regulator. Details here.



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