Vehicles are originally built with four-point suspension

Vehicles are designed at their respective factories with a four-point suspension system. Two points of suspension are located on each of their two rear leaf springs. Each end of the leaf spring is a point of control. Using suspension enhancements such as airbags, diminish the factory four-point suspension and often reduce it creating the opposite effect of a four-point suspension control.

Using shocks and/or a sway bar may enhance your vehicle’s stability/suspension yet they only add minimal control due to their two points of control. The StableLoads patented four-point control system gives you full control of your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s factory engineers invest millions of dollars to ensure a four-point suspension system because it provides a needed compromise between your ride quality while your driving and towing/hauling and also the ride quality while driving unloaded.

StableLoad works with factory suspension

StableLoad is the only suspension upgrade that provides four points of suspension to work with your factory suspension. StableLoad pre-engages the factory suspension preparing the vehicle in advance for the load caused by towing and hauling. It does this by eliminating the gap between the upper and lower leaf springs which means the truck does not have to drop by a few inches due to whatever it is towing or hauling. By maintaining the four-points of contact, the suspension is being used at its fullest potential.

Why choose StableLoad over Airbags?

Airbags provide two points of contact on your factory suspension as opposed to the original four points. Airbags take the weight of the towing or hauling load off the factory suspension and essentially redistributes it onto two balloons causing a teeter-tottering effect. With airbags, the weight can shift back and forth causing your factory suspension to become disengaged.

Benefit of working with your suspension instead of against it

Trucks are expensive. You pay a lot to have a comfortable ride and when you load your truck down, you lose that comfortable ride. StableLoad engages your suspension sooner to give you a comfortable ride while dramatically reducing side-to-side sway, body roll and porpoising.