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“Northwood Manufacturing, manufacturer of Arctic Fox Campers, has been using Torklift products for years. We highly recommend the use of Torklift frame mounted camper tie downs to anyone who owns or plans on owning one of our slide in truck campers.”

Ron Nash

“Bigfoot Industries, Inc. has been using both the Torklift SuperHitch, and the Torklift Camper Tie Down System for in excess of two years now. We highly recommend the use of the Torklift Camper Tie Downs and the SuperHitch for anyone that owns or plans on owning a Bigfoot Truck Camper.”

Ross H. Kiersgaard,
VP Sales & Marketing, Bigfoot Industries, Inc

“S & S Manufacturing has been using Torklift products since 1999. Torklift has become our camper tie down of preference and has become our most asked for camper tie down system. S & S trucks use Torklift tie downs and receivers. On our larger model campers, Torklift's double tube extension allows the towing of large trailers without exceeding weight ratings. It has filled a real hole in the market with a quality product.”

Doug Sieler,
General Manager

“The folks at Torklift are great! Their dealer support, quality parts and better margins are just a few reasons we use Torklift products exclusively.”

Frank Henderson
Apache Camping Center, Everett, WA

“All Seasons RV has been a Torklift dealer for over six years. It is my opinion that any dealership not displaying the high quality Torklift line is not presenting to their customers the highest quailty and strongest camper tie down system available.”

Charles Loius,
All Seasons RV
North Hollywood, CA

“We’re proud to use Torklift tie downs exclusively. When you tell customers all the benefits, they choose Torklift every time. Great warranty, great dealer support, great products, easy to install - that means happy customers!”

Apache Camping Center
Tacoma, WA

"As an installer of a variety of different systems I can say without a doubt, the Torklift system is by far the best system we have found. Not only are installations easier but the end result is a very positive attachment system for even the heaviest of campers. In my past 22 years being in the RV industry, I have installed all kinds of tie down systems for customers but have not found anything that works better than Torklift. I strongly recommend this product to anyone considering a truck camper tie down system! Thank you!"

Michael Kahle,
Murrieta Creek RV
Murrieta, CA

“The StableLoad has been a great fit for our dealership and our customers over the last year or two. Because it’s an economical option, it’s the first option I turn to when customers come to me with suspension problems when air bags just aren't enough. It has had a wide range of appeal and some of my most frequent referrals have been from tow trucks, car repo fleets, agriculture, and construction industry rigs. The ease of installation and simplicity for the customer make this a great product. Keep ‘em coming!”

John Thomson
Parts & Service director
S&S Campers

While speaking with a customer: “If the tie downs are made by Torklift they are the strongest on the market. If in fact they are Torklift tie downs I would not worry about their capabilities. If they are not Torklift tie downs I suggest you replace them.”

Gary Hubbard,
General Manager, Truck Camper Division
Chalet RV

"DNL Recreation has used Torklift products happily and successfully for many years. The truck camper tie down system, which is custom fit for about any truck application you could ever want, is the best way to secure your camper to your truck. The folks at Torklift make their frame mounted tie downs secure, friendly to install, and safe for your truck camper tie down needs. The FastGuns, SuperHitch and many other offerings are well built and engineered to last and give the owner many years of trouble-free service. We at DNL Recreation Inc. have enjoyed using the Torklift products and plan to continue for all of our truck camper customer's needs"

Dave Bonsack
DNL Recreation Inc.

"I personally use and recommend only Torklift brand True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs, FastGuns, locks and StableLoads as well as their SuperHitch and SuperTruss Extension. They are the best money can buy. I was off the Coquihalla highway in British Columbia. There were some lakes that I love to fish when I have time. The road to the lake was rocky and slick. I had slid off the road in the ditch with my full-size truck. There was a big tree in front of me and a huge boulder behind me and 100-plus miles from any help. It was getting late and cold when a few off-roaders in Jeeps happened by. They attached block and tackle and winches to my True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs and pulled my truck back up on the road. Not a scratch was put on my new truck. Go Torklift or stay at home."

David Johnson
Apache Camping Center

“The Torklift display set up at our dealership has been an invaluable tool for selling Torklift. The ability to show the customer the actual product has increased our sales, without question!”

Jennifer Moos,
Assistant Parts Manager

Ford Motor Company Truck/Camper Tiedown Recommendations
View this page from the Ford Motor Company's Vehicle Towing Guide, stating that camper tiedowns need to be attached to the trucks frame and NOT the trucks bed.
Click here to download the page from Vehicle Towing Guide

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General Reviews

"Can't say enough good stuff about the products and the people who work there! We have purchased several items for our truck and hopefully will be setting up a new truck very soon as well. Staff has answered all our questions and gone above and beyond to help us with outfitting. Keep up the great work, we are customers for life." 

Laurie Pedrick

"I had heard that Torklift's after sale service was the best and now I can attest to that fact. Companies who act like their customers are important to them are all too rare these days. Torklift is one of those and should be supported whenever possible. Thanks again!"

Tom Crawford
Alberta, Canada

"Your products are SUPERIOR to any thing I have looked at (and I have looked a lot, I am an engineer by training and details are my life); they give me peace of mind and makes traveling both safe, relaxing and fun. Thank you very much for working with me on this. Getting the Torklift hitch and tie down system will complete my project. I know my family will be safe regardless of the loads we are carrying and pulling. That is very important to me."

Tri-Cities, WA

"Just wanted to give you guys a two thumbs up for three of your products. I’m a life long camper and recently purchased a very nice truck camper. Your FastGuns and tie downs are remarkably secure and easy to use. Your FastGun Wobble Stoppers work tremendously well. And best of all, you StableLoads do exactly what you advertise they'll do. They have improved the drivability of my rig 100%. Comfort and reduced driver stress are the result. Good job."

Jim Phillips
Chapin, SC

"Again I want to thank you for all your extra effort in locating and getting for me the older style F2000 (tie downs). Everything went flawlessly just as you had arranged. I can't thank you and your company enough. A Very satisfied customer."

Paul Collins
Roseville, CA

"Thank you for a great product. Easy install and holds my camper solid as a rock! I travel the "backroads" all over the country and I never had to worry with my Torklifts!"

William Emery
Creal Springs, IL

“Don’t have a question, but your Torklift tie downs are perfect. Installed them on my 3/4 ton 2000 Chevy, mounted a 8-1/2 ft angler, which is not that heavy, but there was no sway and I encountered some heavy winds. Good Product.”

Bill Allen

“I could tell you folks really did your homework. It’s nice to do business with a company that puts out a product that installs exactly like it is supposed to. Thank you. You will have more of my business in the future.”

Jeff Christensen
Quincy, CA

“I was so shocked by the level of service I received from Torklift and will tell everyone. In a world of automated attendants and voicemail, my experience with your staff was refreshing. A live person answered the phone and was intelligent. She found the answer to my question immediately. Her efforts absolutely cinched the purchase of your tie downs. You're a company that truly understands the value of personal customer service, great staff and quality products.”

Fred Witham
Norco, CA

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"I finally broke down and bought some FastGuns. I have to tell you they are terrific. Well made and engineered. Keep up the good work."


"I had the Happijac turnbuckles, and bed tie downs. When I bought the Lance 1181, I converted to the Torklift frame mounts, and Torklift Derringers. I love them. Much quicker and easier to tie down. And, to me it feels more secure. The Torklift "no drill" frame mounts were true to their word, took me maybe 45 minutes to bolt all 4 frame mounts in, and much nicer setup in my opinion. The happijacs were what I used for many years, but, with a heavier camper I really like the frame mounts."


“I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the FastGuns. While traveling in Mexico I inadvertently drove over a speed bump (called tope in Mexico) and my Bigfoot camper lifted up at least three inches from back to front. Without the FastGuns, I think for sure, there would be serious damage to either my camper or truck or both!!!”

David Hill,
Saanichton, B.C.

"The Torklift products are extremely well made.  We have towed our boat for hundreds of miles through rough terrain in AK. The FastGuns make life easier.  It's a pleasure to tow with good equipment. Top of the line products worth every penny."

Jo Bartoli

"[I have] Torklift FastGuns on the Bigfoot and the F250. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Adjusts fast and easy and I have it off the truck in less than 10 minutes. Get the stainless ones and get the locks to keep your investment safe and on your truck. Do it right the first time and don't look back."

Larry Hobbs
Racine, WI

"In February I took a 2 week trip with my camper down to Casa Grande, AZ and back. I covered a little over 3,000 miles during that trip. I managed to pick the worst weather they'd had all winter, to drive through. Wind gusts between Yreka and Redding were so strong that most of the tractor trailer rigs were pulled over and parked on each end. I had a close friend with a health issue in Arizona and was so focused on pushing through (I also didn't realize how bad the wind was until I was well into the stretch). If there was 1 ounce of doubt left in my mind about the Torklift system, it was gone by the time I was through that wind storm. And as it turned out, I fought wind and rain for the remainder of the trip to Arizona until 38 miles from Phoenix. At one point, I realized I had happened onto a stretch of road that had been signed "strong winds - truck campers not advised". It should have also said ('unless you use Torklift')."

Sher Jennings

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Tie Downs

"I've had my Lance 1025 + F250 SRW for 2 years now. First year was Happijac tie down system. For year 2 I installed the Torklift rear hitch and tie downs. Didn't notice any difference in ride, but felt alot better knowing my bumper wasn't getting flexed all the time. Last weekend I finally got around to installing the front part of the Torklift system. I was not expecting much difference in ride, so I was floored when I hopped in to drive it around and the difference was absolutely amazing. Now the truck + camper feels like a single unit and overall sway has gone way down to almost nothing. Before it always felt like the camper and truck moved independently."

Craig Compton
Cypress, TX

"I am new to the truck camper part of RVing, but have had a 5th wheel for 10 years. At any rate, I looked at both systems, talked to as many people as I could, and elected to get the Torklift system and just installed it this weekend. I was amazed at how easy it was to install and how unobtrusive the installation is. When I am not using the truck camper, the tie downs won't even show! I got the FastGuns because I will likely have the truck camper on and off several times a year and wanted the simplicity. ... The quality of the system seems to be terrific. Very well built and engineered. I believe I made the right choice."

Lynn King
Montrose, CO

"I realize that there aren't many females out there on the highways with RV's. (I also own a 27' travel trailer.) But I was born and raised on ranches in South Dakota where the norm is extreme weather, so I don't scare easily, but I do shut down when I know it's not safe. I worked for my grandfather who was also a house mover. He was adament that we always use the best equipment with house moving and on the ranches. In spite of badgering by friends, when I bought my first camper, to get Happi Jac, I did my research and went with Torklift. I let the turnbuckles go when I sold the camper, but bought new spring-loaded ones when I bought my new camper.

A couple years ago, one of those friends who had badgered me was driving back with our caravan from the Pendleton Roundup. We hit the heavy afternoon winds. Both the driver and passenger were a wreck by the time we got back to the Gorge. Later I asked why they spent $45,000 on a new truck and $30,000 on a new camper, but then got cheap with her tie down system (Happi Jac)....which I likened to using elmer's glue. They really didn't understand the difference(between the two) and had wanted to save money."

Sher Jennings

"We recently started shopping for a slide in camper for our 2008 GMC. We had no experience with slide ins prior and I didn't even know how to attach it to the truck. The dealer we considered purchasing from showed us the "required" Happijac system and I was very concerned. I am extremely careful about any modifications to my truck and I hate to drill holes if not needed. We decided against new and entered the used camper market. After extensive research, I knew I wanted a Torklift no drill system. I wanted it so much that we adjusted our camper budget to make sure that's the system we got (we bought a camper with less "goodies" to save money for the tie downs - I'll get a better camper later). I installed it last night with no problems. It took longer to gather up the tools than it did to install the tie downs. I'm looking forward to this weekend's 1st install!"

Doug Ames

"(When discussing Torklift vs HappiJac) Had them both. Hands down the camper is WAY more stable with the Torklifts. The FastGuns are way more easier to use/adjust. There is NO comparison between the two."

Bill Osborn
Greeley, Colo

“I want to thank you for the best piece of equipment I have ever installed. My grandson and I installed the tie downs in less than 30 minutes. Everything fit so well. I have been buying RV parts for 30 years, this is the best product I have ever bought.”

D. Amaral
Smartville, CA

“My wife and I want to thank you and all of the people who worked to design and produce such a wonderful product. We know first hand what a quality tie down system can do to protect both your equipment and more importantly, the people who use it!”

Jim & Shirley Fairbarn
Springville, CA

“I have had different tie downs over the years but none like the Torklift; They are superior to any tie downs I have seen. They are easy to install and are not in the way when the camper is not on the truck. I truly want to thank you for advertising in Trailer Life. Otherwise I would still be looking for a tie down system for my new Ford F350 truck. Many thanks.”

Warren S. Little

“Installed your tie downs on our new Ford 350 to hold our AlpenLite camper. While going down Interstate 90 in Minnesota we experienced a cross wind blowing so hard I thought we were going to tip over. After getting off at the exit and stopping for gas, we found out there were tornado warnings. Glad we had the tie downs -- they performed great the whole trip.“

Jim Mayer

“I purchased a pair of front tie downs for a 2003 Dodge Ram dually. When I read the instructions about fishing the bolts through the frame all I pictured was loosing the bolts inside the boxed frame. Well, long story short, it worked out great. I could tell you folks really did your homework. It’s nice to do business with a company that puts out a product that installs exactly like it is supposed to. Thank you.“

Jeff Christensen

“It’s SO EASY drilling when you have space! Just clamp the Torklift plate to the hitch plate and do the drilling! - I’m SO pleased with those Torklift tie downs. Don’t know why a person would want something else.”

Gareth “Gary” Bouwman
Graham, WA

“I am blown away by the quality of your product... I have to say that your camper tie downs are flawless. I have never installed anything that fit up and installed so well.”

Marty Levar

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“I installed the StableLoads on my truck and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement. I had already installed Super Springs, a Helwig sway bar and 19.5 inch wheels with G load range tires. I did not expect much from the StableLoads - I was wrong! Notable difference. Tried them out on a month long, 5300 mile trip from home in Michigan to Utah and they proved themselves. Also, I just installed in the last couple weeks your FastGuns. Love 'em!”


“What a difference the StableLoads make! Driving home last weekend I had strong winds over the Bay Bridge. The StableLoads reduced the usual sway dramatically. Without a doubt, this is the best add-on I have had done!”


“The StableLoad has been a great fit for our dealership and our customers over the last year or two. Because it’s an economical option, it’s the first option I turn to when customers come to me with suspension problems when air bags just aren't enough. It has had a wide range of appeal and some of my most frequent referrals have been from tow trucks, car repo fleets, agriculture, and construction industry rigs. The ease of installation and simplicity for the customer make this a great product. Keep ‘em coming!”

John Thomson
Parts & Service director
S&S Campers

"We've driven about 2,400 miles and I have to tell you the Quick Disconnect StableLoads have proven to be our best truck modification!  It's easy to forget I have such a heavy load sitting in the back or my truck. We've spent the last couple of days going in and out of Key West with narrow streets, heavy traffic and crowded with people and it really is surprising how well it handles in such tight quarters of that city. So, I can honestly tell you, I am sold on the Quick Disconnect StableLoads! For such an inexpensive investment, it's amazing, not only what it does for the truck but for the ease of driving."

Ken Pastorius

"Am NEW to Truck Camping and recently purchased an Arctic Fox 990 Truck Camper and an F350 Dually. Do not have the exact figures however loaded weight is near 4000 lbs. on the camper. The wife and I did a couple of weekend trips and were very disappointed in the sway we were getting especially on the city roads this was after installing Air Bags so I did some research and found Torklift and thought I would give the StableLoads a shot. I have to tell you that the result was nothing short of (to me) astounding, the difference was night and day. I also use Torklift FastGuns and find them to be the best of the best not only in quality and workmanship but ease of use.

Thanks Torklift for making this NEWBIE Truck Camper a believer in Torklift Products I sure feel safer going down the road! Looking to install a set of your Torklift GloSteps next."

Tacoma, WA

"I purchased a used Bigfoot 1011CR last spring (2009) and at the same time I purchased Torklift Tie Downs, FastGuns and StableLoads. I spent most of the summer last year in Alaska and NW Canada, about 15,000 miles and several trips when we got back to lower 48. All these products performed flawlessly. This spring when I reloaded our TC I noticed that one of my StableLoads was missing, I have no idea how or why. I e-mailed Torklift to ask where I could purchase just one of the StableLoads and within a week I had a new one on my doorstep, no charge. I find it refreshing to find a company that makes a quality product and stands behind them also. I highly recommend Torklift products and the company."

David Crawford
Rogers, AR

"I'm a first time RV'er. 2,350 lbs of tongue weight squatted my 2008 Ford F250 single wheel about 2" farther than I wanted when pulling my new 36' 5th wheel (total combined weight 22,250 lbs loaded). I don't have an air system, but Jay at Torklift assured me the StableLoad would do the trick and connected me to an area dealer. A re-assuring quick deal and an overnight package later I was installing them in my driveway... 16 minutes later I was finished and with no skinned knuckles. The next morning I headed west from Florida to California. The difference was absolutely amazing. In New Mexico and Arizona I encountered serious cross winds. On the phone my snowbird father said, "Bet ya wished you'd bought a dually." Nope. But I am sure glad I bought the StableLoad! Thanks Jay and thanks Torklift for this outstanding American-made product."

Jay Rowley

“I just installed a set of StableLoad helper leaf blocks on my ’08 F450. My truck now rides level and handles like the bed is empty. This is one of the most cost effective and efficient methods of shifting weight to the front axel and eliminating rear sag I have every seen. Great Product”

Michael Davis

"I also have a Lance 1131 on the back of my F350. I run my air bags at 70PSI and the the camper won't touch the overload springs. About a month ago, after reading some info on this form, I purchased a set of of Torklift StableLoads and it improved my ride dramatically. They only took me about 30 minutes to install with no drilling. These actually kept my truck from squatting the 3 inches and it only squats about an inch now. It also helps even out the drive and no more side to side rocking. Even my wife could tell the difference."

Eric Dalby
Gloucester, VA

"After years of frustration with bad sway, I finally installed StableLoads. Problem instantly solved. Sway is gone. Truck is again a joy to drive... The StableLoads absolutely solved the problem."

Al Maher
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have StableLoads and Timbrens, I am very happy with this simple and effective setup. The StableLoads eliminated the rear end sag when the camper is loaded, while also not affecting the empty ride. The truck/camper has almost no sway, and it tracks straight as an arrow. Even with strong cross winds, the handling is very good."

Dean Murfield
McDonough, GA

"I just installed my set of StableLoads. They work fantastic."

Darrell Jones
Boise, Idaho

"Have them on my F450-- which has no other suspension mods-- and they work well. Brought the back end of the camper up about an inch. Don't engage at all when the truck is empty (by design). Had airbags on two previous trucks (Chevy 2500 DMAX SRW and 3500 DMAX dually) and they did not do as well as the StableLoads...Installation was easy-- utility knife removed the factory rubber pads and the StableLoads bolted on in minutes. Easy driveway job."

Duncan Crawford
Westminster, MD

"I picked up the stable loads the other day and took the camper off of the truck. With 80 lbs. in the air bags it took most of the load off of the helper springs and gave me lots of room to install. Had them on in about half an hour. Picked up another camper yesterday for a friend a couple of hundred miles away and with the air bags and the stable loads, the ride was very comfortable at highway speeds, no sway or dip in tight corners. I would recommend them as they definitely help out the air bags and increase stability. Thanks again."

John Clarke
Ladysmith, BC, Canada

"I previously had airbags on my 2500 with NO overloads. My 3500 has overloads and I added the Torklift StableLoads. They engage the overload springs sooner when the Lance is loaded providing a "stable" load using the overload springs."

Jim Bennett
Tontitown, Arkansas

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"Love to tow behind my camper and the SuperTruss! I feel no worries when I do, and that peace of mind is priceless."

Kyle Roberts
Centerville, UT

"When I bought the truck, I put on a Reese TowBeast and a 22" extension which brought the receiver about 2" in front of the camper bumper. After about a year of worrying that I was over the weight limit of the Reese (6000# rating at 22" with a WD hitch), I swapped it out for a Torklift SuperHitch with a 21" SuperTruss (rated at 14,000# with a WD hitch). The first time I loaded the trailer I noticed the difference. The Reese deflected 3"-4" with the truck sitting still, the Torklift deflects less than 2". I also feel less bouncing while driving down the road. I also switched from a HappiJac tie down system to the Torklift frame mounted system and that made a differene in stability as well. I first changed out the tie downs and then tested before trying the hitch so I could see how much difference each component made. Yes, I know the TorkLift product is a bit pricey, but it is well worth the money. Besides being a superior product, they give a lifetime warranty. It makes me feel a lot safer knowing that I'm well under the weight limit of the hitch system."

Warren S. Little

"You're going to hear a lot of the same here... I originally used the factory 2.5" Ford hitch with a 3' Reese Tow-Beast extension, and a load-leveling set-up. It was marginal with our smaller two-horse steel trailer, and I never felt safe. When we ordered our newer, larger, heavier trailer (two-horse straight load with extended tack) I switched out the hitch for the Torklift, with a 36" extension. World of difference. Buy it once, and buy the right product. Sleep easier. Don't risk your horses, or your safety over a few hundred dollars. It might be a little over-kill in certain situations, but what is your peace of mind worth?"

Don Clemons

"(I have the) SuperHitch with 36" Extension. It's heavy, but worth it, towing horses. Plus I use the Torklift Tie Downs AND I have always been able to get them on the phone for help when needed. To me, that is priceless."

Jon Schuman
Pasadena, CA

"Even with only 10" of camper hanging off the back, I needed at least the 21" stinger to keep the cargo trailer from kissing my rear jacks upon backing through corners. My 16' cargo trailer is 3k empty and I usually have another 2k in ATV's and junk packed inside. I find that the entire package with my SuperHitch, and WD system drives like a dream on or off road. And I see no issue in pulling a longer TT either."

Craig Campbell
Forest Grove, OR

"When I purchased a new truck, the extension no longer lined up, so I needed a stand-alone extension. To save money, I went to a very reputable welding/hitch shop in town and they made an extension with side braces and a solid 2" bar and installed a hitch for $700. For once in my life, I was bright enough to test the system before loading everything up. It took less than a mile to bend the extension. They wouldn't buy it back, but would straighten it out for the low price of $150. They refused to believe that I was pulling a boat since they "had horse trailers with 1,000lb tongue weights using these setups. I called different shops around town and found a local shop that had the Torklift system I needed in stock for $860 installed. I figured with this system, someone else could share the liability if the system failed since everything fell within their published limits. I installed the system and I have pulled my boat thousands of miles over all kinds of roads with no problems."

Brian L.
Boise, ID

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"The GlowStep is simply awesome. My wife and 5-year old are safe and secure while entering our RV at night. I've tried various scissor steps. The Torklift is an entirely different product. It's stable and wide."

Bill C.
Tacoma, WA

"I finally broke down and bought a 4 step GlowStep from Torklift. I love this thing. Its light and the steps glow in the dark. It folds up nice and I can store it inside one of my storage bays. What a difference going up and down a decent set of steps compared to those "death trap" steps that the factories put on."

Kerry Stark
Shamokin Dam, Pa.


"We went camping this past week which allowed us the opportunity to install and use the SafeStep. The results were fantastic. Our dogs used to be hesitant to walk up the steps, but with your Safe Step blocking off the opening between steps, both dogs went right up the steps without fear."

Jon Scott

"I carried an adjustable-height step pad, which we used every trip. Sometimes it was at its lowest height, sometimes its highest. I no longer need it! I can't foresee any need for more adjustment than what the GlowStep Revolution offers. I would give the Glow Step Revolution two thumbs up! "

Dwayne Russell
Centennial, CO

"We are definitely pleased with the GlowStep Revolution! My husband is amazed at how easy it is to get in and out of the fifth wheel after having double knee replacements this past year. My 82-year-old father came to try them out and if he had known how easy they made it to get in and out, he would have bought them years ago. Thank you so much.”

Donna Hutchinson
Norton, VA

"We purchased the GlowStep Revolution steps and love them. Our Passport came with 3 steps and they were always to high. It seems that every remote campsite is on a slope. We purchased the 4-step Revolution and it is perfect! No more adding a crappy little step that can tilt or topple anymore. Thanks so much for creating these great steps."


"Thanks for such a great product. We love the landing gear with our GlowSteps. We found the landing gear while reading an online interview about Torklift new products in Truck Camper Magazine. Thanks to Gordon and Angela we found your landing gear for steps. The landing gear is the best thing for our 5 GlowSteps. It brings stability to a new level and makes it so much safter getting in and out of our truck camper, plus it looks like the steps will travel much better without a bar across the bottom. The landing gear is our answer to being more confident using the steps. Thanks again for a great product!" 

-Janet and Jim Manis
Valparaiso, IN 

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"I just installed my new GlowGuide system. The installation was fairly straight forward, and the GlowStep mounting bracket is very easy to install on the steps. Once the GlowGuide system is installed, it is very easy to deploy - I am very impressed with how solid the system is once deployed. The angle brace makes all the difference to give you that secure solid feeling when using the GlowGuide. Its lightweight and made out of materials that should hold up to the elements. I would highly recommmend the GlowGuide system to anyone who wants that extra feeling of security while going in and out of their truck camper."

Kerry Stark
Shamokin Dam, Pa.

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"I chose a PowerArmor Battery Box. More specifically, I chose the PowerArmor Solar A7708RS. It is a solidly constructed aluminum box that sports a 10W solar panel and enough interior space for two Trojan T-105 6V batteries. Overall I would say that the installation went well and that this is a solid product."

John Rest
Ottawa, Canada

"The PowerArmor itself appears well made and has a very practical design. The solar panel on the top is a nice touch and will help to keep the batteries charged. The batteries and wiring are all now out of sight, giving a nice, neat appearnace to the front of the trailer. I now have one less thing to worry about when we wander off on one of our hiking adventures and leave the trailer all alone!" 

Mike Pitchley
Highlands Ranch, CO 

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FastGun Wobble Stopper

"The Wobble Stoppers do exactly what they claim. The reduction in sway with my camper on the jacks was remarkable. As soon as I stepped in the door I could tell a difference. Climbing up into the cabover bed made it even more obvious. These braces will certainly get used anytime I'm using the camper off the truck."

Matt Huffman
Swoope, VA 

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Fortress GasLock

“I feel a lot safer about my expensive camping equipment since using PowerArmor and Fortress GasLock. They give me peace of mind” 

Lauren Jensen
Arcadia, CA 

"It's nice, well-made and looks good too." 

Salem, OR

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