Meet The Team

Dealer Resources Group

Bob Barber

Bob accepted an offer to become DRG's Southeast Division General Manager in February, 2005. Bob has many years of experience in the market he serves, as a distributor sales representative for Coast for over eight years, and with Arrow for the three years before joining DRG. Prior to that, Bob also owned and operated a dealership in Clearwater, Florida and served as parts manager for several major RV Dealers, including Lazy Days. With a strong history of success, and exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the business, Bob has been a great addition for our current and future vendors, and a highly valued member of the DRG sales team. In 2007, Bob's commitment to the firm was rewarded by becoming the second sales associate to be made a partner through DRG's Partnership Program. In 2008, Bob was promoted to V.P. of Sales for DRG.

George Bilbo

George became a DRG sales associate in early 2010 and lives with his family in Columbia, Mississippi. He has several years of industry experience, most recently as a dealer sales representative for Arrow Distributing, where he worked out of their branch in Louisiana. He now covers the same territory for DRG that he previously covered for Arrow. His long relationships with the dealers in his area have allowed him to easily make the transition to his new duties with DRG. We’re very pleased that George decided to join us and are very confident that he will be an important part of our future growth.

Bill Eckhoff

Bill began his DRG career in January of 2007 after serving as a Regional Manager at Pulliam Industries for several years. As Regional Sales Manager for our Midwest Division, Bill has proven himself to be a valuable asset for DRG, its customers, and supplier companies. His prior industry experience and familiarity with the customers he serves, along with his product knowledge and sales abilities, have made Bill an important addition to the DRG Sales Team.

Andy Mikesell

Andy became General Manager of DRG's Midwest Division in February of 2006 after several years as a Regional Sales Manager for Firestone's Industrial Products Division. His "Key Account" experience with Firestone, and the fact that his new DRG territory included many of the accounts he had worked with for several years, allowed Andy to have an immediate positive impact on the sales in his new territory. His work ethic, product knowledge, and previous "big company" training, have made Andy a key member of DRG's Sales and Management team.

J.D. Overstreet

J.D. joined DRG in the fall of 2009 and was recently promoted to the position of Regional Sales Manager for our Central Midwest territory and moved to Hannibal, Missouri. J.D. brings many years of experience to his new position and has worked in the parts departments of several large dealerships, has held sales positions with RV Parts Distribution companies, and owned and operated an RV Dealership in Clearwater, Florida. His background and sales ability have allowed J.D. to provide an immediate positive impact for our Vendor Partners.

Mike Perry

Mike joined the DRG Sales Team in July of 2013. With many years of RV experience at both the Dealer and Distributor levels, Mike joined the DRG sales team as a knowledgeable RV Industry veteran. He had excellent relationships with the Dealers in his territory since he had been working with them for several years as a sales representative for NTP in the same territory he now covers for DRG. Working for NTP also provided him a great understanding of virtually all our Vendor’s product lines & programs, which allowed Mike to become a very important addition to the DRG Sales Staff from day one of joining the firm.

Susan Russell

Susan joined the DRG Sales Team in April of 2014. With many years of RV experience as a territory sales representative for Stag/Parkway, Susan joined the DRG sales team as a knowledgeable RV Industry veteran. She has long standing relationships with the Dealers in her territory, as Susan was the “go to” person for their business needs for the past several years. With excellent knowledge of all the DRG product lines through her work with Stag, Susan has been able to easily transition to her new duties as a DRG Sales Manager for our Florida territory.

Jim Stark

A founding partner of DRG, Jim began his RV career with Valley Industries, a towing products company located in Lodi, California. Jim left Valley to join Faulkner Mfg. Company as its Director of Marketing and, after four years with Faulkner, switched to the distribution side of the business by going to work for Mohawk Trailer Supply in Schenectady, NY. When Mohawk was sold to The Coast Distribution System in 1990, Jim was transferred to Tampa and became V.P. and Gen. Mgr. of Coast's Tampa distribution center. In 1994, Jim was promoted to Senior V.P. of Sales and moved to Coast's San Jose, California headquarters. In 1999, Jim returned to the Tampa area and joined forces with David Jones to form DRG.

Garry Weaver

DRG's first sales associate, joined the company in 2000 after over 10 years sales experience with Stag/Parkway's Leesburg, Florida branch as an outside sales representative. In 2002, Garry was promoted to General Manager of DRG's Texas Division and relocated to the Austin, Texas area. In 2006, Garry's efforts on behalf of the firm were again rewarded when he was made a partner in DRG through our newly instituted Partnership Program. He has worked closely with the area distributors and their sales people and has developed an excellent following with the RV dealers throughout the territory. Garry is also an active member of the T.R.V.A. and has served as a member of the organizations Board of Directors. He now serves DRG as V.P. and General Manager of our Texas Division.

George Yontosh

George agreed to join DRG in October of 2007 as a Regional Sales Manager for our Northeast Division, after successfully running his own Rep firm for over five years. George's firm, which also served the RV Aftermarket, wasn't his first experience in the RV Industry. Prior to starting his Rep company, George worked for StagParkway as a dealer sales representative for over eight years and served as the Parts Manager of a major dealership before that. Working with the same dealers, W.D. sales people, and distributors he has worked with for over thirteen years, has allowed George to make an immediate impact for DRG and its Suppliers. George's experience, product knowledge, and reputation in the Industry, allowed for an easy and positive transition to his new duties with DRG.


Foster & Associates

Dan Cloutier

Dan Cloutier has been involved in the Automotive Aftermarket industry for over 30 years. Dan started his professional Sales and Marketing career with one of the largest manufacturer agencies as a Territory Sales Manager for 13 years. He then worked for a national chemical company as a Regional Sales Director and National Sales Director. Dan takes pride in his first class customer service, and remarkable relationships he has built with his customers over the years.

Dan is bilingual, and therefore is right at home with all of our customers, whether they are French or English speaking.

Brent Foster

As a West Coast enthusiast, one can often find Brent enjoying the outdoors at any number of sea to sky activities, or perched on his porch barbequing for the family. His healthy approach to a work life balance helps to keep his mind clear and his tactics calculated.

With an education in Operations Management from BCIT, and an impressive history in sales and marketing, Brent has been an instrumental part in Foster & Associates successes. Coupled with that, his membership with the American Production and Inventory Control Society has him tuned into industry market trends – one of many reasons he is called upon in the industry.

Brent’s forward thinking methods and proven track record has clients asking for him by name, and he is well recognized by reputation.

Sean Foster

Once a West Coast champion of corporate account acquisitions, Sean now calls his Calgary transplant location – home. His education in Business Management has catapulted him through his career history within the telecommunications industry, along with corporate account management, and marketing initiatives respectively.

In 1999 Sean joined D. Foster & Associates, lending to them his “top of the class” tactics and business know-how, intertwined with his fearless leadership qualities. Sean is sure to leave no task unturned and no challenge unresolved.

With Calgary as his backdrop, Sean and his family enjoy the great outdoors skiing, snowboarding and camping. Sean, is proud of the ironclad relationships he has built in Alberta and its neighboring provincial borders. Celebrating a plethora of professional representations, Sean continues to strive to be the best he can be to him, his customers and nanufacturing partners.

Tom Woinoski

Tom Woinoski is a Sales and Marketing professional who brings over 25 years of Sales experience in Automotive / Power Sports / Commercial Vehicle / Off Highway OEM and Aftermarket segments. For the past 25 years, Tom has worked with Fortune 500 Companies in Sales Management and Account Management roles. Tom has made a tremendous impact for Foster & Associates in Ontario and is a welcomed addition to the TEAM.

Tom was born and resides in Ontario. During his off time Tom enjoys golfing and trips to Northern Ontario.


The Shepherd Company

Over 60 years ago Ken Shepherd created the “Kenneth L. Shepherd Company” with the idea of providing exceptional sales and service for the automotive aftermarket to the Rocky Mountain region. Ken’s goal was to create a business concept that served the manufacturing sector as well as the dealer/jobber using “push through” and “pull through” selling. Back then the core of our business was primarily serving the automotive aftermarket and providing an avenue for the manufacturer to place their products into the automotive jobbers inventory and onto their store shelves. It was our mission to foster those relationships and keep those channels of supply and demand open and active for all parties involved.

Throughout the last 60 + years the marketplace has rapidly evolved, transformed and morphed into many specialized segments and The Shepherd Company has adapted right alongside. In 1989 they became a corporation with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, went through multiple expansions, added new territories, new accounts and additional sales associates. Today they have the ability to cover the entire United States (via a strategic partner), however, their core business still services Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The one constant throughout their evolution has been their dedication to their founder’s ideals of providing exceptional sales and service, representing themselves and their suppliers in a professional manner and fostering long term relationships with their business partners


Van Dyke Enterprises

Jerry VanDyke began his career in the RV industry in 1976. He started VanDyke Enterprises in 1993, representing one RV manufacturer in California. Jerry works with OEM accounts, manufacturers. Vandyke Enterprises continues to grow by adding more RV manufacturers and experienced reps to train dealers and distributors on products and sales.

The first rep to join VanDyke Enterprises in 2002 was Marv Flak bringing over 30 years of RV business experience to the company. Richard Jackson joined the company in 2008 adding another 30 years of RV business experience to the team.

Marv and Richard rep manufacturer's product lines calling on dealers and distributors regularly. Marv covers Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona. Richard covers Northern California and Northern Nevada. Jerry, Marv and Richard cover California, Arizona and Nevada focusing on dealers and distributors, providing training they need to be successful.

The key to growth with VanDyke Enterprises is providing constant training at the OEM, dealer and distributor levels.