The finish on my Torklift product is beginning to show signs of wear.  How do I help keep my Torklift products looking new? 


Powder Coated Steel: 

To keep your Torklift products looking new, follow these guidelines. All steel powder coated Torklift products are sandblasted for a maximum adhesion and use a high quality industrial urethane based powder coat.

Roads are consistently sprayed with corrosive road chemicals such as salt and have road debris. Due to the harsh and sometimes extreme under-vehicle environment that your Torklift products live in, the powder coated finish is not included under warranty.

To minimize corrosion from these factors on powder coated steel products, Torklift recommends regularly cleaning and inspecting the powder coated surface and touching up any affected areas with enamel or urethane based aerosol paint products. To add additional protection to your powder coat, or if you are located in one of the rust belt states, you may want to consider spraying your metal products with a heavy duty metal protector, such as Amsoil Heavy-Duty Metal Protector ( If there are areas or indicators of surface rust after prolonged use or installation, there is also If there are any areas of surface rust, there is also spray paint for metal available that can be used as a preparation to touch-up paint application. These finish maintenance products are available at any automotive parts supplier. Please follow the application and surface preparation instructions listed on the instructions of the product you choose.  


Polished Stainless Steel: 

Torklift uses quality grade 304 stainless steel in our stainless steel polished products. Grade 304 stainless steel is well known for its anti-corrosive properties. However, in some environments, such as coastal regions or when coming in contact with some road chemicals, corrosion may occur.

For a quick clean, simply use WD-40 and a cloth rag. We also recommend occasional polishing of our polished stainless products to maintain their attractive finish. Use an approved stainless steel chrome or mag and aluminum polish cleaning product which can be purchased from any automotive parts supplier.

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