Derringer Handle transforms your old-fashion turnbuckles into quick disconnect lever action turnbuckles. The galvanized eye allows you to connect to any other types of rigging, such as chain, for a quick disconnect turnbuckle. Threads onto ½” threaded rods or adapts to any eyebolt turnbuckle.

Now you can simply cut the hook off of any truck camper turnbuckle that uses a 1/2" threaded rod and thread on the FastGun Derringer.  Or for an alternative method of installation for conventional hardware turnbuckle users, the Derringer can simply be fitted with a threaded eye (included) to accept any rigging!  Derringers are a simple retro fit to the Torklift Springload XL.

Derringer Handles are sold in a set of four with a black powder coat finish.  They are covered by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and proudly made in the USA. 

MFG Part Number: S9528