Your battery goes dead while you are camping? 

Solenoid - Adding a battery solenoid on you truck makes it so that your 12-volt charge line is key activated, meaning that when you turn your ignition key off on your truck, the camper won't drain your truck battery. If you don't have a solenoid or isolator, you need to remember to unplug your camper when you stop, or you may end up with a dead battery (see your dealer).  

You can't see behind your truck/camper? 

Mirror extensions - You may find a need for these once you put your camper on the truck. With an extended truck mirror, it allows you to safely and easily change lanes, back up and pass. There are many kinds of towing mirrors available including custom designs, extendable towing mirrors and universal towing mirrors.

My transmission is failing due to overheating and dirty fluid? 

Consider getting a transmission cooler. They are designed to keep transmissions cool and fluid clean when towing large loads so your transmission has a prolonged life and improved performance. 

How do I stop my truck camper from moving during transit? 

Rubber bed mat – a heavyweight bed mat protects your load and your truck bed by preventing your truck camper from shifting as you drive. It acts like the sole of a rubber tennis shoe and significantly increases friction to eliminate any camper shifting. It also protects your truck bed surface from scratches, dings and dents.

Bed liners that aren’t spray-in will make your truck camper slide around while hauling which can cause damage, so make sure your bed mat is rubber or a spray-in liner.