StableLoad Featured On Truck U… Again!


The guys of Truck U know what separates a quality aftermarket product from its competition, and are as selective about what parts they feature on their show as the customers who purchase them. It comes as no surprise then that Truck U is showcasing Torklift International’s StableLoad on their television program yet again.

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Uppers or Torklift Jen

By: Torklift Jenstableloads


Sounds to me like a painful choice to make at the dentist?


But, in reference to adding Torklift StableLoads as a suspension upgrade to your vehicle, it is as easy as looking at the set-up of your overloads.


I get asked often the difference between the StableLoad part number A7200/A7202 and A7310/A7311.  There are a few differences but both significantly reduce side-to-side sway, bounce and sag while towing and hauling.


Like choosing the right tires for your vehicle, finding the fit and compatibility for your vehicle is the place to start.  The right fit for your application will make going down the road a whole lot smoother.


But with the A7310 and A7311 you can engage and disengage them while they are still on your overloads.


Now what is the difference between the A7310 and A7311? Just a drill kit.


For the small percentage of lower overloads that don’t already have a pre-drilled hole you need our cobalt drill kit.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of you who have upper and lower overloads, we recommend starting with the A7310 StableLoad as long as you have a pre-drilled hole.


To find a Torklift International dealer in your area, click here:



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