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Back in the day... by Torklift Jen


The year was 1976.torkliftstory

Gerald Ford was President.

The Apple company was formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Landing vehicles from the U.S. spacecraft Viking I and Viking II set down safely on Mars.

The Seattle Seahawks played their first football game.

Punk Rock got its start.

Rocky I was tops at the box office.

And, Torklift International got its start as a company.


Founded by Jon Kay in the summer of 1976, this family owned company has honed its expertise in the hitch and tow and RV aftermarket parts industry with legendary innovation, quality, and exemplary customer service.

The leadership of Torklift continues to inspire everyone here and is at the heart and soul of everything we produce and everything we do as a company.

These leadership qualities are instilled into everyone that works here and help us to continue to challenge each other and ourselves to make great stuff.

I’m finding many of the products and people of Torklift have interesting histories.   There are many stories to be told of the names, ideas, and inspirations that make us unique.

I hope to share home of these stories as I continue to research how it all began.




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Friday, 14 August 2020

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