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How to use the FastGun O-Ring

FastGun IU2 fullToday’s the big day – you’re taking the steps to getting your truck ready for the new truck camper you just purchased. Now you’ll be able to go camping in the great outdoors without having to worry about sleeping on the hard ground or critters getting into your “tent.” With a truck camper – you get the luxuries of home while also still getting to camp in remote places.

But – do you have your camper set up? Is your truck camper mounted onto your truck? You have your tie downs installed and you have your FastGun turnbuckles, but have you checked to make sure the FastGuns are properly tensioned? Read below to learn more about our patented O-Ring technology that ensures you have the proper tension for hauling your truck camper every time!


Spring-Loaded and what that means to you!
The Torklift FastGuns are spring-loaded. What does that mean? In order to prevent damage to the anchor points on your camper, these truck camper turnbuckles allow some give when your vehicle encounters uneven road conditions. We strongly recommend using spring-loaded turnbuckles on all four points of the camper because the spring design acts as a shock absorber. This protects the tie down system and camper anchor points from damage.


What is an O-Ring?
This O-ring is what we call the “spring tension indicator” because that is exactly its function. It indicates the amount of tension in the spring within the turnbuckle, allowing you to gauge how many pounds of tension is securing your camper.

Truck camper manufacturers recommend 300 pounds of pressure be applied on all four points to properly hold a truck camper to a truck. The spring-loaded function is crucial because it allows some give while driving on rough and bumpy roads.

o ring on fastgun

How to adjust the FastGun O-Ringtension before after
Now that you know what the O-Ring is and the importance of ensuring that it’s tensioned to the correct pressure, below are four easy steps to see if you have the O-Ring installed correctly on your FastGun turnbuckle: 

1. Adjust turnbuckles into place
2. Align the O-ring to the bottom of the turnbuckle body (right up against the bottom of the FastGun body)
3. Snap down the quick-disconnect handle of the FastGun (you will feel the spring tension)
4. If the O-ring lowers by ¼ -inch, you’ve achieved the correct amount of turnbuckle tension

FADdMe copyExample of how quickly you can install the FastGun on your camper

There you have it! Now that you have the O-Ring ¼-inch away from the FastGun body, your turnbuckles are tensioned properly at 300 pounds of pressure. You are ready to hit the open road with your camper. If you read this blog to learn more about the FastGuns but don’t currently own your own set – don’t fret! You can learn more about our truck camper turnbuckles and give our tech support a call at 800-246-8132 or purchase them at a Certified Dealer near you!


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing, and has loved every minute of working for Torklift for over 3 years. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels.

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