We have two winners for the #RVStepFail Drawing!!

RVStepFailSince January, we have been having the #RVStepFail contest where people shared their stories and photos about their unreliable or unsafe RV steps. Factory RV steps are notorious for needing modification: the RV steps are too high or too shaky, they can’t easily accommodate uneven ground and the surface area is always too small. Complaints about RV steps are as numerous as the way folks have tried to fix them —with stool legs, concrete blocks, wooden platforms, RV booster step, and makeshift handrails.

The drawing ended May 25, 2016 and the winners of the drawing were Doug Metcalfe and Steve Murray! With an overwhelming amount of entries, we decided to draw not one, but two winners! Below you can see their #RVStepFail entries.

Would be perfect for our dog…
Here is the story the Steve Murray shared with us in his submission:

“We have a tall 5th wheeler. It has only 3 steps and our older dog is unable to do them due to steepness. A set of the GlowStep Revolution steps would be great to help him get in and out of the 5th wheeler easier.” 

Steve Murray

One small step for me; one giant step for the wife….
Here’s the story that Doug Metcalfe shared with us in his #RVStepFail submission:

“One small step for me; one giant step for the wife! I was reading a year-old issue of Trailer Life Magazine last night and saw your ad for the steps. This is the first time that I have gone online to your website.

You guys keep coming up with new products that are the best that can be bought!

In Feb. 1997, I ordered both the Dodge RAM and a Bigfoot 10.6 basement camper as our pre-retirement package. Because of the extra height, the camper came with 5 steps made by a small company in Kelowna, B.C. From day 1- no matter how I stretched, leveled, or set those steps, every one was at a different angle. I contacted the builder, and he sent me an upgrade at no additional charge. All of the side pieces are made in the same jig, and there was no improvement. A local RV supply business said that they had seen this before; and they were made wrong. I am better at math than most, and following the basic laws of trig, I can't see what's wrong (equal sides yield equal angles). Only the middle step is level- each step up ore down is off by about 5-10 degrees, compounded with each step. The top one is like a ski jump, and the bottom one is an ankle buster. To make things even worse, every pivot is a fully threaded 1/4" coarse thread grade 5 bolt. At least three of these have snapped over the years.

My wife is afraid to continue to use these steps. According to the license tabs, it hasn't moved since 2008. By chance I met an identical owner at Fred Meyer in Yakima last year; same brand of steps on his newer Bigfoot- SAME PROBLEM. It sounds like you guys have made something that will really improve our situation.” 

Doug Metcalfe

Congratulations Doug and Steve! Thank you to everyone that entered your submissions for #RVStepFail, we really appreciate the stories you’ve shared with us.

What Steve is Winning
Steve will be winning the GlowStep Revolution for his 5th wheel and will get the 7” of vertical precision elevation adjustment. This feature will help his dog enter and exit the 5th wheel with ease since it connects to ground level. The GlowStep Revolution step system is unparalleled in stability and eliminates the unsafe diving board effect so Steve’s dog and entire family will feel much safer when entering and exiting the RV.

GlowStep Revolution

All Terrain Landing GearThe All Terrain Landing Gear for the GlowStep

What Doug is Winning
Instead of having to deal with his terrible factory RV steps, Doug won a set of GlowSteps and All Terrain Landing Gear for his Bigfoot truck camper application. This combination is the best step configuration available for truck campers. These leveling RV steps also have many accessories available including the GlowStep Handrail, the SafeStep which makes these pet friendly steps and DirtDestroyer, a shoe cleaning attachment.


To see all the entries, you can visit the #RVStepFail blog here. Make sure to stay tuned for any further drawings or giveaways that we have!


kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 


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It’s time to put your foot down - Get All Terrain Landing Gear for Torklift GlowSteps

CrookedBattle slanted campgrounds and uneven terrain with All Terrain Landing Gear

How often have you pulled into a camping spot found that it was perfectly level and solid throughout the entire site? The odds of that are probably close to hitting the lottery. Most likely the earth beneath your RV steps are uneven, whether from gravel, dirt, or grass, causing a hazard every time you go in or out of your recreational vehicle. Add this to the sensation of preparing for an Olympic diving attempt when you exit your RV or truck camper, you have the recipe for a nerve wrecking experience multiple times a day.Picture1Avoid unstable booster steps

Torklift has revolutionized the way travel enthusiasts enter and exit their RV’s with the Torklift GlowStep product line. GlowSteps are a unique scissor step system which meets the ground when unfolded, offering a solution to the springy tendencies that comes with standard towable, RV and truck camper entry steps. With the GlowSteps and All Terrain Landing Gear, no longer deal with using extra RV booster step that are often unstable and a hassle to store. Whether you need two camper steps or six, the Torklift GlowStep line has the right fit for your camper or trailer.

The Original GlowSteps:

• Glows in the dark for 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure
• Self illuminating steps - no batteries
• Safely enter and exit your RV after dark
• SureGrip™ step tread - no grip tape
• Stores in position
• Lockable
• Exclusive: adjusts to basement model campers
• 100% aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
Stainless bolted hinges allow for easy step addition or removal (Add-A-Step Kit Part # A7501)
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

glowstep diagram

Put your foot down on stability
7. All Terrain Landing GearTorklift has taken the GlowStep one step further with the creation of another accessory, adjustable stabilizing feet called the All Terrain Landing Gear. This addition creates a solid Earth to RV connection and adjusts to adapt to uneven terrain, leveling RV steps or leveling truck camper entry steps with the use of independently adjustable feet at the bottom of the steps.

(Above image: All Terrain Landing Gear)

This landing gear comes included as standard on the Torklift GlowStep Revolution step system for towables or can be added to any original Original GlowStep system giving truck camper entry steps the ability to adapt to any terrain, rough or smooth, level or not.

All Terrain Landing Gear:gsr starburst

• All Terrain Landing Gear levels on uneven terrain 
• Can be retrofitted to fit all original GlowSteps and other step systems (GlowStep Revolution comes with All Terrain Landing Gear included)
• Earth to RV: Level connection, securing the RV to the ground
• Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum (rust free) and stainless steel fasteners, tested at 1,400 pounds per pair
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA


Word on the street
On a popular online forum RV.net, someone purchased a truck camper that already was upgraded with the Torklift Glowsteps. Luck was on their side! Without knowing about Torklift’s GlowSteps, they inquired whether or not they should keep or replace the steps.

“[The previous owner] replaced the original steps with the Torklift GlowSteps as the original ones got in the way of the trailer he was towing.”
- Maxum1989

The response on the forum was unanimous- The Torklift Glowstep is a step above the rest, with multiple recommendations to also add the All Terrain Landing Gear.atlg inuse02All Terrain Landing Gear installs easily

“I have a set and I like them better than other steps that I have seen.”
- 69Avion

“Stick with the Glow Steps.”
- Kerry4951

“Upgrade the Glow steps with Torklift Landing Gear.”
- Wcjeep

See the full post and responses by clicking here.

Let’s recap, shall we? Torklift has changed the step game with the GlowStep line. Creating a safe way to enter or exit your RV day or night, with multiple options and add-ons to fit your needs. Installing RV steps is made easy and adjustment is painless. With unique bushing bearings and Picture2stainless steel bolted hinges for smooth function, Torklift steps provide ultimate level of quality and longevity. The Torklift All Terrain Landing Gear gives your steps the solid earth to RV connection on any surface. Stability and safety for your family is what it’s all about.

Don’t have the GlowSteps yet? The All Terrain Landing Gear comes as part of the GlowStep Revolution step system for towables. Enter our current RV Step Fail contest to win the GlowStep Revolution entry step system and check out the ways people have tried to solve RV step dilemmas on their own.


entertowinTo add the All Terrain Landing Gear to your existing GlowStep truck camper steps, find a dealer near you.


winski Written by Danielle Winski: With a B.S. in Marketing Management from Western Governors University of Washington, Danielle is passionate about using different technical and creative outlets for designing marketing content. She is an avid reader, writer and nature photographer in her free time. 

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