The trick to avoiding RV battery theft and achieving a worry-free summer

Don’t let stolen RV batteries ruin your ability to camp

Now that summer is here, all you want to do is relax by the campfire and enjoy the starry nights creating quality memories with family and friends. The last thing on your mind should be

Not worrying about little Johnny’s flaming marshmallow taking flight as he whirls the roasting stick above his head… Not worrying about the next school season, bill payments or your adolescent daughter’s new high school “boyfriend.” And above all, you should never have to worry about someone stealing your expensive RV and camping equipment.

Like a thief in the night
No one wants to think about the possibility of someone committing crimes while they’re out enjoying nature. Our vacations are meant to be restful, filled with fun and lots of laughter. You’ve spent the time to plan, you’re finally at your destination and then one morning you wake up and wonder why the coffee maker won’t turn on in the RV? You find yourself checking everything; the lights, the TV, the electrical panel and finally, the batteries. Wait a minute. The batteries are...gone.

anti-theftMore common than campground theft, most burglary happens when your trailer or camper is sitting in storage between trips or just parked outside of your house. When you finally take that well-deserved time off for a trip, nothing’s worse then discovering you’re not as ready as you thought you were. The ability to quickly pack up and get on the road is blown to oblivion because scheduling repair and investing in new batteries is now a priority. Tssssssssssss. Do you hear that sound? That’s those expensive batteries burning a hole in your pocket.

Who moved my cheese?
According to a police report in Medford, Or., RV battery theft is on the rise with an increase in battery theft expected throughout the summer months, just when everyone has their equipment and gear ready to go camping or on vacation.

battery-theft-cut-wiringThieves steal batteries and damage wiring

The recent article in RV Pro Magazine mentions how batteries are fairly simple to steal if left unsecured. As more campers, trailers and boats are taken out of storage and parked in driveways or on the street in preparation for summer travel and recreation, they turn into easy targets and attract thieves.

Reports of battery theft are more prevalent each year.

As cited in the article by RV Pro, police Lt. Mike Budreau fell victim to battery theft from his boat as it sat outside his friend’s house. Now he has learned that it’s worthwhile to lock up or lug the batteries into storage to prevent it from happening in the future.

To read the full RV Pro article on battery theft, click here.

save-moneyGypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Thieves have targeted RVs for years as a way to make quick and easy cash. While batteries typically cost anywhere from $75 to $130 a piece, battery bandits re-sell them for a very small portion of profit. Often thieves cause even more damage by cutting wiring. Wiring repairs are a huge hassle. This makes securing your exposed batteries a priority, regardless if where you’ve parked your RV or trailer.

Up until recently, there weren’t many options available. The only solution was to jury rig your own locking contraption or completely disconnect the battery and bring it inside a locked structure. What an annoyance to be bothered with that when you’re just trying to enjoy your time off. So what’s a poor schmuck supposed to do, put GPS locators on the batteries?stop-sign


Torklift International has developed a new line of locking storage boxes to prevent common and expensive battery theft! Your key to successfully keeping your batteries safe: 
the PowerArmor Solar.

Fringe with benefits
We’re not just talking about the benefit of knowing your batteries are secure. The benefits from owning a PowerArmor Solar are that it’s much more than a security feature of the Torklift brand and quality. Whether your RV is parked in your driveway or you’re set up beside the lake, you don’t ever have to be without power.

PowerArmor-locking-battery-boxPowerArmor Solar

Using a 10-Watt solar panel, Torklift PowerArmor Solar battery box maintains the charge of your batteries. By using a trickle charge method, longevity of the batteries increases up to 400% so you can avoid replacing the batteries prematurely. The bottom of the locking storage box is lined with an acid neutralizing battery mat to prevent corrosion caused by battery acid.

And that’s not all...

  1. Made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum for maximum durability
  2. Comes with mounting bracket and is designed specifically to access RV batteries avoiding interference with your RV
  3. Multiple box sizes available holding up to five batteries
  4. Adjustable dividers for custom size compartment storage (Max size only)

Don’t squander your power
The choice is yours. You don’t have to be a victim of battery theft. No other home option is as easy to install and provides the level of security as the PowerArmor Solar by Torklift International. Bolting easily to your trailer tongue or camper bumper, you’ll find the locking cargo box provides extra storage for your gear in addition to its security.

Now that Torklift International has helped stop battery thieves in their tracks, there’s no need to think about attaching GPS locaters to your batteries.

Bonus tip for keeping safe from any type of theft at the campsite: Lock it up.

  1. Lock your expensive generator with the Lock and Load or Load and Load SideKick generator tray
  2. Protect your shore power cords with the Fortress PowerLock
  3. Avoid propane tank theft and tampering with a Fortress GasLock
  4. Keep your Torklift RV scissor steps in place with GlowStep Locks
  5. If truck camping:
    1. Look into locking your turnbuckles and tie downs
    2. Prevent camper theft with the FastGun Wobble Stopper

Click here to learn more about the Torklift International PowerArmor Solar.



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Spare batteries are being stolen from campsites at an alarming rate - Learn how to protect yourself

Police reported that 22 deep-cycle marine batteries were stolen from campers being stored for the winter season at a campsite in Dover, Penn. Police are continuing to search for the thief or thieves responsible, according to a news article released from York Dispatch.


Stories similar to this are increasingly more common. Our dealers and customers have shared a number of heartbreaking stories about stolen batteries resulting in ruined family vacations. In fact, one of our towable dealers reported that his collection of towables were severely damaged after a thief cut out all of the batteries on his RV lot, most likely with intention to use them for resale.


This prompted Torklift International to develop a security product line to help prevent theft. We truly care about our customers and want to help them secure costly items in which they’ve invested their hard-earned money. Items like expensive batteries have high value and are expected to last for years throughout several camping seasons.

To effectively keep your batteries secured from theft, Torklift designed the PowerArmor battery box and HiddenPower under vehicle battery mount.


PowerArmor Battery Box
The PowerArmor line includes high quality locking battery boxes made from heavy gauge diamond plate aluminum. The box bolts to your RV, camper bumper, trailer tongue and more, serving as a compartment for lockable storage, perfect for housing a variety of battery types.

Not only does the PowerArmor Solar protect your batteries from thieves, they are maintained in healthy condition for maximum usage. The PowerArmor Solar is fitted with a solar panel attached to the lid, allowing sunlight to trickle charge batteries while stored safely under lock and key.

PowerArmor Solar Battery Box

The solar panel feature saves your batteries from another common and costly battery killer, lack of charging maintenance. The solar panel battery charger will maintain the charge and increase longevity of batteries, extending the life of your batteries up to 400 percent potentially saving you hundreds dollars each year.

When it comes to battery theft, labor costs for wiring repair range from $50-100, and replacing two RV batteries is nearly $260. With campground theft happening more often, a locking storage compartment has become a necessity on the campground.

As a battery mount hidden underneath the vehicle, the HiddenPower is unique and convenient way to add extra auxiliary power to your truck for your RV. The location of the extra battery is completely hidden from view, preventing any threat of theft from happening. Batteries will keep constantly charged and RV ready by the truck’s charging system.

HiddenPower Under Vehicle Battery Mount

Be sure to secure and protect your belongings when camping or storing your camper. Instances like the one in Dover, Penn. can happen anywhere. It’s up to you to be prepared and Torklift International can help you.

For more information, explore additional security products including the Fortress GasLock, Fortress PowerLock and Lock and Load maximum security cargo tray


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Prolong the Life of Batteries & Prevent Theft with Secured Solar Power Battery Box

Those who have experienced RV battery theft know the pain of replacing such costly items. With increasing reports of campsite battery theft and the familiar problem of battery failure, Torklift International has developed a product to remedy our woes.

The PowerArmor Solar is the only aluminum battery box available that not only will secure batteries under lock and key, but also uses an integrated solar panel to keep spare batteries charged and prolong battery life.


Undercharging or overcharging your batteries can lead to battery failure. With the solar panel battery charger adhered to the lid of the PowerArmor locking battery box, extend battery life up to 400%. During times when your batteries are not in use, maintaining a consistent solar battery charge will dramatically increase the longevity of your batteries. Using energy from sunlight exposure, the PowerArmor Solar can impressively bring your batteries back from 50% charge. If you’re planning on charging just one battery and using the remaining space for storage, it’s recommended to install our regulator to prevent overcharge from occurring. The solar panel itself is produced by industry leader Zamp Solar and is backed by the manufacturer’s 25 year warranty.

PreventTheftatCampsiteThe solar power locking battery box comes in different sizes to accommodate your battery or storage needs. Safely store two to five batteries (dependant on a variety of battery sizes) in the solar power battery box. When not used for batteries, utilize the spacious compartment for safe, lockable storage. Do you have valuable tools or equipment? Be sure they are safely stored.

To prevent theft on the campground, the secure battery box is developed from heavy gauge, high quality aluminum with designs in bright tread diamond plate or high impact powder-coat black diamond plate. With a unique slide top for quick and easy access to extra storage space, the locking battery box can bolt to your trailer tongue or camper bumper. All PowerArmor Solar boxes include an interior battery mat that neutralizes battery acid preventing any corrosion that may occur.

Not only can your batteries be stolen, your camper or trailer can be seriously damaged in the event of cut and run theft at the campsite. Don’t let expensive battery theft happen to you. Gain peace of mind by knowing your batteries are safely stored and also take full advantage of the longevity of battery life. After all, replacing batteries and repairing your vehicle can become very expensive!

The solar charging battery box is covered by Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

For more information visit

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