FastGun WobbleStopper: Tongue-twisting genius

FastGun WobbleStopper stabilizes the truck camper and provides camper jack support

Why didn’t I think of that?
Sometimes, it’s the simplest thing that make you wonder, “Why has no one thought of this before?” That’s the feeling you get when you see a product like the FastGun WobbleStopper from Torklift International.

FastGun technology with a kitschy name
You’ve likely heard the old saying, “When the van’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking?” Well, Torklift International just de-bunked that old message. Just the name alone is enough to stop and take a look. This thing works and it works well. The FastGun WobbleStopper acts as a support connection between the front camper jacks and body of the camper, preventing that annoying camper sway while inside the unit.

When customer Matt Rivard wrote to say how he had low expectations of its claims to reduce the back and forth wobble of his truck camper, he was pleasantly surprised at how once installed, it barely budged. The FastGun WobbleStopper features the unique FastGun technology for easy disconnect and adjustment in seconds. The camper stabilizer also stores easily to the camper jacks when in transit or not in use.


More bang for your buck
wobble-stopper-locksSecures and prevents camper theft
with locking mechanism
Like many of Torklift International’s products, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on a great idea. In addition to reducing camper wobble and camper frame stress, the FastGun WobbleStopper has built-in keyed-alike locks positioned to prevent other vehicles from loading up your camper and driving away.

Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum and high-impact powder coated stainless steel, this baby is solid and reliable. With easy DIY bolt-on installation for all round and square jack applications, you’ll find the investment worthwhile and ask yourself what took so long?

Click here to learn how to prevent camper theft and damage. 

To see the FastGun WobbleStopper in action, watch this video:

Torklift International did it again
There’s a reason why Torklift International is a leader in the RV industry. Our continued commitment to high quality and ability to fuse technology and creativity together, we’re able to develop the innovative products you’ve grown to expect from us. As always we stand behind our American-made products with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Click here to learn more about the FastGun WobbleStopper. 


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Prevent camper theft and damage – Top 5 reasons this happens

If you enjoy the truck camping lifestyle, it’s likely you’re familiar with the annoying movement of your camper when it’s offloaded from your truck. The camper wobble is not only discouraging to experience when inside the camper, but it can also put significant stress on your camper jacks and camper frame causing permanent damage to the RV over time.

There are two reasons you might unload your camper:
     -  Storage purposes, winterizing a camper
     -  Enjoying the campsite and using your truck for multiple activities

In both scenarios, the camper not only needs to be secured from the possibility of theft, but it also needs extra support to reduce wear on the areas where the jacks bolt to the camper. Excessive rocking motion, sway or wobble can greatly affect the camper frame and jacks to the point of failure.

Why can damage or theft happen to your camper?

#1 Lack of stability

#2 Stress on frame of camper

#3 Weak camper jacks

#4 Excessive chassis movement

#5 Non-existent security measures

Torklift International has designed a product to stabilize a truck camper and prevent the five causes of camper jack and frame damage. Avoid the need for costly repair or even replacement with Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper.

FastGun Wobble Stopper installed on a truck camper

By acting as a supportive connection between the front camper jacklegs and camper body, prevent camper sway while the camper is sitting on its jacks. The FastGun Wobble Stopper nearly eliminates all camper movement, is fully adjustable and has square or round jack applications.

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Torklift FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer

Made in America from high impact powder coated stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the FastGun Wobble Stopper features a quick-disconnect lever style handle. This makes the simple DIY bolt on installation even easier and requires only seconds to install or remove.

FastGun Wobble Stopper with quick-disconnect handle secures the camper

When it comes to camper theft, the position of the FastGun Wobble Stopper prevents another vehicle from backing up and loading your camper. Keyed alike locks are provided to prevent a camper from being stolen.

With complaint of camper movement and worry of camper theft, Robert and Amy Taft installed the FastGun Wobble Stoppers on their camper.

FastGun Wobble Stopper on the Taft’s camper

“Now the truck camper feels well grounded and stable,” Robert explained. “There is no more shake and shimmy when one of us rolls in bed or gets up in the middle of the night.”

Robert is also very confident that the use of the Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stoppers will ultimately extend the life of the electric camper jacks because the constant “back and forth” movement has virtually been eliminated.

“At first, we didn’t see how such a simple design was going to stop all of the movement,” said Robert. “Once we installed them, we were amazed at how the minimal opposing pressure prevents movement.  You can actually see and feel the camper stiffen up once you apply the lever.”

One of his favorite features is that when in stored position, the FastGun Wobble Stopper easily straps to the jack and does not require removal.

FastGun Wobble Stopper in stored position on the Taft’s camper

To see the FastGun Wobble Stopper in action, view this demonstration video:

Click here for additional details on Torklift International’s FastGun Wobble Stopper. 

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Stop the Torklift Jen

Stop the music!wscircle
Hold the show!
Step away from the camper…

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called the Wobble Stopper.

It has banned that rocking and rolling going on inside your backyard road house, the shimmying in that side yard sideshow and don’t even think of trying to shake town because this galvanized brass is gonna stop your getaway galavanting.  (actually, it’s made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum).


Torklift International has developed a camper stabilizer that’s a peace maker for all that wobbling going on inside when the camper is off the truck and balancing on the jacks.


Most pickup campers come equipped with electric jacks which makes them easy to unload and lower down close to the ground for easy access. The problem is that the camper sways back and forth on the jacks when you walk around in it or simply try to sleep. Every time you move the whole camper moves. It’s not practical to carry saw horses that don’t break down or large numbers of heavy blocks or additional jacks to stabilize your camper.


This instability can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the truck and the camper by wearing on the unit and creating jack mount and camper frame stress.


The Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizers simply attach to the front legs and camper body.  The braces are fully adjustable and fit square or round jack applications.  When ready to use they swing into place and attach to a small plate on the camper body.  They stow out of the way and up against the camper leg when not in use.  Wobble Stoppers have been specially designed for easy installation with a hinged two-piece clamp and bracket design.


With the Wobble Stopper added to your truck camper set-up you’ll be sleeping in a sea of tranquility not with the seasickness of the swaying camper movement.


Your days are numbered you crazy, footloose kids and your dancing campers.


See the Torklift website for product information on the Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizer:


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