Pet-friendly RV steps

As part of the Torklift International GlowStep Series, the SafeStep is a simple component that makes a world of difference if you often go RVing with pets.

Do your pets have trouble entering or exiting your RV? To create a pet friendly RV step that your furry friend will appreciate; see how the Torklift International SafeStep is the perfect solution.

Torklift International GlowStep Series with pet-friendly SafeStep

rv-step-panelsSafety panels close gap in camper stepsWhat is a SafeStep?
The SafeStep is a vertical barrier that closes the gap between RV scissor steps.

Closing this gap is helpful to increase safety of your camper steps. The SafeStep prevents the chances of slipping or sliding through open areas of the steps. The durable safety panels make a significant difference in eliminating fears of pets and small children.

"We went camping this past week which allowed us the opportunity to install and use the SafeStep. The results were fantastic. Our dogs used to be hesitant to walk up the steps, but with the SafeStep blocking off the opening between steps, both dogs went right up the steps without fear." - Jon Scott 

Before SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs do not feel comfortable entering the RV with steps that have gaps for fear of falling through or getting their paws

Many RV steps also have holes in the step surface. The holes create a serious hazard for paws because of the potential to fall through and get snagged. The surface of GlowSteps is solid.

After SafeStep:

 GlowStep Revolution

The dogs enter the RV without hesitation. The pet-friendly RV steps with SafeStep installed appear secure enough for them to feel comfortable maneuvering.

safestep-pet-friendly-stepsDurable safety panels attach with VelcroThe SafeStep riser guard for camper scissor steps are UV protected to help withstand exposure to the elements and allow for easy cleaning. Appropriate for most scissor step configurations, the SafeStep installs easily and uses a high quality Velcro to stay in place. Best of all, there is no need to remove the SafeStep each time you store your steps. The safety panels collapse and stay attached to the steps in the stored position.

Create a safe RV step configuration by adding the Torklift International SafeStep. Pet friendly RV steps will surely make your pets happy campers, too!

Click here to learn more about Torklift International GlowStep Series.

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Four questions to ask when selecting a scissor step system for truck campers or towables

The Torklift International GlowStep Series is the most versatile scissor step system available. As universal RV scissor steps, the aircraft grade aluminum camper steps range from two to six steps and easily adjust to fit the needs or your truck camper or towable. With accessories to increase safety and stability, select components and build a system to accommodate your needs.

When selecting the scissor step system for your RV, ask yourself these four standard questions:

Question 1) Where should RV scissor steps be mounted?
One of the common questions about Torklift International’s scissor steps is where and how to mount them to your camper or towable. This is a great question, however relative and dependent on each individual application due to a number of variables. The GlowSteps are a locking scissor step with a lifetime warranty, perfect for both side and rear entry configurations.

a) One step, two step, three step… four
The GlowSteps adapt to just about any application. In order to determine how many steps are needed for your RV entry/exit, measure the distance from the ideal mounting area on your camper to the ground. The GlowSteps are available in depths of both six inches and eight inches. Select your step depth preference and compare your measurement to our application guide.  Select the steps that list the mounting bracket height closest to your measurement.

how-many-stepsTorklift scissor steps range from 2-6 steps

b) Above or beyond
In rear entry applications like truck campers for example, there might be a bumper underneath your camper door. With this application, if you mount camper steps directly underneath the door, there is a possibility the steps will contact the bumper. To avoid this, mount the steps directly to the camper bumper. The bracket is mountable to the face or underside of bumper.

mountingScissor steps can attach underneath entry door
or directly to bumper

basement-camper-stepBasement Camper StepSome truck campers have a large basement, which is the storage space between the living floor and chassis. The floor is raised higher to make extra room for water tanks and other storage. If your camper has a large basement and lifted living floor, add a Basement Camper Step to your configuration to make entry/exit more convenient.

Extending or shortening the height of the GlowSteps is easy. Since the step is bushing bolted, adding a step can be done in minutes with a normal socket and open-end wrench. Simply remove a few bolts, add the extra step and re-bolt back into place. This same process can be followed to remove a step to shorten the height of your GlowStep.

add a stepExtend the height of Torklift
camper scissor steps with Add-A-Step

Question 2) Do you need increased stability?
There are a few features of Torklift’s scissor steps that help with stability and safety.

a) Brighten up the nightairplane aisleGlow tape on aircrafts
An important part of making your step system safe is having visibility in the darkness. With self-illuminating steps and handrail component, you won’t have to worry about a fumble or fall. No need to mess with batteries as it only takes five minutes of exposure to light for the glowing element of the steps to last up to ten hours.

You might even recognize these glowing strips if you’ve ever taken a flight. It’s the exact same tape you see lining the aisles to indicate emergency exits on aircrafts.

no-slipb) Slip resistant
The GlowSteps are designed with SureGripTM step tread that is incorporated into the aluminum of each step during its manufacturing. Adhesive grip tape on steps can easily scrape off from basic wear and tear. With the SureGripTM extrusions on each step, have more control while entering or exiting your RV.  Since it’s built into the aluminum, the anti-slip surface on the camper scissor steps lasts a lifetime.

handrailGlowGuide Handrailc) Handrail for camper steps

If you’re looking for a dramatic and noticeable increase in stability, add the Torklift International GlowGuide Handrail to your GlowStep scissor steps. This multi-use safety handrail is a mere 44 ounces and with adjustable arms that easily collapse for storage and transit. By connecting the camper with the GlowStep at three individual points, the GlowGuide Handrail provides additional support that increases the capacity ratings of the steps by an additional 25 pounds. With glowing capability to make visibility easy at night, the entry and exit to your camper is easy and safe.

washbrushHandrail doubles as wash brushThe GlowGuide Handrail also transforms into a wash brush for hard-to-reach RV cleaning. The safety handrail works with motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels and more. For a list of truck camper manufacturers that the GlowGuide Handrail works with, click here.


"I just installed my new GlowGuide system. The installation was fairly straight forward, and the GlowStep mounting bracket is very easy to install on the steps. Once the GlowGuide system is installed, it is very easy to deploy and just as easy to fold away and store against the truck camper. I am very impressed with how solid the system is once deployed. The angle brace makes all the difference to give you that secure solid feeling when using the GlowGuide. I would highly recommend the GlowGuide system to anyone who wants that extra feeling of security while going in and out of their truck camper."
– Kerry Stark

dirtdestroyerDirtDestroyer shoe brushQuestion 3) Is a clean RV important to you?
The easiest way to prevent mud and dirt on the interior of your RV is by clipping on the Torklift International DirtDestroyer accessory to your GlowSteps system.  The bristle attachment works with any RV scissor steps and makes a huge difference when keeping the RV clean.  

Question 4) Do you often go RVing with pets? 
pet-friendly-camper-stepsSafeStep step barrierAs an additional way to increase the safety of your step system, the SafeStep is used to create a vertical barrier between steps. Sometimes pets or children are intimidated when using steps with gaps. By using this protective riser guard, close the gaps and ease fears knowing any possibility for injury is preventable.  

The SafeStep riser guard for camper scissor steps easily attached with Velcro and is UV protected.




Durability defined
To ensure our scissor steps for travel trailers, campers and other RV’s are the strongest available, Torklift uses T6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The steps durability also comes from the structure of its design. Most camper scissor steps on the market are single hinged on the sides. Notice that Torklift International GlowSteps are double hinged. This double hinge step design makes GlowSteps the strongest RV step you can find.

Torklift GlowSteps double hinge design versus 
single hinge design of other step systems

Click here for more information on the GlowStep scissor step system.

For additional questions on installing scissor steps on a camper, trailer or RV, reach our Tech Support team by emailing or call us direct at 800.246.8132.

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