Will my DIY sawhorse support my truck camper?

The answer to this question is maybe, but whether it’s perfectly safe to use is a different answer.  You want your truck camper to have maximum support, safety and stability. So where do DIY truck camper storage stands not quite make the cut?

DIY Sawhorses
Safety is something you never want to compromise when it comes to your truck camper investment. Whether you’re on the road or traveling to different campground locations, your truck camper has to be prepared for any weather conditions, as well as the typical shakiness and instability that can occur with usage like walking from the bedroom to the bathroom.  The last thing you want to do is to rely on set of DIY sawhorses that haven’t been tested and might not be able to stand up to long-term storage. 
 Truck camper
The potential issues of DIY sawhorses:
  1. When doing an at home project, you aren’t able to test the weight capacity which means how much weight it can handle is unknown
  2. If the stands are not collapsible, you have to dedicate additional of storage space when your truck camper is in use
  3. Using materials that aren’t treated means they can be easily damaged by weather and compromise stability even more

Without proper support, you risk sustaining jack or frame damage to your truck camper by having your camper tip over completely, jeopardizing your safety as well. 

What is the best way to support my truck camper?

Truck camper2

At Torklift, we believe your safety is of the upmost importance. We’ve designed a truck camper support called the Camper Packer. It is the industry’s only structural truck camper support base and solution for maintaining camper structure during storage.

The Camper Packer is 50 inches from side-to-side featuring special treated lumber to endure harsh weather and folds up for compact storage. It’s the best option for long-term storage since it can handle 12 times the weight capacity of the typical hardware store sawhorse. Having a stable support, especially when it’s properly installed will help avoid jack twisting and frame damage – saving you money in the long run. Distributing the weight amongst the structure minimizes sway, evenly distributes weight off the four corners which reduces the amount of stress on the frame and extends the life of your truck camper jacks.

Camper Packer Features Include: 

• The only engineered structural support base for truck campers that protects the frame and jacks during storage 
• Prevents camper frame damage by redistributing the stress off the four corners of the camper frame and onto the Camper Packer 
• Extends the life of your jacks by dramatically reducing wear and stress
• Safe short and long-term storage solution
• Rated up to 12 times the weight capacity than your typical saw horse at 6,000 lb. capacity per pair 
• Measures 50" from side-to-side when completely assembled
• Special treated lumber 
• Easy assembly and 100% tool free operation 
• Designed to fold up for compact storage when not in use
• 5-year warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

What is the difference between my DIY sawhorses and the Camper Packer?

Truck camper3

The Camper Packer is rated at 6,000 pounds per pair with special treated lumber that withstands all types of weather. As we said before with most DIY sawhorses, you aren’t able to know how much weight they can handle – until it’s possibly too late and your camper has crashed to the ground. 

The Camper is designed for quick disassembly and storage, so it conveniently stores away when not in use, as shown in the photo above. Most DIY storage solutions are either multiple pieces that take up a lot of room such as eight boards that crisscross or many cinder blocks that are heavy and not easy to move. 

The brackets of the Camper Packer are high impact powder coated which adds even more durability to these storage stands, also making it so they have a sleek, clean looking design. Unlike the DIY, the Camper Packer is easy to assemble, has 100% tool free operation, and is backed by a five-year warranty. Not only that, if you already have pre-treated lumber that you’d like to use for storage, the Camper Packer can be purchased with brackets only, so you can use your own wood. 

For questions regarding the Camper Packer contact us 800.246.8132 or visit our truck camper storage stands page to learn more about the best and safest way to store a truck camper this winter.



Written by Shyann Guerra:

Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. When I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 


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Top three things you need to consider before storing your truck camper after the camping season


As the camping season comes to a close, it’s time to think about storing your truck camper for winter. Three things to consider when preparing your truck camper for storage is: having proper long term storage for your truck camper, a spare battery that is stored safely and regular care and upkeep of your tie downs through the winter.

No. 1: What do I need to support my truck camper for long term storage?

Item No. 1 you need for winter storage is something to store your truck camper on. Torklift has designed a product called the Camper Packer. The Camper Packer is the industry’s only structural truck camper support base and solution for maintaining camper structure during long term storage. It’s 50 inches side-to-side, folds up for compact storage and is made of a special treated lumber to endure harsh weather. The Camper Packer is the best option for long term storage as it allows you to lower your truck camper and reduces stress on the camper jacks. It can bear 12 times the weight capacity of the typical sawhorse at 6,000 pounds per pair. Having stable support with the Camper Packer properly installed will allow you to prevent your truck camper jacks from twisting and causing damage to the camper frame. Distributing the weight throughout the camper minimizes sway and reduces the stress from the four corners and the frame. The Camper Packer is made in the USA and comes with a five-year warranty.

No. 2: How do I store batteries during the off season?HP2

Another part of storage to consider is your extra batteries. Where will they go? Certainly, not in the garage for the entire winter – potentially damaging your flooring and increasing the chances your battery will suffer from the effects of sulfation. Torklift has an auxiliary battery mount box called the HiddenPower. The HiddenPower allows you to have extra battery power for your RV from your truck, significantly extending the time you can run on your 12-volt systems.

The HiddenPower battery mount installs underneath the vehicle bed and can be used for all types of group 24, 27, and 31 twelve-volt batteries, ranging from lead acid, AGM, sealed, or gel cell. This mount is no-drill and installs quickly. Keeping your spare battery mounted underneath your truck will keep the battery charged and ready for next season with little to no maintenance. An added bonus? The HiddenPower is designed to maintain its charge by being wired into the truck battery, essentially becoming an extension of your RV’s battery power when it’s plugged into your truck. It will keep your vehicle’s battery charged and healthy too!

Features of the HiddenPower include:

Add additional batteries under your truck bed that are always charged up
Avoid wasting fuel and leaving your truck engine running while using electrical accessories such as lights, stereos,
computer, etc. HP3
Power your accessories without turning your truck engine on by having them directly wired into the extra battery
No-drill frame mounted with quick disconnect feature for battery service
Kept constantly charged and RVing-ready by your RV and truck’s charging system
Hidden when in use with no loss of ground clearance
Works with group 24 to 31 batteries
Designed for all types of batteries: lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell, etc.
Legendary Lifetime Warranty
Proudly made in the USA
Kit Includes:
Frame mount bracket
Group 24 to 31 battery box
Installation hardware

No. 3: How can I protect my tie downs and other towing products?HP4

In order to keep tie downs and towing products in the best shape they require some maintenance and upkeep – especially during the off season. One great way to protect your investment is by using our Tie Down Finishing Kit – which inserts into the frame-mounted portion of your tie down to prevent water, salt and chemicals from getting inside the tubing.

Many states use corrosive salts and chemicals on the road to treat for ice and snow, which can affect the finish on your tie downs since they are the parts closest to the ground. On a regular basis, you will want to hose down equipment to avoid corrosion. If you do notice signs of rust or corrosion, the best way to take preventative measures is to remove the rust with sandpaper or wire brush, and spray Rust-Oleum on the effected parts.

For more information on any of these products contact us at 800.246.8132 or visit our website here. To purchase one of the products mentioned above, such as the truck camper storage stands or an under battery vehicle mount, click here to locate one of our Certified Dealers near you.


Written by Shyann Guerra:

Being in an environment in which I can problem solve is where I flourish. Every answer to a problem leads me to a new concept to understand or a lesson to learn. Whem I'm not solving problems I enjoy camping and going to festivals with my family - from the local city center festivals to the mountains of Wenatchee at the Winter Grass, blue grass music festival. Experiencing culture is where my heart is content. 

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When the camper is rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

Does your camper wobble from a sneeze? Many of us that travel with truck campers understand the irritating and nerve-racking camper sway when the camper is off loaded. When a truck camper is free standing, the sway and wobble can make for an uncomfortable experience, also a very telling one for your audience outside... if you know what we're saying.

So what’s happening to your truck camper with all of that swaying and wobbling from excessive rocking motion? When the camper is free standing with all four points on the jack system the constant rocking and swaying puts a tremendous amount of stress and wear on the camper jacks. It also puts a significant amount of unnecessary pressure on the camper frame. This amount of stress leads to jack failure, camper damage, and leaves you a very unhappy camper.

What can I do to protect my truck camper?
This stabilizer is so good, folks will have to use the hat on the door tactic to ensure privacy! No one will ever know what’s going on in your truck camper. Torklift has designed the FastGun Wobble Stopper to dramatically reduce camper jack and frame stress. This product acts as a supportive connection between the front camper jack legs and the camper body. Not only does it reduce the stress, it also reduces the swaying that causes people to become motion sick in their campers.

FastGun WobbleStopper

How does it work?
Only taking seconds to install and remove with the quick disconnect lever, it is so easy anyone can do it. Both a square and round jack applications are available.

FGWS Howtouse

• The ability to self stow
• Release the lever-action handle
• Connect to the truck camper frame
• Pull the lever back to lock

With keyed alike locks, this lockable feature helps hinder and prevent any possibility of theft. The brace blocks off access making it so a vehicle can’t back up and take off with your camper. Constructed out of high impact powder coated stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, this FastGun Wobble Stopper is proudly USA made and comes with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty. For more information on this product, contact us at 800.246.8132 or visit our website Torklift.com.

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“Brace” Yourself For A Creative Torklift Mod

Increase camper comfort by eliminating camper movementHave you ever made something or started a project and saw that as you were working on it or once it was finished, it could be used for so much more than what you intended? Doesn't it feel delightful and rewarding? Recently we ran into this same scenario with one of our products.

Originally designed to prevent camper wobble when storing a camper, we thought that the Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper only had certain purposes: prevent camper movement by adding support and connecting between the front camper jack legs and the camper body and prevent theft of a camper by locking the FastGun Wobble Stopper while you're gone.

Turns out, there's another purpose to using the FastGun Wobble Stopper to prevent camper sway! Read below to learn how RV.net forum user Anutami, aka Nolan Sturgeon, uses his Wobble Stoppers:

Picture2"The only thing on the rear bike rack is the rocking movement as you hit bumps on the road. This is how I resolved the rack from bouncing up and down on all the potholes. I use my Torklift [FastGun] Wobble Stopper. Torklift may have a new arena to sell their products as this virtually eliminates the bike rack from any movement while driving." – Anutami, Rv.net

Wow! That is truly a unique way to use a part that was intended for truck camping. With out of the box and ingenious thinking, Nolan was able to retrofit the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer bars to stabilize his bike rack. We reached out to him for more information and in an email to our Content Coordinator, Nolan states that:

Picture1"Although I have not yet installed the [FastGun] Wobble Stoppers yet I have found a very good use for one of them.  One problem with rear bike racks is the movement that happens to them while traveling causing the bikes to slap against one another.  I found using a [FastGun] Wobble Stopper connected to my rear hitch virtually eliminates the bike rack from moving around while traveling all the miles that we do." – Nolan

After installing the FastGun Wobble Stopper with his unique use of them?

"Before I installed the [FastGun] Wobble Stopper I would cringe every time I hit a dip in the road as the carrier would fly up and slap hard back down.  The FastGun Wobble Stopper is so easy to remove when I am ready to deploy my swing away bike rack." - Nolan

We'll certainly take your idea into consideration Nolan and see if we can break into the bike rack industry! Thank you for sharing your story and fantastic family photos! Until we can become breakout stars in the bike rack industry, if you're planning on using the Wobble Stopper with your truck camper storage or have another creative way of using it, here are some FastGun Wobble Stopper Features:


• Dramatically reduces camper jack and frame stress avoiding costly jack failure and camper frame damage
• Prevents camper movement and theft when offloaded from your vehicle
• Simple quick disconnect handle uses FastGun technology for easy disconnect and adjustment in seconds (FastGun Wobble Stopper Only)
• Easy DIY bolt on installation for all round and square jack applications
• Stores to camper jacks
• Lockable, keyed-alike locks included (FastGun Wobble Stopper Only)
• 100% aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
• High impact powder coat white
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA 

Fastgun Wobble stopper square jack application

If you're interested in winterizing a truck camper and using the FastGun Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer from Torklift International or reducing camper frame stress, visit one of our Certified Dealers near you here. To contact us for more information, reach us at: support@torklift.com or call our tech support at 800-246-8132. We are more than happy to help you.



kerstinWritten by Kerstin Stokes:
As a graduate from the College of Idaho with a B.A. in both History and Art, Kerstin has found her passion for writing and marketing. She enjoys looking up tasty recipes for baking and daydreaming about future travels. 

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Living the Lance Life: Customer Review of Torklift Camper Packer Storage Stands

Living the Lance Life1Have you ever thought you were onto a genius idea that’s had a less than desirable outcome? If you’re a handyman, don’t be ashamed if an idea or two falls short, as there’s no doubt you’ve conquered success a time or two.

When checking in with blogger Matt Kasner, he was debating on how to go about storing his 2008 Lance 861 truck camper. Knowing he wanted to spare the jacks on his truck camper from extra stress, he considered a sawhorse style storage system.

“I lean more towards the “why fix something that's not broken” motto. Sure, we could have built some 2x4 sawhorses, that probably would implode in on themselves knowing my woodworking skills.”
– Matt Kasner

Camper Jack AccidentCamper jack accident, RV.net userWhen it comes to taking care of your truck camper, don’t take any chances with old cinder blocks or a traditional sawhorse from the hardware store. Just like Matt’s Lance truck camper, your investment needs serious protection. As much as your frugal intuition speaks to you, don’t skimp on something that if overlooked could cost your more than you’re willing to admit in the long run. That’s why we recommend storing your truck camper with the strength, support and protection it deserves.



camperpackerm2A question commonly debated is whether or not a truck camper should be left on its jacks. If you’re hoping to keep your camper in good condition, consider what might happen to it if the weight of the camper was dependent only on its jacks. The weight of the camper causes unnecessary wear and stress to the camper frame and jacks. Don’t take any chances. With our Camper Packer, prevent camper frame damage by redistributing the stress off the four corners of the camper frame. Avoid camper jack repair and extend the life of your camper jacks.

As Matt will attest, the Camper Packer isn’t your typical sawhorse. The Torklift Camper Packer is the only quality structural support base for truck campers, whether for short or long-term storage. We turned to Matt’s recent blog to read his Camper Packer review:

“Torklift’s Made in the USA products blow everything away. The Camper Packer is no different.”

Assemled Camper Packer by Matt Kasner
Matt Kasner assembles the Camper Packer storage stands

As Matt assembled the steel brackets with specially treated lumber, he noticed how Torklift’s Camper Packer design was unique compared to other alternatives, which showed in its performance. Double the length of your typical sawhorse camper stands, the Camper Packer is rated to handle up to twelve times the weight capacity compared to a typical sawhorse. Torklift’s “hulk version” of camper storage stands can carry up to 6,000 pounds capacity per pair. Measuring 50 inches from side-to-side when completely assembled, the Camper Packer is engineered with specific high capacity capability for truck camper applications.

The Camper Packer is easy to assemble and has 100% tool-free operation. Available to purchase with or without the special treated lumber, all steel parts of the Camper Packer Kit are high impact powder coated for protection against rust and corrosion.

“Torklift does an amazing job in the powder coating department.” - Matt Kasner 


  Camper Packer Assembley      Camper Packer-Powdercoated       


“The cross members have a pin system that is similar to your truck's hitch, making the cross members easy to remove and pack down.”
– Matt Kasner

Camper Packer IN-USECamper Packer supporting
Matt's Lance Camper

For an important task like carrying the weight of your truck camper, strength and support are essential. This task is simple with the Camper Packer storage stands. All in all, Torklift Camper Packer dramatically reduces camper jack stress, thus protecting the condition and integrity of your truck camper -- and your budget over time.


Matt’s Lance truck camper currently rests comfortably on the Camper Packer for the remainder of the winter season.


“Overall, Torklift definitely has another great product to add to its long line of great products, backed by amazing customer service and warranty departments.”


 Camper Packer Installed by Matt Kasner           Camper Packer Installed by Matt Kasner       

Camper Packer installation by Matt Kasner

Proudly made in the USA, the Camper Packer is backed up by a 5-year warranty.

We want to thank Matt for choosing to feature Torklift’s Camper Packer on Living the Lance Life blog. Click here for more information on the Camper Packer or find a dealer near you by searching the Where To Buy section on our website.

Be sure to check out Matt’s full Camper Packer Review here: “Living the Lance Life"



andrew-headshotWritten by Andrew Wales:
Andrew is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where he earned his B.A. in Arts, Media and Culture. In his free time, he channels his passion for writing into numerous projects, including the development of a series of full-length science fiction thriller novels. He seeks to put his devotion to writing to good use in the professional field as a technical writer.

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Top 3 reasons to winterize your truck camper with Torklift’s Camper Packer

Fall has arrived, it’s time to winterize

The sun is setting on camping season and it’s time to winterize the truck camper. How do you store a truck camper over the off-season? Do you store it under a shelter or inside the garage? Does it sit in your driveway, alongside your house or at an offsite storage facility? Regardless of where your truck camper finds its home over the winter season, there is only one important detail we urge you to remember. Whether a short term or long term time period, don’t let the truck camper sit on its camper jacks without additional support.

That’s where Torklift International Camper Packer storage stands become crucial in winterizing your truck camper.


Here are the top three reasons the Camper Packer isn’t your average hardware store sawhorse stands:storage-stands-partsCamper Packer Kit for storing a truck camper

#1) Easy assembly
Not only does the Camper Packer truck camper storage stands assemble quickly and easily, it simply requires a standard drill to get the job done. The camper support storage stands measure 50 inches side-to-side and are double the length of a typical sawhorse. There are no tools required to operate the storage stands.

Ed Krech from Brentwood, Tennessee uses the Camper Packer to store his 2011 Northern Lite 811 truck camper when he isn’t on the road.

“Using the tools recommended [by the instructions] and following the instructions, I had both “sawhorses” together in one and half hours,” said Krech.camperpackerSupport the truck camper with
Camper Packer stands

Because the camper storage stands are collapsible and fold away when not in use, they are specially designed for easy storage when you’re ready to load the truck camper onto your truck again.


“Compared to what I had been using to support my camper, these are the right height, extremely stable, will tolerate any weather conditions, and are very easy to store when not in use.”
                                 – Ed Krech

#2) Give your truck camper the structural support it needs
Acting as a structural support base for the truck camper, using the Camper Packer camper stands dramatically reduces jack and camper frame stress. It prevents any potential of camper frame damage during storage by redistributing the stress off the four corners of the camper frame and onto the truck camper storage stands.

The Camper Packer sawhorse stands are rated up to 12 times the weight capacity than your traditional sawhorse at 6,000 pounds capacity per pair. The lumber of the camper storage stands can be trimmed to achieve the preferred height. If you’re looking for a sturdy and solid foundation for storing your truck camper over the offseason, look no further than the Torklift Camper Packer. sawhorse-standsWinterize your truck camper

#3) Durability
The special treated lumber shields against the elements and is double-coated on the ends to further protect from exposure to rocks and dirt.

“Another plus is that the metal parts are either painted or made of stainless steel...no rust!” said Krech.

The steel components of the Camper Packer Kit are protected with a high impact powder coat. This allows protection against the negative effects of corrosion and rust. Most hardware in the kit is stainless steel. Torklift International Camper Packer comes with a 5-year warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

Save on storage!
Torklift is here to make winterizing a truck camper or RV as easy as possible. What’s a better way to save on all the products you need to protect your things and provide maximum convenience over the offseason? To see all special offers and active factory rebates click here.

That’s not all – Stand up and take the first step in maintaining the structural integrity of your truck camper while in storage by taking $10 off the Torklift Camper Packer.

Camper Packer $10 Factory Rebate


Click here for more information on the Camper Packer storage stands or find a dealer near you by searching the Where To Buy section on our website.



sherylWritten by Sheryl Bushaw:
As a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and emphasis in Public Relations, Sheryl is a passionate writing professional with focus in areas of copy writing, social media and creative design. She is a travel enthusiast and explorer-extraordinaire with a zest for life.

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Stop the show...by Torklift Jen

Stop the music!wscircle
Hold the show!
Step away from the camper…

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called the Wobble Stopper.

It has banned that rocking and rolling going on inside your backyard road house, the shimmying in that side yard sideshow and don’t even think of trying to shake town because this galvanized brass is gonna stop your getaway galavanting.  (actually, it’s made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum).


Torklift International has developed a camper stabilizer that’s a peace maker for all that wobbling going on inside when the camper is off the truck and balancing on the jacks.


Most pickup campers come equipped with electric jacks which makes them easy to unload and lower down close to the ground for easy access. The problem is that the camper sways back and forth on the jacks when you walk around in it or simply try to sleep. Every time you move the whole camper moves. It’s not practical to carry saw horses that don’t break down or large numbers of heavy blocks or additional jacks to stabilize your camper.


This instability can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the truck and the camper by wearing on the unit and creating jack mount and camper frame stress.


The Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizers simply attach to the front legs and camper body.  The braces are fully adjustable and fit square or round jack applications.  When ready to use they swing into place and attach to a small plate on the camper body.  They stow out of the way and up against the camper leg when not in use.  Wobble Stoppers have been specially designed for easy installation with a hinged two-piece clamp and bracket design.


With the Wobble Stopper added to your truck camper set-up you’ll be sleeping in a sea of tranquility not with the seasickness of the swaying camper movement.


Your days are numbered you crazy, footloose kids and your dancing campers.


See the Torklift website for product information on the Wobble Stopper camper jack stabilizer: http://www.torklift.com/products/wobblestopper.php


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