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What do you set your truck camper on when you don’t use it?

With so many options available for truck camper support from DIY options to basic hardware store saw horses to and the Camper Packer which will you choose to put under your truck camper?

For the Do-it-yourselfers

While on the forum, we came across a unique DIY design. member Budster designed a truck camper support from ¾ inch thick plywood trim which he cut to his desired height with cut outs making X’s with them, and then used 2”x4”s to compensate for any uneven terrain.

Thanks, Budster for sharing this neat idea with! For anyone out there making their own truck camper supports, we recommend having the lumber you are using treated, so it can withstand the weather. Also, making sure your product will support not only the weight capacity of your truck camper but also the added weight of people and any other gear inside.

Truck Camper Storage 3Truck Camper Storage 1Truck Camper Storage 2

 The hardware store saw horse

Truck Camper Storage 4While exploring hardware store saw horse options we came across no options that would actually work with truck campers. The common option we did find was at Home Depot. Made from pine wood that is 3/8-inch-thick with plywood gussets and fasteners that are corrosion resistant with water resistant glue and is backed by a combination of screws and staples, it’s only able to provide 100 pounds’ worth of support you are going to need more than a few of these or you will run the risk of having it collapse along with your truck camper. That really was the common issue we noticed -- these sawhorses were not rated nearly high as they needed to be to sustain the weight of a truck camper.

This options like the DIY option we recommend getting the lumber treated, keeping in mind they are not adjustable and if you are already running tight on space remember these options are bulky to store and neither come with a warranty.

The Camper Packer 

Truck Camper Storage 5The Camper Packer is the industry’s only structural truck camper support base and solution for maintaining a camper’s structure during long term storage. It’s 50 inches side-to-side with special treated lumber to endure harsh weather, it even folds up for compact storage when not in use.

The Camper Packer is the best option for storage as it allows you to lower your truck camper and can bare twelve times the weight capacity of the typical hardware store saw horse at 6,000 pounds per pair. Having a stable support when properly installed will allow you to avoid jack twisting as well as frame damage. Distributing the weight amongst the structure minimizes sway and lifts the weight off the four corners reducing the amount of stress on the frame. With high impact powder coated hardware for added protection, this product is 100% tool-free assembly.

Truck Camper Storage 6

The Camper Packer is USA made and comes with a five-year warranty. So, what is your truck camper sitting on? Post your pictures below in the comments, and for any questions or more info on the Camper Packer contact us at 800.246.8132 or visit our website



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